Arsenal and Tottenham both fail to recognise huge anniversary

Arsenal (and Adidas) have missed a huge trick this season.

Despite releasing more training kits than we have wins, there was an obvious anniversary that would have seen more sales than all those out together.

2021 is 50 years since Arsenal won the double for the first time.

71 will always be a big part in Arsenal’s history – it was not just about winning the double but about how we did it.

Securing the league at White Hart Lane and the iconic moment of Charlie George scoring an extra-time winner to beat Liverpool in the FA Cup.

A simple yellow kit with blue colour sleeve edging, just like is was in 71.

Many would even ignore the new badge, Fly Emirates and Visit Rwanda on it. It would have sold quickly, with a nod to our past.

Instead we got a blood stained white kit that looks like the cover of Dexter.

An away kit with a nod to that 71 kit would have seen sales fair exceed the countless training kits.

Tottenham have also missed an anniversary.

2021 is 60 years since they last won the league title.

The jokes have already gone around that everyone that was alive back in 1961 have already had their vaccine.

It is a joke but it is also true.

It is also 30 years since Tottenham’s last FA Cup. So this year should be a double celebration for them.

60 years without a title. 30 years without an FA Cup.

Not really the statistics of a big club.

50 years since Arsenal’s 1st double, 60 years since Tottenham’s last title



1 thought on “Arsenal and Tottenham both fail to recognise huge anniversary

  1. Akersley

    I maintain that the “blood stained white kit” was a clever troll by Adidas of the Visit Rwanda shoulder patch and it occurs to me that it could be seen in a similar way as regards “Emirates”



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