Bukayo Saka is the blueprint Arteta and Edu need to recruit

A signature of Arsene Wenger’s recruitment was not only buying young, talented players but also focusing what was between the ears.

Wenger wound look to bring in youngsters who were intelligent and keen to learn.

You can have all the talent in the world, but if you are not interested in listening to coaches, following instruction, learning, you will not develop.

Bukayo Saka would have been a perfect recruit for Wenger. And he is the mould of player we need to be recruiting to improve the side.

Saka is an intelligent kid. Straight A student. He is a keen student of the game.

You get the feeling he is one of those that would sit at the front of the class. Always attentive. Always listening. Wanting to learn.

He is also a very humble kid.

You never see him involved in high-jinks or believing himself to be above his station. He does not really have much of a social media presence. None of those silly tweets we see others do.

You get the feeling Emile Smith Rowe is cut from a similar cloth.

Compare the pair to Matteo Guendouzi.

Trouble has followed Guendouzi everywhere he has gone.

He reportedly struggles to follow instruction and has a bit of an ego. An attitude.

If Saka was sat at the front of the class, Guendouzi was at the back. The class joker. Making fart noises when the teacher bent over.

Guendouzi’s school report would be “has the ability but lacks focus.”

Where Gabriel Martinelli and William Saliba fit in I do not know.

When it comes to young players, their willingness to learn is just as equal as their natural ability.

For many, it is their natural ability that got them through the academy system. But those players that make it the very top – Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas – have the intelligence and work ethic alongside natural ability.

More players like Saka, less like Guendouzi and we will be in a good place.



4 thoughts on “Bukayo Saka is the blueprint Arteta and Edu need to recruit

  1. George Ukaz

    It true Bukayo Saka is a model and it is natural but there there those there coach can mold because they see the potential in them but that don’t mean that the player in question will continue to be arrogant I want to see a player who will give credit to Arteta as the man who direct him to the right way of his career then I will know he can manage human beings because that is greatest weapon Arsene Wenger have that is his will continue to ring bell even when he change your position of play you are still happy with him that is what great coaches do not to be rigid as if without you nothing can happen no is not like that because you can be going up suddenly you begin to be coming down that is life for you


  2. Alex

    Being a “straight A student” is not the sole measure of intelligence though, as any teacher will tell you. The “joker” at the back of the class making fart noises can be the most intelligent kid in the class who is just not interested in what is being taught by a teacher who is only interested in getting his boxes ticked on the National Curriculum forms with no idea of how to make it interesting for the kids. A football team needs a mixture of “straight A”s and joker for best effect? Guendouzi just needs to grow up a bit and realise that not all “adults” are trying to squash him, then relax and understand that every manager can teach him something and take advantage of that?


  3. Olanrewaju

    His name is Oluwabukunayomi (God has added to my joy)… Bukayo, for short. And he does give us joy (to watch) as Arsenal fans. I just pray that humility (his Africanness) keeps him focussed. I like Guendouzi though, and a good coach should be able to channel his “energy” rightly. Same Arsenal had a Bendtner, Adebayor, Gallas, and Tony Adams (pre-Wenger and the booze), but Arsene happened to their lives. Left to me, I will keep Guendozi!



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