The Demise of Sky Sports News’ Deadline Day Coverage

Transfer deadline day used to be an experience, almost a sport in itself. But yesterday it died – further highlighting how Sky Sports News is going down the pan.

It used to be great.

An overly excited Jim White next to a calm and composed Natalie Sawyer. Reports outside grounds surrounded by fans. Even if nothing was happening it felt like something was.

And then yesterday it was as dishwater, and almost became a box ticking exercise.

Sky had decided to remove everything that was great about transfer deadline and replace it their fake ITK journalists pretending to take phone calls, reading texts from “agents” and YouTubers sharing their “expert” opinion. Add in a splattering of footballers who achieved nothing and clearly just their for their £500 pay day and you end up with the disaster of a show we saw yesterday.

The two fellas that do the transfer round up. It was just cringeworthy the way they pretended that agents were contacting them whilst live on air.

We had Leanne Sanderson talking about her time in Italy for Juventus where she made just two appearances.

And then the YouTubers.

Sky are clearly trying to appeal to a younger audience by having YouTubers on everything; but how many times do we have to listen to a London based Manchester United talk about Arsenal?

Is there a warehouse of YouTubers somewhere in Chiswick that a Sky presenter just goes down to, picks one out and sticks them on TV? Everyone of them is a Londoner.

The young lady “representing Arsenal” was agreeing with tweets that Arsenal fans were racist just 2 days before. And now she is live on Sky?

Lee Hendrie was no better. What insight does he actually have?

Meanwhile on Twitter they are censoring any criticism by hiding any negative replies to their tweets.

It was just a shit show and what was a great TV event is no more.

The show has eaten itself.

It realised it was popular and became terribly self-aware; attempting to manufacture the incidents that made it popular. A bit like when Big Brother began to hand pick contestants rather than have a dozen random people.

In the end, I am not sure what it was supposed to appeal too.

The younger crowd would have been glued to their phones, getting their breaking news off Twitter whilst the older crowd would have soon turned off – or over to BBC5 Live.

No insight, no breaking stories. Just a bunch of people using a national TV show to promote themselves and increase their online following.

Sky Sports News. The End.



5 thoughts on “The Demise of Sky Sports News’ Deadline Day Coverage

  1. James Simmonds

    I’m pissed off with nobodies getting, no I rephrase that being given fame. These people, who more than likely
    never even kicked a ball or played the game. Let alone being decent players at any level or coached anyone at any level. Yet they are given an opinion for some reason.

    Shows how messed up society is if their listening to these idiots. Most of anything they say is what someone else said or what they’ve read on the reliable source of info Facebook.

    What a shame


  2. JOEL

    Sky’s coverage of the Transfer Window from start to finish has been diabolical.Many of the expert commentators wheeled into the studio have been nothing short of cringeworthy.Reading stats and sweeping statements from scripts and for the most part talking for the sake of it.Lianne Sanderson’s career highlights were certainly of no interest whatsoever and its obvious that she mostly gets pulled into the studio as she ticks so many required demographic boxes all at once.However my prize for the absolutely worst so called “transfer expert” has to go to Mr Kyle Walker.Although he shares a name with the fleet footed Manchester City and England full back his journalistic abilities are non existent.It actually annoys me that Sky would use their subscribers hard earned cash to pay this man to come into their Studio and continuously spout absolute nonsense with less incite than you’d find in the most basic of tabloids.
    On the other side of the coin,however,I was pleasantly surprised by “Big Sams” introduction yesterday evening to the proceedings and the level of incite he brought to the table.It just shows that Sky can actually find worthwhile contributors when they try.


  3. Ken Robertson

    Hard to diagree. The only thing missing now is essential infil features on transfer candidates’ and others’ luxury fast cars or the what they could be in the hands of the multiple, universal TV series obsessions with motor mania. This is craved by armchair watchers in these clueless ‘modern’ times.


  4. Mark Gardner

    I couldn’t agree more. I honestly believe that the whole Sky model will self destruct as it tries to replicate it’s successes by attempting to draw in a new audience and by association I can see the Premier league doing likewise. Suddenly a multi-billion pound industry will lose its largest funding stream and football will once again become the game we fell in love with on a Saturday afternoon.



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