AFTV caught lying about Arsenal away fans again

Arsenal’s loyal away following have continued where they left off pre-pandemic. Letting the toxic AFTV know they are not welcome in away ends.

Following the victory against WBA, the chants were loud and clear.


The AFTV business model is simple.

Over the the top reactionary opinions, spread negative, to gain hits, clicks and therefore revenue from viewing non-Arsenal fans.

So it was no surprise that there response to being humiliated live on Sky was to attack Arsenal’s away following in the hope of turning their followers against those fans that actually go to games.

Now this is completely incorrect.

You only need to read through the quote tweets from those who were at the game to see that Arsenal fans were singing about Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe.

Robbie himself was actually at the game (although he is no longer seen on concourses – does he hide in the toilet until the final whistle before ducking outside to interview weirdos?) so would have known this tweet was not true. So why was it posted?

Probably because they pay a company to do their social media. People who do not have a clue about Arsenal, do not go to games, and get their information from other faceless Twitter accounts.

It was an attempt to get other fans, sitting behind their lap tops on dodgy streams, to turn against the Arsenal away following.

AFTV have found their viewing numbers tumbling since the departure or passing of some of their highest profile “contributors”. This has lead to them putting out any more controversial, divisive content in an attempt to regain those losses.

It is no longer the profit making giant that it was 4 years ago. With dwindling figures comes less advertising revenue. Less sponsors.

This is not the first time Robbie et al have lied about Arsenal’s away following. Previously he tried to claim fans were racially abusing him. A claim which fell on deaf ears.

It is clear he will say or do anything to earn a few quid at the expense of Arsenal. And that is why so many are against the boyhood Luton fan.

It is being made clear to them they are no longer wanted in away ends. And it is only a matter of time until they are run out of Arsenal completely.


19 thoughts on “AFTV caught lying about Arsenal away fans again

  1. John

    What AFTV express is the real feelings we have at the ground. Stop attacking AFTV. I also Cellebrated how we were thrashed so that the Owners get it. Arsenal is no longer attractive. Tammy Abraham was right to choose As Roma, so is Locateli. Arsenal is mase. U need to campaign #ArtetaOut #KroenkeOut #EduOut


  2. Ben

    So we get thrashed once again and your focus is on AFTV? Here’s a thought, the best way to stop the toxic negativity is to get the team to show more pride and be more “commited on the pitch” as our captain put it yesterday.

    I couldn’t give a damn what AFTV have or haven’t said as they are not the reason why we have been losing our prestige.


  3. Anthony

    Be careful, yes I agree that AFTV is headline seeking, but they weren’t the only outlet reporting Arsenal fans reaction. It was also pretty obvious from Sky that many Arsenal fans were leaving far from the end of the game.

    I stayed watching till the end when Arsenal were humiliated 8:2 and regardless of any score I would never leave early, unfortunately we have to face facts that there is (remains) a division within Arsenal’s fan base.


  4. Cory

    Terrible click bait article full of lies and hypocrisy and vitriol! You should never be allowed to right a public article again with such a pathetic a s all minded journalist approach!!!! Embarrassing!


  5. Johhny

    This crap may as well been written by Edu as far as I know. AFTV and all other fan TVs will of course try to be provocative and over emotional. But that does not in any way change the fact that our club is in a cancerous state right now. The ONLY thing that will turn this around is new Ownership + a Head Coach like Antonio Conte and 2-3 windows where 150-200 million pounds are spent. And as far as AFTV goes, they celebrate titles and important victories with the exact same energy as the horrible losses.


  6. Free

    Oh my God , you know I really always read this blog hoping for balanced and thoughtful opinions.

    Bit with this article you have shown yourself to he small minded petty and totally factually incorrect.

    Total total shame on you. Youlearly dont have a clue about AFTV or its diverse content and all theany many shows they do to try to get a balanced perspective across on Arsenal.

    Perhaps instead of attacking Robbie whose channel by tie way has gone from strength to strength and now has lime maybe more than 15 diffenrw shows on it, togethwr a separate channel for hack up quotes, and a separate channel for othe to fans and clubs and sports content.

    Robbie is a pioneer who has left ppl like you in to iw dust mate. Get over it and stop with your petty bitterness and out of touch remarks.

    This. Article today has really shown me you are devastatingly out of tocuh and ignorant to the point of being almost irrelevant.

    Furthermore where is the article about Tue absolute shitshow of a game we had the misfortune to witness and Tue abolsue shitshow of manager YOU have been supporting.

    The fact is all your superior rhetoric about reactionary stuff is total BS as YOU are ronf about Arteta , The club , the owners , basically everything.

    Wortw about that mate am so leave me a business to men, stay behind your laptop and stop attacking folks who have the courage to actually stand up to our parasite owners.


  7. James Simmonds

    And good riddance, even skysports are getting him and people like Ty on cause they love the devision they are creating with their lies, rhetoric and given the most unrealistic uninformed fans a voice for the amusement of our rival fans


    1. Ryan Cummins

      The only people lying are you low IQ, jealous idiots.

      Only FOOLS blame a YouTube channel for a football Club and team, under performing.

      The only people to blame for the demise of Arsenal FC is the owners, Arsene Wenger for his inept transfer policy in the last ten years of his time as manager and now Arteta.

      Arteta is the worst manager in the premier league, he has made stupid decision after stupid decision, ever since he arrived as manager.

      Selling Martinez to Aston Villa was stupidity of the highest order. Buying Cedric was another display of idiocy. Refusing to give William Saliba one minute of senior football before loaning him out yet again, has to be one of the stupidest managerial decisions I have ever seen. Selling Joe Willock then saying “We lacked a box to box midfielder” in his press conference after the Man City debacle, has to be the most ironic thing I have heard for a while.

      One more example of Arteta’s idiocy, offering Xhaka a new contract, just about sums Arteta up.

      Blame the managers and owners of Arsenal FC, for their demise not AFTV


  8. Ryan Cummins

    What a load of hateful, lying racist nonsense!!! It is not up to scumbags like you, to tell any Arsenal supporter , they are not welcome in the away end.

    Arsenal Fan TV are not responsible for the pathetic management decisions of Arteta abd Edu. You are one of those jealous toxic haters, who think it’s acceptable for Arteta to run roughshod over Arsenal FC.


  9. Luke

    AFTV does not have a business model that thrives off negativity. AFTV simply present the views of ordinary fans. Robbie actually tries to find a balance and seeks out as many different opinions as he can. If the team are doing badly, guess what; there will be more negative reaction in the stands and on AFTV. As a season ticket holder, I find that the views on AFTV largely reflect those in the crowd.
    Maybe you should ask yourself, what is it about a successful black owned business, that gives a platform to ordinary fans many of which are people of colour, that you don’t like?


  10. Olanrewaju

    I am really amazed at your skewed article. Eventhough we were not at the away end nor physically present, live TV (not AFTV) showed Arsenal fans throwing their hands up immediately the 4th goal was scored. That, can only infer one thing, I guess. It’s high time YOU made your own blog forward-thinking again, and stop acting as if you owned Arsenal FC. You cant “throw anyone out”; everyone is a fan and share the joy and pain of this current Arsenal! If you must know, I live in Nigeria and support Arsenal, and dont bring out that “Nigerian fans” theory I once had to comment about. Please, write with sincerity and not ‘lopsidedness’.


  11. Big Al

    I don’t care what nationality anyone is but I do care about Arsenal. I also believe AFTV are, of course, not responsible for my club’s appalling performances but that they are a bunch of trouble makers and crap stirrers that will make a bad situation worse at the first opportunity. They whipped anti Arsenal Wenger feeling up in a disgusting way. They don’t know any better than the next supporter but love to hear themselves talk.

    I wish they would go away and crawl back into their holes. It’s bad enough having the main stream media tearing us apart. Don’t listen to them any more and they will, hopefully, disappear.



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