Keeping the mind active with a pointless blog

This is my first blog in 10 days.

I have not been in self isolation, I have just found myself with very little to write about – and there is no point creating contact for the sake of it.

In the last week I have “come off” football like a crack addict. Taking it slowly, reducing time spent discussing it day by day, spending less and less time on social media.

With the state of the world at the moment, I would advise everyone to do the same.

Live in the real world. Go for a walk. Call your friends and family. Sitting on social media all day, arguing with others, will only be detrimental to your own mental health.

Despite there having been literally nothing to talk about in 10 days, I see some outlets are still pumping out content.

Transfer speculation has gone into full swing, and people are doing their all time best, all time worst, Arsenal XI’s.

Those spreading transfer speculation (when the club and world is verging on shut down) merely highlight what we all know. That they make it up. We could be in full lockdown and have no football on and they would claim we are scouting a player, or in talks to sign someone.

Likewise those creating content for content sake are struggling.

Some people rely on the money that comes in from blog adverts or YouTube adverts. With no football they have found their hits dwindling, and are now pumping out any old content to try and earn their $30 a day.

Tesco are hiring lads. Go get a job.

I write today more for myself than anyone else.

It is important in these times that we all do things to keep our mind and body occupied.

I am still working, albeit from home for the last week, but it is so important to keep the mind moving. I have already been out for a 5km walk this morning (having got up at 6am). I thought it would be useful to put a few words down on paper – just as an outlet.

Please follow the governments advice. We do not want a full lockdown. We need the streets are parks open so that people can go for walks, get some fresh air.

Luckily I moved into a house with a garden a couple of years ago, but before that I spent 8 years living in a flat with no balcony. Think of those people when demanding a full lockdown.

There is plenty of space on our pavements and in our parks and forests for everyone to go for a walk, a run or a bike ride without getting too close to each other that Coronavirus could spread.

We need to take responsibility for our actions in these strange times. By going into parks, or holding social gatherings, you will only force the government to implement a full lockdown. And that could damage more people’s health (both mental and physical) than the virus.

I do not know when I will write again. Probably when I just need to get some things off my chest.

Stay good people.



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