Mesut Ozil impending departure has NOTHING to do with China comments

One of the commonly written lines by fans of Mesut Ozil is that he was frozen out by Arsenal following his comments over the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China.

This is a fake claim created by Ozil fans in an attempt to paint their hero as a victim, and Arsenal as an evil entity that have been profit ahead of humanity.

The fact these people claim to be Arsenal fans, yet are quick to peddle lies that damage the club is sad. Let’s be honest; they are not Arsenal fans but Ozil’s fans.

These people will likely begin following Fenerbache or DC United or whatever 3rd world team decides to pay Ozil the millions he desires. For Ozil money is clearly more important than football.

When he scores a goal again some waiters or frat boys, they will be flooding twitter with their admiration. Saying he was proving Arsenal wrong. Ignoring the fact that the quality in Turkey and America is no better than League One or the SPL.

So they paint Ozil as a victim. That he spoke out for Muslims in China and was since ostracised from the team.

I stood with Ozil at the time of his comments, blogging my support of his comments. And I still back him and anyone else that highlights human rights issues, genocide and discrimination across the globe.

For too long sports – not just football – have taken their product to countries with horrendous human rights records. Sport should be highlighting issues by blacklisting those countries from having an F1 race or a heavyweight title fight. Not taking millions to host an event in one of the backwards nations so that they can sportswash.

But Ozil was not excluded from the Arsenal squad due to his comments over China. And there is two clear reasons which highlight how fake this claim is.

The Timeline

13 December 2019: Ozil releases a social media post calling Uighurs “warriors who resist persecution” and criticising both China and the silence of Muslims in response.

14 December 2019: Arsenal distance themselves from Ozil’s views stating “Following social media messages from Mesut Ozil on Friday, Arsenal Football Club must make it clear that these are Mesut’s personal views.”

15 December 2019: Ozil starts against Manchester City under Freddie Ljungberg.

29 December 2019: Mikel Arteta starts Ozil against Chelsea in his first game as manager.

1 December 2020 – 7 March 2020: Ozil starts every Premier League game under Mike Arteta making it 12 starts in 14 games since the comments about China.

9 March 2020: Premier League football suspended.

17 June 2020: Mesut Ozil left out of squad for first game back against Manchester City for “tactical reasons”.

20 June 2020 – 25 June 2020: Mesut Ozil unused substitute for games against Brighton and Southampton.

01 July 2020 – 26 July 2020: Ozil fails to be selected in a match day squad for the remainder of 2019/20; a run of 7 games.

20 October 2020 – Arsenal decide to not register Mesut Ozil; effectively ending his Arsenal career.

Once you see the timeline, you quickly realise that Arsenal and Arteta’s decision to deliver Ozil has nothing to do with China. Otherwise why would he have played so many games following his comments?

China’s Commercial Contribution to Arsenal

“Arsenal could not afford to lose the income that comes in from China” is usually the next sentence that Ozil fans type after saying their man has been excluded over his comments.

Again, this is simply not true.

The truth is Arsenal actually generate very little money from Chinese partners.

A look at the clubs latest accounts (yes, the club still have to produce publicly available accounts) shows we generated £110m in commercial revenue.

This was broken down as:

Puma: £30m

Emirates: £42.8m

Visit Rwanda: £10m

Total: £82.8m

So 75% of our commercial income in 2019 came from German, Emirati and Rwandan companies. None of them Chinese.

From 2020, Adidas took over from Puma. A German kit manufacturer replacing a German kit manufacturer. Arsenal doubled their income to £60m.

The Adidas deal would have seen income from the 3 major commercial partners increase to 80% of Arsenal’s total income.

Arsenal do not have a major Chinese commercial partner. The income that comes from Chinese companies would not even cover 2 months of Ozil’s wages.

So for Arsenal to exclude him to “protect Chinese revenues” makes zero sensez

“But what about the TV deal” is usually the next point made.

Arsenal do not get money directly from China for broadcasting rights. That income is negotiated by the Premier League on behalf of all clubs, and then distributed equally by the authorities to all clubs.

Would the Premier League have demanded Arsenal to exclude Ozil to protect their lucrative Chinese broadcasting rights? No.

It would be unthinkable for the league to be dictating to clubs who they can and can not see the. And if they did it would have been leaked by now.

So we have seen the timeline which shows that Ozil was selected for months after his comments; and we have debunked the myth that Arsenal dropped him to protect non-existent Chinese review.

So what is the truth?

For the truth as to why Mesut Ozil was dropped we need to look at his history.

When he left Real Madrid for Arsenal in 2013, the feeling was he did not have the hunger to fight for his place.

Carlo Ancelotti, Madrid manager at the time, was quoted as saying “Maybe he saw he was going to have competition, and he asked for a way out”

Whilst Zinedine Zidane made a similar accusation:

“Ozil decided to leave. He is a good player who has given us so much, so we wish him well.

There are players who have responded with strength and will to fight for a place, but not everyone reacted the same.”

Having been made the scape goat for Germany’s early exit from the 2018 World Cup, Ozil quickly announced his retirement from international football.

He blamed “racism and disrespect” but it is also another example of when things get tough for Mesut Ozil, when he has to fight for his club on country, he downs tools.

The same has happened at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery and Mike Arteta.

On many occasions Ozil would pull out sick on the evening of a big game. And in turn all 3 managers dropped him for tough games.

Each time Ozil was dropped, the manager said it was for “tactical reasons”. The real reason would be that Ozil does not raise his level in tough games. He shrinks away.

Ancelotti, Zidane, Lowe, Wenger, Emery and Arteta. They have led their clubs to World Cup’s, Champions Leagues, League titles and countless other trophies. They know what they are doing.

What is becoming clear is that Ozil is the type of person who lacks drive, lacks hunger, and runs away from a fight.

At Madrid Ozil took the easy option and left.

At Germany Ozil took the easy option and retired.

At Arsenal he failed to adapt his game as to the managers demands, failing to fight for his place.

And at Arsenal he has preferred to sit in his £10m mansion for 6 months, not playing football; rather than take a move last summer.

Ozil is not up for a fight. He wants an easy life. And every time life has got a little tough; he has ran away.

Mesut Ozil is a yellow. A namby pamby. A coward. Yeh is not the type of person you would want in the trenches.

He will now go to Fenerbache where he will get the hero status he craves, but does not want to work hard for. He will coast in an easy league that is leaves below his talent.

He is like the University footballer who would rather play for the fifths rather than the firsts so that he can get an easy life.

Ozil’s time is running out at Arsenal. He helped bring trophies back to the club following an 8 year drought – winning 3 FA Cups.

But legendary players are those that drag you through the tough games, the tough times. Not run away.

The only surprise is that when Sead Kolasinac jumped out of their car to stop knife wielding car jackets, Ozil did not drive off. Did not run.



12 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil impending departure has NOTHING to do with China comments

  1. Jd

    I bet it has to do with the bonus he would be entitled to due to the number of games in the summer, it’s all about money, arsenal were whinging when he got paid massive bonus sometime last sept so they desperately didn’t want to pay that kind of money again to a player that they don’t really trust anymore as I think it’s same thing with Saliba as well


  2. Gabo

    You’ve basically written a thesis yet none the clearer. Like most of us, you obviously don’t know why he wasn’t seen as good enough for a 25 man Arsenal squad.
    Ex-pros with & without ties to the club have said it couldn’t be a footballing decision. Evra said it to Ljunberg’s face.
    Arsene thinks likewise.
    The club’s inability to explain it speaks volumes. Emery said no.10s were a dying breed. Oh Smith Rowe.
    While Mikel said he took the blame for not bringing out the best out of Ozil – solution, just leave him unregistered?


  3. MM

    Yeah, ok, make the assertion that anyone who defends Ozil is not a true Arsenal fan. Even Wright said he should have been allowed to play. Go find another scapegoat or perhaps team up with the “journalist” Morgan. Pathetic. Oh and go work for free, like everyone else does you “true gooner.”


  4. Stan Adams

    Liam (chippy) Brady said of Ozil ‘He is a bad man in the dressing room and a bad man on the pitch” just a few weeks ago and as i consider chippy a true,loyal Afc man through and through with an insight into the club and no history of bad mouthing anyone and with the respect of many it said much about Ozil in my opinion.


    1. MM

      Oh so he has been in the dressing room with him? No one else has said that. Quite the opposite, actually. Ozil was just as true and loyal. Now go find another scapegoat.


  5. zTOM

    The China thing is just a small factor, aside the aim not to pay any potential extra bonuses, the main issue clearly was the audacity to stand up to Kroenke/the Board when players were requested to take a pay cut that froze him out of the squad as a direct order from the top.
    He had asked for concrete guarantees that the jobs of the staff would be saved as a result of the pay cut. Board refused to give any so he didn’t budge either. The Board then fired 55 of Arsenal staff. (Hmm…)
    The “footballing reasons” excuse that Arteta had no choice but to peddle (as he can’t go against the Board when he naturally needs their support in the transfer window and such) never held any water since Arteta was using Özil in the rotation before the lockdown and was happy of his work and efforts on the pitch.
    Özil never was as good a fit to an Emery or Arteta system compared to Wengerball so he always was going to leave eventually as the level of contract was way too high for a squad player.
    Still a complete waste and a ridiculous mismanagement of his situation.
    Oh, and way to rewrite history: Ancellotti was requested by Florentino Perez to choose to lose between Di Maria and Özil going so they could afford the Bale signing and he said he picked the former as it allowed for a better balance in the system he wanted to play (to the disappointment of Ronaldo, his teammates and the fans).
    And claiming racism wasn’t a cause of his retirement of the German squad (when he had been creating more chances than any other players during their failed WC campaign) is nothing short of farcical when examples were rife and well covered by the press at the time.
    The Özil boat has sailed and, given the situation, it’s good that he might be moved on now but this is just nonsense.


    1. MM

      Exactly. The vitriol of some of these people is amazing. Perhaps the writer of this “article” should delete his work and use yours?


  6. BG

    My belief is he would not take the knee… that s why he was left out at our first game at City when it restarted (having travelled with the team!) and hasn’t featured since… but that d be embarrassing for the club or player to admit.
    There wasn t any other plausible explanation as Ozil trained and his commitment to training was acknowledge by MA.
    But I agree he was always in it for the money…
    Luckily he s gone now…


    1. MM

      Yeah, everybody else plays for free. Even Auba offered to play for free for his new contract. I am sure you have refused many pay raises.


  7. JJ

    It’s very easy to analyze and criticize but the fact still remains,,
    He has gone so give us the glory. We’re tired of your endless criticism.
    Give the lad a break, how I wish the Arsenal board also gave Alexis the same contract as for Mesut, I wonder how u guns would be reacting by now. Alexis was also totally a waste at Manchester but the fans stood by his side. We Arsenal fans are lamenting just because we’re financially not up to the current standard in the premier league. We hope to be a force to reckon but we have a stingy h*ll of a boss.
    Good luck Mesut.


  8. KM

    If you are going to publish a timeline, can you explain why you have omitted the Everton and Bournemouth games that took place between the City and Chelsea games?
    Ozil has 55 assists for our club, more than Pires or Bergkamp.Perhaps if they had played with Mustafi instead of Sol and Tony Adams their legacies may have been different.
    Any self respecting “supporter” should acknowledge the contribution made by those who served us well and over many years.
    The risible position of the club throughout lockdown and the ludicrous claim the club doesn’t do politics are more worthy of criticism.



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