My Eyes Have Seen The Glory

The seat coverings at Wembley summed it up.

Arsenal covered their 13 sections with a nod to each of the 13 FA Cup wins we have had.

Manchester City had something about a Blue Moon – is this the newest book in the Twilight Saga?

With 13 league titles, 13 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and 2 European trophies, The Arsenal are the 3rd most successful side in English football history. We are serial winners.

Winning mentality runs through the club, and that is highlighted over the last decade.

In the last 10 seasons,there has been little between Arsenal and Tottenham when it comes to the league.

Arsenal have finished higher 5 times out of the 9 completed seasons. Spurs 4 times (with the chance to make it 5-all this season).

During that period, Arsenal’s average league position has been 4th. Tottenham also 4th (or 4.1 to be exact).

Arsenal have finished top 4 six out of nine seasons. Tottenham 5 times

Both sides have finished 2nd.

There really is not much to split the two sides when it comes to a decade of league performances.

This is a period when Spurs have been excellent. A generational team. Their been side since the 60s. Whilst Arsenal have been in decline. A club in crisis.

What splits the teams, and highlights the difference between Arsenal’s winning and Tottenham’s losing mentality is trophies.

In the last decade, Arsenal have won 3 FA Cups. Tottenham trophyless.

You have to go back to 1991 to capture the period for Tottenham’s last 3 trophies (1 FA Cup, 2 League Cups); and back to 1981 for their last 3 FA Cup wins.

The 2020 FA Cup will be Arsenal’s 7th final in the past decade. Tottenham have played in just 2.

Scrolling through history, it is once again back to 1991 to capture Tottenham’s last 7 finals.

Mikel Arteta has been at the club for 7 months and already taken Arsenal to an FA Cup Final.

Tottenham’s last final was 1991. Since that victory under Terry Venables, Tottenham have got through 21 different managers.

Arsenal have lost few finals in recent years – last seasons Europa League defeat to Chelsea and a thrashing by Manchester City in the League Cup. Also that disappointing defeat to Birmingham in the League Cup which now feels a life time away.

Even with these defeats, at least we were there, in the final, competing for trophies.

This will be Arsenal fans 5th trip to Wembley for a final in 7 years, and 7th final in 10 years. Each one of those finals, win or lose, creates everlasting memories.

At times over the last decade, it has been tough to follow The Arsenal up and down the country. But that is because of the success that went before during the 90s and 00s.

But even in our worst periods, we make finals, we win trophies.

And on August 1st we have a chance of a 14th FA Cup. A 5th trophy in 10 years. Another glory day.

My eyes have seen the glory.



4 thoughts on “My Eyes Have Seen The Glory

  1. Big Dave

    Totally agree. What makes me laugh is that Spurs fans will still try and mock Arsenal’s lack of success. It’s like me laughing at Bill Gates for only having £100 billion and not £200 billion.
    (I think you’ve given us an extra League Cup though – we only have 2, not 3)


  2. jod

    All academic. In an era dominated by the Manchester Clubs, Chelsea and Liverpool, with an honourable mention to Leicester, debating whether Arsenal are better than Spurs is pathetic. Its like Dortmund boasting that they have finished second to Bayern Munich more than any other German side.


  3. Jimmy B

    jod, how an era be dominated by five clubs? You might wish to look up the definition of domination and, while you’re at it, fuck right off.


  4. Malc Page

    Have I misread the above or did the Spuds not win the League cup in 2008?
    It talks mostly about the FA cup, but mentions the League cup but this isn’t mentioned?
    Not trying to big them up or anything.



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