Arsenal 2021/22 Squad Review – No player left unregistered

With the window shutting across the majority of Europe last night, it is well worth reviewing the Arsenal squad.

Last season, due to having too many players, Arsenal were left Mesut Ozil and Sokratis unregistered. Arsenal simply had too many players.

So what is the state of Arsenal’s first team squad 12 months later?

According to, we have a first team squad of 27 players.

Of those 27, 6 were born on are after 1st January 2000 so are considered “Under 21” and therefore do not require being registered.

You can have no more than 17 non-home grown players in your squad. Arsenal have 15.

Finally we have 6 home grown players that would require registering.

This is a nice place for the Arsenal squad to be as it leaves us a couple of non-home grown spaces for signings in January. We would not have to look to move players on prior to bringing players in.

Also looking forward to next season there is space for those under 21 players born before 1st January 2001 to be accommodated into registered spots without the need to sell – although if all the loan players return we will be in the same situation as 2020 of having too many players.

With no European football, we still probably have too many players to keep everyone happy.

The Turkish and Russian windows are also still open which might see the likes of Sead Kolasinac and Mohamed Elneny depart.

In summary, Edu and his team have done a much better job of reducing squad numbers than they did last year, even though they have probably not sold as many as they would have liked.



3 thoughts on “Arsenal 2021/22 Squad Review – No player left unregistered

  1. Kevin Taylor (@telecomtails)

    Of those U-21, only Tavares will occupy a non-home grown spot. Martinelli will have been with us long enough to be Home Grown. Oddly, I think the same applies to Saliba. There’s some loanees to exit fully, and some more deadwood to move put I don’t think the 17 number is going to be a problem moving forward.


  2. Ukaz George

    Arteta and Edu are not doing well at all because they lack vision otherwise Arsenal will not find themselves were they are now I don’t think they know what is DNA can they call one player who will play his heart out when they are playing with man Utd or Chelsea or even Tottenham the only players I can rely on Saka Smith Rowe Aubanyang Lacazette Xhaka and Tienery but that not with standing if a better coach handle all the players we have now he must achieve top 4 but with Arteta no way a coach who does not know his best eleven I don’t know whether he see the quality of his players in training or not



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