Football’s fight for survival is secondary to the real issues the world faces

Morning all.

Still working from home – today will make it exactly 3 weeks. The flowers on my desk (that I bought my mother for Mother’s Day) are on their last legs, and I have wrong out of croissants. But there is a lot more to be concerned about in this world.

The least important thing we should be concerned about is a return to football.

It is incredible that there are people discussing how to finish the season, playing games behind closed doors, etc, when people are dying.

By the end of this pandemic, we will all know someone that has died with Covid19. Football needs to take a back seat.

Even the discussion as to teams furloughing non-playing staff and players not yet taking a pay cut is getting boring,

Ultimately, players will have a choice. Either take a pay cut to help their club survive, or maintain their current view and risk their employer going into administration.

Despite what some think, football clubs do not make a lot of money. They are not big businesses.

Arsenal’s revenue in 2018/19 was £394.7m. BP’s revenue was £246b (the largest in the country).

Clubs have 3 main sources of income:

  • Match day revenue
  • Broadcasting
  • Commercial

With no football, there is no match day revenue.

Most clubs will have to issue refunds for unused games this season if it is cancelled (or played behind closed doors). A bigger issue for them is they will not get the season ticket income that usually arrives in June. This will have huge ramifications for clubs cash flow.

With broadcasters like Sky likely to with hold television money if they have no product to put out, and commercial partners looking through contracts to see if they can be broken, football does face a tough time.

The main expenditure for clubs salaries.

Soon it will not be a discussion whether players should take pay cuts to pay the wages of furloughed staff, it will be discussions and taking pay cuts so that their clubs survive.

Of course, players could refuse their pay cuts, clubs would go into administration and they would then be free to negotiate contracts elsewhere. I can imagine some agents would be licking their lips at the commission earned off finding hundreds of players a new club, with 0 transfer fee involved.

But for now we have more important things to worry about. The survival of your football club is less important than the survival of your friends and family.

And that is why this Friday we will be holding our 2nd Big Arsenal Quiz for the NHS.

Last week we had nearly 3,000 people join us for the quiz. It provided many with brief relief and something to do.

So on Friday 10th April, we kick off again at 8pm.

All we ask is that you donate £2 (£2 is the minimum donation amount on JustGiving) and all proceeds will be donated to the NHS to help in this difficult time.

So, here are the steps to take to enter the quiz…

1. ‘Like’ our page on Facebook –
2. Donate £2 via JustGiving –

Get your pen & paper ready, and at 8pm on Friday as we will go live on Facebook. It will be 45 minutes a half with a 15 minute break for half time.

Facebook Live –

A lot of us spend Friday and Saturday’s in the boozers with our mates. so get those who you go football with together and compete amongst each other

I thank you all for showing interest in this quiz, and hope that as many of you as possible can take part so that we can raise lots of money for our NHS.

We look forward to entertaining you all on Friday!



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