Arsenal playing with the handbrake on, but Mikel Arteta is the man to get us into top gear

November has been a peculiar month for Arsenal. It started with what felt like a landmark victory at Old Trafford, the Gunners’ first league win there in 14 years and it has rather stalled since.

Rather than showing definitive progress in the games that followed, Mikel Arteta’s men have struggled to shake off the inconsistency that has been a hallmark of their 2020/21 season so far, demonstrated by a record of four wins, four defeats and a draw from their first nine Premier League matches.

It would be all too easy to take a pessimistic view of the Gunners’ last game. A 0-0 draw to a newly promoted team never looks like a satisfactory score line, particularly when Leeds amassed 25 shots on goal.

However, when you factor in Arsenal’s away record against last season’s promoted clubs (Sheffield United, L, 0-1. Norwich City D, 2-2. Aston Villa, L, 0-1) and that they played the majority of the second half with ten men following Nicolas Pépé’s red card, Arteta deserves credit for being able to secure a point.

The next three matches are of pivotal importance to Arsenal, presenting a great opportunity for Arteta to gain some much-needed momentum.

Qualification as winners of Group B in the Europa League could be secured with a win at Molde on Thursday. A handsome win against Wolves on Sunday could propel Arsenal to as high as sixth before the all-important North London derby on 5 December.

Tottenham have two successive London derbies, playing Chelsea before the visit of Arsenal. Although Spurs currently sit top of the table, if they were to lose their next two league games and Arsenal were to win both of theirs, the gap between the two teams would close to just one point.

Needless to say, the next ten days could be an extremely important period, not just in the context of Arsenal’s season but in Arteta’s reign as Arsenal manager.

There is good reason to believe the Spaniard can turn things around once again. Not only did he resurrect a team that was buried in the rubble to the heights of FA Cup winners, but he has ensured that his Arsenal team will not be easy to beat.

At this stage last year, Unai Emery had overseen his last Premier League game, a 2-2 draw at home to then-19th placed Southampton, who had just been thrashed 9-0 by Leicester. Arsenal were closer to the relegation zone than the top four, already a staggering 19 points behind eventual champions Liverpool.

Freddie Ljungberg was then appointed as caretaker manager, a role which he fulfilled for almost a month, before Arteta took over.

He has since laid the foundations for future success by building a solid base. Bernd Leno continues to prove himself as one of the Premier League’s best goalkeepers, whilst Gabriel has added some much-needed steel in defence.

A pressing priority for Arteta is to get Arsenal scoring again. Although his team have looked stout and secure for the most part, they have failed to blow teams away in attack, not scoring more than twice in the Premier League since the opening day of the season.

Football fans are a fickle bunch and those currently calling for Arteta’s head will be singing his name from the rooftops in just under two weeks if he can lead Arsenal to three successive victories.

Despite recent results suggesting otherwise, there should be little doubt amongst the Arsenal faithful that Arteta is the man to lead the club forward.

Zac Campbell

2 thoughts on “Arsenal playing with the handbrake on, but Mikel Arteta is the man to get us into top gear

  1. Free

    This is another fantasy article from another deluded fan who are the very reason we are now a bonafide lower midtable team.

    Arteta is totally out of his depth. He is a rookie clown manager who has nothing to draw upon right now.

    Since he was appointed he has made one catastrophic mistake after the next.

    1) Dropping Maitland Miles when he ripping r up and finaly fulfilling his potential.
    2) Inexplixably dropping Martinelli when he was the form player in the league.
    3) Not identifying Xhaka as a player not capable to take us beyond top six and therefore notselling him on the summer
    4) Bringing back Cebellos who is utterly unsuited to the PL. He has a weak engine, no strength on the ball, no goal threat, a weak shot, does not dominate the midfield and only plays one good through ball a match, plus he is always pissing other squad members off off the field.
    5) Not being able to properly manage our most talented and promising midfielder Guendouzi who had already broken into the France national team. This is he height of insecure and poor management. A player with fire in his belly and he bins off.
    6) Exiling Ozil and lying to tie world about it, this alienating the squad , ranking results, morale and all creativity in the team simultaneously.
    7) Inexplixably playing William even thoufh he has done absolutely nothing since he arrived, baring Fulham who are totally worst team in PL.
    8) Treating Laca like absolute dog shit. He scored for 3 games in a row and then gets dropped for no good reason. Then he puts William at his position against City and surprise we loose that game.
    9) Showing a weak and depleted City team way too much respect instead of attacking them
    10) Dropping Gabriel for Liverpool game and effectively costing us that match
    11) Having absolutely no clue in 2nd half against Leicester what to do. Complete it suckered by Brenden Rodgers, a proper experienced manager.
    12) Playing with 3 defenders against Villa and still getting battered
    13) Being played off the park by Leeds It’s
    14) For the first time in his professional career he has managed to destroy the most lethal striker in the PL am make himtotally ineffective that is AUBA.
    15) Never rewarding Willock for EL performances.
    16) Bring a really scraced coach who is afraid to lose rather wants to win which is NOT the Arsenal way
    17) Always Tierney at CB instead of LB and thus slowly eroding his confidence also.
    18) Not selling Mustafi, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Xhaka, even Laca. Again just scared and I blame also Edu here too. For reference please see how Monchi behaves for a proper Sporting Director with real contacts in Europe. Edu is so far a total amateur.
    19) Not buying Doucoure for 20m
    20) James Rodriguez for free
    21) Over coaching the tactical forward play and stifling all the creativity and freedom out of Tue team, whilst draining all the confidence of all tie atckingomayera at the same time.

    Fuck him he is out of time he has to go now. Thanks is for the FA cup.
    This is our worst start to a season for 34 years. It doesn’t get worst than this. He does want have more time. Get rid now as fast as possible.

    If no good manangers available bring back Arsene for a season to get top four and make a decision from there. This downward trend cannot continue unchecked

    Furthermore the football is Stoke under Pulis level or Moyes at Everton level, not Arsenal quality. This is a rookie manager out of his depth with no experience, an arrogant prick that should never have taken the job before.ue had experience.

    We could have had Mourinho or Ancelloti or even Rodgers all far more suited to bring my successor Arsenal instead we have become an experiment club for a rookie manager. Total joke


  2. gee

    “There is good reason to believe the Spaniard can turn things around once again. Not only did he resurrect a team that was buried in the rubble to the heights of FA Cup winners, but he has ensured that his Arsenal team will not be easy to beat.”

    Harry Rednappp won FA cup with Portsmouth and it did not end well did it?

    “he has ensured that his Arsenal team will not be easy to beat.” –

    a bit like David Moyes at everton his main mentor. Thanks for that, we now score less goals than an emery team!! Yay for the process!



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