Adidas miss open goal with new away kit

Do these kit manufacturers actually know what they are doing?

Over the years we have seen some horrendous kits, but the alleged 2020/21 away kit from Adidas is one of the worst.

How much does Adidas spend on designers salaries, only for their designers to mess up so bad? It has a feeling of Emperors New Clothes about it.

Usually I don’t comment when people moan about kits. It is usually middle aged men who have never worn a club shirt in decades and label those that do as “shirters”.

But on this occasion, Adidas have missed an open goal.

2020/21 will be 50 years since Arsenal won the double for the first time in history.

71 will always be a big part in Arsenal’s history – it was not just about winning the double but about how we did it.

Securing the league at White Hart Lane and the iconic moment of Charlie George scoring an extra-time winner to beat Liverpool in the FA Cup.

Kit manufacturers fail in their designs because they do not discuss things with fans.

A club kit will be designed by some university student who probably doesn’t even watch football, let alone like Arsenal.

Were they an Arsenal fan they would have realised 2021 was set to be the 50th anniversary of the 71 double. They would have designed a very basic kit in celebration.

A simple yellow kit with blue colour and sleeve edging, just like is was in 71.

Many would even ignore the new badge, Fly Emirates and Visit Rwanda on it. It would have sold quickly, with a nod to our past.

Instead we have the blood stained white kit that looks like the cover of Dexter.

It is an own goal missed by Adidas.



3 thoughts on “Adidas miss open goal with new away kit

  1. Muzza

    Ridiculous point regarding leaving off the shirt sponsors, that pay money to be on it. The kit designers can’t support the club they are designing for as they will be designing for many. Only blame falls at the feet of Arsenal Football Club who sign off on final designs. The shirt is absolutely disgusting though. We agree fully on that.


  2. Steve Harvey

    Agree with the 50 year uneducated part !! That new kit (if correct) is horrendous ! Yellow and blue to be as close to the 1971 kit as possible, surely. I guess asking for the badge would be too much ??


  3. Alex

    A kit that looks like it has had blood spattered all over it? Two ways of looking at it
    an appalling own goal given that the sleeve sponsor is “Visit Rwanda”
    top trolling of said sponsor by adidas
    Looks disgusting either way … definitely NOT on my Christmas list



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