5 changes Mikel Arteta needs to make to return Arsenal to winning ways

Good morning all from sunny Essex.

The shime of a lovely day is dimmed a little when you stick on Match of the Day just in time for them to put up the league table and you see that lot top of the league.

There fans are celebrting being top the league for 24 hours after 9 games like they have won the thing.

Arsenal were top of the league after the 1st game of the season. We did not get excited as we are used to being top, used to winning trophies.

It has been an open season so far with 4 different teams topping the league after the weekend in just 8 rounds of gmes. Arsenal, Leicester, Everton and Liverpool.

After game week 6, Everton were top. 2 game weeks later they were 7th.

It could be one of the most open Premier League seasons in years.

Today we play Leeds and Mikel Arteta needs to get Arsenal back to winning ways.

Arteta has led Arsenal for 40 games, with the side winning 57.5% of games. No permenant Arsenal manager has a better win ratio.

In that time he has beaten Liverpool (3 times), Manchester United (twice), Manchester City and Chelsea. He has also led his side to the FA Cup and Community Shield.

But he has also overseen defeats to Aston Villa (twice), Leicester City and Brighton.

It is the two recent home defeats to Leicester City and Aston Villa that has led a minority of people to question whether he is the right man to take us forward.

I believe he is still the right man.

He has a fantastic understanding of the game and a thirst to learn.

Some might say “Arsenal should not be the place he learns” but if you want to be elite in any field, you never stop learning. It is that desire to improve themselves that has led Roger Federer, Lewis Hamilton, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg to reach the top of their industries, and stay their.

If you stand still in life, you end up going backwards.

So what does Arteta need to do to get us back to winning ways?

For me there 5 changes Arteta needs to make…

Return to 433

A return to 433 will see us play more attacking, progressive football.

It will give 2 of 3 central midfielder freedom to get forward and join the attack, rather than 2 men in the middle covering the 3 at the back.

The 3 man midfield will allow the full backs to bomb forward, and free players up to be playing in their right positions.

When dominating games, it would see Arsenal have 7 attacking options, with 2 central defenders on the half way line and a single central midfielder filling the spacebetween defence and attack.

Plying 3 at the back means we have 3 centre backs on the half way line and 2 midfielders filling that space.

Kieran Tierney at left back

We need to utilise Tierney’s crossing ability.

To do so he needs to play at left back, not on the left hand side of a back 3.

Bukayo Saka left wing

Tierney at left back pushes Saka further forward.

The young Englishman has performed well at wing back, but he is a forward player. You want him in the attack 3rd, running at defenders, creating.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang upfront

Tierney left back pushes Saka to left wing which in turn pushes Aubameyang inside.

Alexandre Lacazette and Aubameyang re both struggling for form. Neither are scoring, neither are creating.

Go with one down the middle and stick some creativity around him. That one is Aubameyang.

Nicolas Pepe and Joe Willock

To the right of Aubameyang must be Pepe.

He has not shown he is a £72million player yet, but he has undoubted talent. It is time for him to get a run in the time.

He commits defenders and can do something special from the right hand side.

Pepe also creates space for Hector Bellerin to bomb into, giving us a further creative option on the right.

Likewise we need to see Joe Willock get a chance as part of the midfield 3. His late runs into the box and eye for a goal is a threat we are missing at the moment.

Have a good Sunday


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