Arsenal not the 1st “Big 6” club to have a slow start

The way the press have gone on, you would think Arsenal’s slow start in the Premier League was the first time one of the so called “Big 6” had a sluggish start to the season.

This is simply not true.

Just last season, Tottenham had 14 points from the first 12 games of the season. They were 14th. One place ahead of where Arsenal currently sit, with just one point more.

The week before, with 11 games played, Manchester United sat 14th with 13 points from 11 games.

Manchester United finished 3rd, Tottenham 5th.

In 2015/16, Chelsea were 16th after 12 games with just 11 points. There struggles would continue throughout the season as they eventually finished 10th. The season after they would win the league.

And in 2014/15 Liverpool were 12th after 12 games with 14 points. They would recover to finish 6th.

Finally in 2008/09, the first season under the ownership of the Abu Dhabi United Group, Manchester City were 13th, with 13 points from 12 games. Below them in 16th were Tottenham.

Arsenal are currently 15th with 13 points from 11 games.

It is not good enough, but every other side has been in pretty much the same position over the last dozen years.

Every one of those sides recovered from their slow starts to win trophies over the next few season, except Tottenham.

Onwards and upwards.



1 thought on “Arsenal not the 1st “Big 6” club to have a slow start

  1. Begeegs

    The contrast between Arsenal and Spurs is that Spurs sacked their manager before too much longer. Does anyone have any confidence that there is anything going on behind the scenes to mitigate any risk of results continuing to go south? I certainly don’t have any.



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