In a bad mood over The Arsenal

I wake up this morning in a bad mood over Arsenal.

Today we face Sheffield United and it should have been the day fans are allowed back in to watch games.

Whether I had won in the ballot or not, I’d been down the Holloway Road, meeting me mates, having a few beers. Regardless of the weather.

A 2pm kick off would have been a nice little drink up before the game, as well as plenty after; before stumbling home for a Chinese.

Instead I am writing this blog whilst waiting for my yeast to proof for some home made crumpets.

A couple of coffees have not been able to shake the feeling of disappointment that I am not back over The Arsenal yet.

The feeling is even worse when you read that Dundalk have moved their fixture to Dublin’s Avila Stadium.

Anyone that goes to a Euro away knows Arsenal fans always do one thing. Find an Irish Bar.

In Dublin we would not have had to look very far.

It would have been one of those “I was there” games where people talk about them for years to come. Like Anderlecht and Cologne in recent years.

So we miss out on football today, and we miss out on a trip to Dublin to watch The Arsenal.

Add in this awful weather we have had for the last few days and will continue to have for the next week and it is easy to have a black cloud over your head.

But I guess if not going down the football today is the worst thing that is going to happen to me this week, then life really is not too bad.

Last night we had the news that Lyon were no longer going to sell Houssem Aouar.

Whether this is a negotiation tactic to push Arsenal into paying more, or the door is closed, I really do not care.

What I do care about is the online abuse dishes out to Arsenal photographers, to those that run our social media team and to Luigi Gasper, Edu’s 16-year-old son.

If you have spent your evening abusing a 16-year-old boy on Twitter because Arsenal might not be buying a player, you really need to look at your life.

The problem is not Stan Kroenke, Edu, Mikel Arteta or the Arsenal board but yourself. Your kind are not wanted over The Arsenal – chances are you live in Spain, Nigeria or America anyway so will never go.

Likewise those criticising the club over their support of William Saliba.

Saliba is a 19-year-old kid, trying to settle in a new country and whose mum reportedly passed away a couple of months ago.

It shows the class of Arsenal that we are putting an arm round him and helping him through it. Not just saying “man up, get on with it”.

If you think Arsenal are wrong for providing care and support to Saliba, then again you need to take a look at your own life.

It’s easy to be brave over a keyboard. To abuse people. Ultimately if you spread toxic negativity and abuse people online daily; it is your mental health that will suffer.

There are much worse things in the world to worry about than transfers and who is or isn’t playing.

Too many people are driving by clicks, hits, RTs, followers, subscribers, etc than being a decent human being.

The worst thing in my life today is not being able to go to football. There are people going through a lot worse than me.

Let’s stop abusing people online for attention.



10 thoughts on “In a bad mood over The Arsenal

  1. Richard moody

    Spot on
    Especially about “fans” screaming like girls about signing partey or auaor . They all think it’s like playing football manager on a computer in their mums basement
    Social media has a hell of a lot to answer for


  2. Olanrewaju

    Second time in your recent articles that you mentioned Nigeria (or Nigerians) in a negative way. I dont understand the negative vibes you churn out against Arsenal fans from or in Nigeria. We can as well unsubscribe to your website, and spare ourselves from this negativity.


    1. Kings.

      Why use Nigerian fans in the negative as if we Arsenal fans in Nigeria are the source of Arsenal problems?

      You are guilty of over generalisation and this is uncalled for. Learn to be as classy as the Arsenal brand we all support!


  3. Sunn

    Everything you say is spot on. Until you say “… chances are you live in Spain, Nigeria or America…”, which betrays your dark inner self.


  4. Shame on You

    I’m Nigerian, I live in Nigeria and I’ve been to the games, you are not a bigger Arsenal fan that I am because you’re from the UK. You’re also clearly a retard.



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