Hector Bellerin should be made captain…not sold

Today’s player linked away from Arsenal is Hector Bellerin.

It has been reported that Inter Milan want to sign the 25-year-old right back for £27million.

What is baffling is that Arsenal fans seem to want him out.

This morning I have seen the transfer  been described as a “masterstroke” and “Raul’s best deal to date” if Bellerin was sold. I will not give these blogs the traffic by linking to them.

The justification behind this is that “Bellerin has a very questionable injury record and has missed 372 days through various problems since 2015”.

Recently we were reprimanded by NewsNow for our articles. They said we fell below their editorial quality. Will NewsNow do the same with these blogs? Or is that sort of statement OK?

Whilst the statement is true, it is also misleading.

Bellerin suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee in in January 2019. It initially ruled him out for 9 months – but as we know with long injuries it can take a while for a player to return fully, playing twice a week.

Prior to his injury, Bellerin had a fairly clean record.

The 3 seasons before 2018/19, he had averaged 45 games a season.

You do not play 45 games a season if you have a “a very questionable injury record”

Of the 372 days missed injured since 2015, 90% of them came since 2019, since that horrible injury against Chelsea.

Before the suspension for Covid19, Bellerin had played 7 of 10 games. The 3 he missed were cup ties.

He was regaining his full fitness, regaining his form.

Some fans have it out for Bellerin.

Bellerin has previously called out “fans” who profit from defeats. He has a strongly held political opinion; actively supporting Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in the last general election. He likes his fashion and is often seen at shows during his down time.

We should be glad that Bellerin is an intelligent young man. That he has an opinion and can back it up. That he has interests outside of football beyond hitting a golf ball. These things should not be held against him.

In England especially, players tend to be a bit thick.

Their education is reduced as they go through school and concentrate more on football. They are not encouraged by parents to work hard at school and on the football pitch. Football takes over. This leads to many failed footballers struggling for a career if they are released at 18.

Bellerin should be praised for being an intelligent individual, with deep interests and opinions. Not criticisms.

It was apparently Bellerin who got the players together to take a wage reduction to help ease Arsenal’s financial worries.

Bellerin is also who was behind Arsenal’s show of support for the Black Lives Matter protest and helped launch Football United, raising funds for the NHS.

Not only should Bellerin not be sold, he should be made captain.



1 thought on “Hector Bellerin should be made captain…not sold

  1. gunnerbear

    Black Lives Matter…..so why is HB failing to shout day after day about the number of young Black men who kill other young Black men on a regular basis….why isn’t he demanding something be done about that…
    …his previous inaction about the issue suggests to me he is a POS band riding vagina that AFC are well to bin off..
    ..bit like Ozil who whines about the treatment of Muslim Terrorists by the Chinese…by stays silent about the mass rape of white children and young white women by, yes, you’ve guessed it..Muslim males…
    ..why isn’t Ozil demanding those rapist scum be hunted down at every opportunity…



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