Negativity at Arsenal is a minority view

Morning all.

I was surprised by the response to yesterday’s blog about the financial restraints that are stopping Mikel Arteta and Edu building the squad they want to challenge.

What it showed to me is that the vast majority of Arsenal fans are still positive about the future, about Arteta, and understand the circumstances he is working under.

Those who are sitting crying for his head, trying to spread negativity throughout the fan base really are on the minority. They sit on Twitter or on YouTube and their negativity is amplified through running multiple accounts and orchestrating “pile-ons” via WhatsApp groups.

This then makes the outside observer think there is a lot of Arsenal up in arms. When reality it is probably just half a dozen kids at Newham College. It is the social media echo chamber.

There is also a huge difference between being critical of a performance and spending your waking hours spreading negativity on twitter day in, day out.

Moving on, yesterday evening we got drawn at home to Newcastle in the FA Cup.

Under normal circumstances, I would be fuming.

FA Cup 3rd round day is one of the great days of football, often providing some of the best trips away. From Preston to Sutton and more, we have had some decent trips in recent years. But there is nothing worse than being drawn at home to a Premier League team in the FA Cup.

Zero excitement.

We are already at the stage of the season where the FA Cup is our best chance of a domestic honour this season.

Arteta has lost just 1 out of 15 cup games – that last minute defeat to Olympiakos in the Europa League. Hopefully that record continues.

Those who managed to get a ticket for Thursday are now counting down the sleeps until they will be back at the Emirates.

With 3 home league defeats in a row, fans being in the ground might change the atmosphere a bit and push the team forward.

Onwards and upwards. And remember, those people constantly spreading negativity on social media will only end up affecting their own health.



2 thoughts on “Negativity at Arsenal is a minority view

  1. Edsim

    You’re totally right. The anti crowd are a snore fest.

    We’re in a rebuilding process. It will take time. Critics play too much football manager and don’t have any concept of the human element of the game. Stay positive!



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