Aaron Ramsdale – Q&A with Sheffield United fan @ArtyBianco

On Friday we sat down with friend of the site and Sheffield United fan Arty Bianco to get his take on Aaron Ramsdale’s impending transfer to Arsenal. Arty is the man behind the Arsenal Ultimate Team Print as well as being resident Sheffield United matchday programme artist.

Aaron Ramsdale was only back at Sheffield United for one season; how did you rate his performances?

It was a season of two halves for Rammers. It felt that for a very long run of games at the beginning of the season he got nowhere near any of the goals we conceded.

There were contributing factors to his slow start – the entire team was out of form, defenders making mistakes, injuries, inconsistent defensive partnerships but he looked like a rabbit in headlights at times.

He was clearly a talented young goalkeeper but was perhaps out of his depth; but we did not have the luxury to bed him in.

In the second half of the season he showed just how good a keeper he is… (It felt he’d arrived away at Everton Where he really contributed to us winning the points).

It was the good form that saw him picked for England’s Euro 2020 squad at just 23.

What are Ramsdale’s strengths?

He is blatantly a good professional with the right attitude and bags of potential. He was well thought of by everyone at Sheffield United. He is a likeable guy and his move to Arsenal shows he has a drive to play at the highest level.

And his weaknesses?

Like any young player he needs game time. Throughout last season we saw him improve the more he played.

He needs the opportunity and environment to prove himself consistently over the course of a season or 2. You can have all the faith in your own ability in the world and so can your coaches but until you’ve been there and done it, what’s in your head does not count for much.

Would you have liked Ramsdale to stay?

Of course, but taking into account the circumstances – the fee, it being Arsenal, our relegation – it was always unlikely he would remain. Once one of the “traditional” big 6 comes in and offers £20m+ for any player in the Championship, they are gone.

Is £24million a good deal?

Had we been able to keep hold of him another year, he might have been worth even more ‘if’ we had managed to secure promotion, but without a win in 3 games that seems a long way away.

The other side of the coin is if his form had have dipped again and we fail to come straight back up, his value might have dropped next summer.

From Arsenal’s point of view, they are getting a talented young goalkeeper. If he fulfils his potential £24million could be seen as a bargain for them.

What should Arsenal do with Ramsdale?

I genuinely think the best thing Arsenal could do would be loan him to a to a top end Championship club (that ‘should’ be defending less) so in theory replicate where they want Rammers to be the season after.

This will see him making less but more important saves ones win points – and hopefully keeping clean sheets whilst doing so. That would stop the ‘he’s been relegated twice’ narrative the media keep peddling.

Anything else?

I really want Ramsdale to do well. I think he could become England’s number 1. All the best Aaron, go smash it.

Thank you to Arty Bianco for answering our questions. His Arsenal Ultimate Team Print can be bought HERE.


3 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsdale – Q&A with Sheffield United fan @ArtyBianco

  1. Peter Burgess

    Think back 30 years,GG brought a keeper in to replace a league winning keeper and was criticised heavily. Didn’t work out to badly did it .


    1. ClockEndRider

      “ I think John Lukic is a very good goalkeeper. I just think David Seaman is better.” A quote I will always remember from the 90/91 season video (ask your dad, kids).


  2. ClockEndRider

    Thanks for this. It’s nice to get a view from someone who has actually watched him rather than from the army of keyboard warriors simply digesting and vomiting forth the contents of that other army of former professional players paid to concoct views in line with those which the media organ they are being paid by wishes to promote.



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