Who next after Odegaard and Ramsdale?

Arsenal are have signed Martin Odergaard and are close to confirming Aaron Ramsdale.

Both have been fairly long term targets for the club this summer and plenty has been written about the pair, so let’s not go over old ground.

With less than 2 weeks left in the transfer window the question to ask is “after Odegaard and Ramsdale, who next?”.

And the answer to the is “it depends on who leaves.”

I have seen a few on social media say “now let’s go for a striker”.

The issue with the statement is we have 5 strikers at the club already.

Unless we sell 3 of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alex Lacazette, Eddie Nketiah, Gabriel Martinelli and Folarin Balogun, there will be no new striker.

And it is unlikely we will sell 3 of the above named players considering it will mean two of the 3 are Aubameyang and Lacazette.

What is more likely is one of the 2 leave alongside Nketiah. That will leave us with a senior striker being backed up by Martinelli and Balogun.

If Lacazette of Aubameyang does leave, it is more likely that we will bring in a left sided player.

At the moment we have been playing Aubameyang on the left win to accommodate the pair; it is a tactic that clearly doesn’t work.

If Aubameyang leaves, we then need to reinforce the left hand side. If it is Lacazette then Aubameyang is used centrally and we still need a left sided player.

The options would be either go for someone like Houssem Auoar who will come in off the touchline and add further creativity. He would then create space for Kieran Tierney to bomb into. Or go for Marcus Thuram who will now hug the touchline.

If we want someone to hug the touchline, we have that in both Nicolas Pepe and Bukayo Saka.

Auoar would give us another options and a midfield 3 of him, Odergaard and Saka would have plenty of creativity, mobility and flexibility.

The flip side is someone like Thuram also adds 10 goals a season.

The only other place we will likely strengthen is right back. But only if Hector Bellerin leaves.

With Bellerin still an Arsenal player, we just do not have the space for a new signing. We are not managed by Gareth Southgate with us 4 right backs.

If Bellerin does leave the man to watch is Emerson Royal at Barcelona.

Despite their financial troubles, Barcelona spent €9m bringing Emerson back from Betis. This just have been done in the hope they could quickly sell him on for profit.

A quick sale has not happened and with their financial insecurity, they might look to cash in for not much more than what they paid for him.

Emerson is just 22 and combative right back.

For Betis he would often drop inside to create a 3 at the back as the left back went forward. This is certainly a tactic Arteta has looked to use in the past to try and free up Tierney.

Circling back, however, a new right back will only come in if Bellerin leaves.

So less than 2 weeks to go and plenty still to hopefully happen.



1 thought on “Who next after Odegaard and Ramsdale?

  1. Uwot?

    Yep Emerson would be a good shout.Except Barca fans have got wind of it & are squealing about getting Bellend as an exchange.Even though Barca DNA.They make you sick.worse than manure fans.As for Aouar.With or without sales would make a lot of sense.But need to move quick as spuds sniffing about & don’t rule out the dipppers either.



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