If Arsenal are underselling Guendouzi for £10m, where is the queue of clubs chasing him?

The value of a player is that which other clubs are willing to pay for him.

So when it looks likes a deal is done for Matteo Guendouzi to Marseille for £10million, that is his value.

It doesn’t matter if some fan boy moans we are underselling. £10million is his value.

If Guendouzi was as good as what some claim, surely teams across Europe would be queuing up to sign him for £10million? But they are not.

And if teams were queuing up for him, that would then naturally push the price up as teams competed for his signature.

But no other team other than Marseille seems to be interested. And they only want to do a deal for £10million. So that is his price.

If you are sitting criticising Arsenal for the deal, just ask yourself why no one else is in for him. And the answer to that is why Arsenal are selling him.



7 thoughts on “If Arsenal are underselling Guendouzi for £10m, where is the queue of clubs chasing him?

      1. chris.webster7@btinternet.com

        I thought we did not want to sell
        Gnabry – he wouldn’t sign a new deal and the move was his choice with a very short contract left.


  1. Dexter

    YeH there’s a certain Arsenal site that seems obsessed banging on how was worth 45m!

    Honestly, some people should just stick to playing football manager on their Xbox.

    I liked Guendouzi as I did Torreira, but things haven’t worked out for them.

    It happens with every club, but seemingly Araenal are the worst at dealing with matters like this and its yet another thing to bash the club for.

    Not helped by 1000s of negative Newsnow stories, but who reads/belives the cast majority of them anyway?



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