Arsenal Fans Unite Against Media

Arsenal are easy to criticise at the moment.

Pundits know no matter what they say, it is going to get them plenty of attention. They are using Arsenal to further their own careers. But the tide is turning.

In recent days we have seen:

Matt Law of the Daily Telegraph mention that Arsenal were once offered Barcelona starlet Pedri when he was at Las Palmas.

Pedri would have been around 16 or 17 at the time and would have been touted around Europe by his agent. I imagine everyone – from Real Madrid to Manchester United, Chelsea to Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund to Liverpool were offered him.

In the end he joined Barcelona for €5 million.

Why did Matt Law decide to mention Arsenal missing the opportunity to sign Pedri, and not every single other top club other than Barcelona?

It would actually be more concerning if Arsenal did not know about Europe’s best young talents.

Then we have Sky’s Kaveh Solhekol.

What a fool he made out of himself on transfer deadline day, pretending that agents were calling him, text him, trying to get him to help with deals.

On deadline day, Kaveh “received a message” from one of Takehiro Tomiyasu’s “agents” about the new Arsenal player:

He said Tomiyasu “was offered to most clubs in the Premier League. His a good player but the problem his not really a right back nor is he a central defender. I am not sure how he will get on at Arsenal”.

Imagine being a professional journalist and reading out a text from a contact live on Sky. And imagine being an agent working on the deal and sending a journalist a critical text about your client.

Let’s be honest, the message was a figment of Kaveh’s imagination.

You have to wonder how such a nobody with a nothing sports journalism career got such a big role with Sky.

Then we have Gary Neville…

Neville states that he is “not sure what the strategy is. It seems a little all over the place” when discussing Arsenal’s transfer strategy.

You only have to look at the profile of the players we have signed – 21 to 23 years old, young but with experience – to understand our strategy.

A baffling strategy is over at Manchester United who signed talented youngster Jadon Sancho to go alongside Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood – with Edison Cavani as the experienced head to knit them together.

They were crying out for a midfielder to do Paul Pogba and Brune Fernandes’s dirty work, but then on deadline day sign 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo to £500k a week. Now that is a transfer strategy that is all over the place; but Neville is oddly silent. Just like his criticism of the Glaziers seems to have gone silent.

What is interesting is any criticism of Neville’s comments was hidden by Sky Sports News Twitter account.

It shows a worrying trend of censorship by Sky Sports

They are happy their presenters criticising and abusing, inviting pundits on with a history of abuse. Employing an ex-player who spat at a fan. But if you criticise their pundits, call them out for being wrong, they will censor you

Finally we have Danny Mills.

Back in July, Mills questioned why Ben White had joined Arsenal.

“I think he’s better than Arsenal right now,” Mills told talkSPORT.

“I just wonder what his ambitions are. I’m surprised bigger and better clubs with more of a chance to win something haven’t come in for him.”

Then on Sky Sports News he states that he is unsure about the signing, that it is underwhelming and White does not improve the Arsenal team.

This is what happens when you do not actually share an opinion. When everything you say is to suit an agenda and you basically make up an opinion for hits, clicks and RTs. You end up eventually contradicting that opinion.

So Mills on one hand says White is too good for Arsenal, and then on the other that he does not improve Arsenal.

Each day a new pundit, presenter, journalist or ex-player criticises Arsenal, more and more fans stand up and call out their bullshit.

Between these pundits and the YouTubers, Arsenal fans are coming together. Becoming more united. The agendas are becoming clear and obvious and more and more are calling them out.

They know their days are numbered.

I look forward to fans sharing their opinions of them with them at Norwich. But then they will claim the victim…



14 thoughts on “Arsenal Fans Unite Against Media

  1. Brad

    But most is true.
    We are a mess.
    Stop thinking the media has an agenda against us.
    It’s as bad as some thinking refs are against us.
    There is a reason we get yellow and red cards and it’s not the refs against us.
    It’s because of tackles, fouls from players like Chambers, Holding, Xhaka and Mari etc.
    They are so slow and the only way they can stop anymore mostly is by fouling them.
    Especially one on one.


  2. @TosJ10

    No one invites anyone to join gooners or eavesdrop on our happenings, strength or otherwise.
    The journalist are making fun of us but I’m certain that “The Good Time Will Come Surely”….
    Only then would we get to know how awful they will be. Watch out!


  3. Bill

    At the end of the day, anything any of them say is just an opinion. Even Paul Merson spouts shit most of the time but still, it’s only his opinion. It means nothing and almost certainly won’t happen.
    Stop watching them and it won’t upset you as much.


  4. Sean Vassallo

    When everything you say is to suit an agenda and you basically make up an opinion for hits, clicks and RTs. You end up even

    Kind of like what you people did to Wenger. Hypocritical bastards. It’s us against the media now…yeah right pity you didn’t have this kind of mentality to stick up for Wenger.


    1. Didrik Plehn

      Yes, they have got what they asked for. Many tried to warned them about the consequences but they knew better and didn’t listen. Now it’s history and we need to stick together. Arsenal need our support not more negativity. It will take time to make us a title contenders, our main objective this season should be top six 🔴⚪️


  5. junkt

    the press were back against the arsenal in 1971, lucky arsenal blah blah. danny mills should of been sacked many a time for the hypocritical rubbish he spouts about us. the ginger twat at 1600 reckons bergkamp was an average player, the invincivbles were nothing, i no longer listen to talkrubbish. it just isnt worth it. yes, we are a club that are not doing well, but most fans can see we have tried this summer with a plan. and if pundits cant see it, they dont want to see it. even my tottering mates reckon durham is a total idiot for what he spouts about us. best advert for radio 5 drive. and lets get behind the club, the new signings, and help get the club back where we want.


  6. Didrik Plehn

    It’s about time, they are writing or saying whatever just to get attention and clickbait. It seems like the media want to make controversies and conflicts.


  7. Andrew Anastasiou

    Great article 100% agree can I just add the ridiculousness that is Paul Merson claiming he could do a better job as Director of Football and Chris Sutton”s mad what have we got for our money comment. Our fans get sucked by this and join the moaning and criticism with season barely started. It’s clear our strategy has changed first was using Edu’s agent contacts which didn’t work now MA’S influence has changed this let’s see what happens come on The Arsenal


  8. Paul

    Brilliant article. Hit the nail on the head here, especially with regard to strategy. I would’ve thought the consistency was clear and the fact that weaknesses from last year (eg. losing Tierney and playing Xhaka left back) were clear.

    Don’t even get me started on the ‘journalists’ whose articles come from trawling Twitter for the most negative comments and then relay them saying ‘look what ALL Arsenal fans think!’


  9. Dave

    Totally agree. Please let us not forget Martin Keown, who pleaded with Arteta to play martinelli through the middle and when he did, suggested he should be playing his senior players. Every contradiction he says , he uses the world “puzzled”, well he certainly puzzles me


  10. Johnno

    Spot on about censorship, there`s a creeping move towards authoritarianism happening at the minute. I`ve had a load of comments taken down because they might hurt some sad little soft cunts feelings. In fact, I believe one of my comments got taken down on this site just the other day which surprised me a bit. As for the wankers in the media, they`ve always hated The Arse. The North West is traditionally the powerhouse of football in this country and they love to pop the biggest, the classiest, the most traditional and the most historic club in the Capital. The London media hate us because there`s a certain group of people over represented in that industry. Take a look at their surnames and you`ll be able to guess who they support. That`s why a certain club from London have always been the medias darling despite not winning the league since pussy was a kitten. In the old days, The Arsenal would have used this to our advantage and pinned all the negative press reports on the dressing room walls. We need to build up a similar `them against us` mentality right now because we are under siege. Lets see if we do.


  11. ClockEndRider

    About time too. I’m sick of the constant anti-Arsenal tone across the media. It’s like we’ve been selected by the media for the role of the pantomime villain. Nobody else makes a bad signing, has a bad game etc etc. Football has become part of the entertainment industry and hence everything is a story.And this opens up opportunities for no-mark footballing third raters like Danny Mills and Jermaine Jeans to earn a fortune for spouting lines they have been fed by the networks for whom they work. Merson is different. He’s just an idiot who has spunked all his money and will do anything to scramble a few quid together as a result. Personally, I just prefer the sport.



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