Death, taxes and Emiliano Martinez talking about The Arsenal

Is Emiliano Martinez the most boring fan in football?

It is now becoming so predictable.

There’s an international break and out trots Martinez in another interview to talk about Arsenal again.

I will begin by defending Martinez a bit. He can only answer the questions he is asked. And if a journalist is asking him about Arsenal, he can politely answer.

It probably shows how gargantuan Arsenal are that on every international break, journalists want to ask him about Arsenal and not Aston Villa.

Very few in England, let alone Argentina care about the 2nd club in England’s 2nd city.

This time it was some bollocks about him not wanting to join Arsenal in the first place.

A fair enough comment considering he was 18 when he joined us; and had to uproot himself from his family to move to a new continent.

But ultimately it was his decision and if Arsenal as as bad as he made out, why did he sign 3 or 4 contracts?

Only the most agenda driven Arsenal fans still side with Martinez – those that would agree with any critical comment about the club regardless of who says it. The “anti-fan”.

The majority call Martinez out for what he is. An obsessed, disgruntled former lover.

Let’s remember, Arsenal wanted Martinez to sign a new deal. He was promised that he would start the season as number one. He wanted a guarantee that he would remain number one.

Football clubs can not issue those guarantees. Especially to a player with just 15 Premier League starts to his name. So he left.

So good was he at Arsenal that when it came to him leaving – for a £20million price tag that was considered a steal – it was only Aston Villa that were in for him.

Villa finished that season 17th. 1 point off relegation.

According to some, “Martinez was the best keeper in the league last season” before “being key as Argentina won the Copa America”. And yet he is still at Villa.

Maybe his bitterness comes from regret?

Taking into account Bernd Leno’s form, Martinez would have started as number one and probably remained it for the entire of last season. Then this season he probably would have been given the number one jersey.

Instead he jumped ship and hoped after a good season a top club would come in for him again. No one came knocking.

There was talk at the beginning of the summer that Barcelona wanted to bring him in, reuniting with Lionel Messi. That was never going to happen.

So Martinez is now 29. His chances of ever being a regular number one at a top club dwindling. The best he can hope for is Aston Villa stay up and then in 3 years time, when his contract runs out, a top club sees him as a viable, cheap, home grown option as number two.

Maybe he will even return to Arsenal to cover Aaron Ramsdale.

For now, Martinez needs to stay quiet. Concentrate on his football, and stop obsessing about The Arsenal.

I look forward to his autobiography.



4 thoughts on “Death, taxes and Emiliano Martinez talking about The Arsenal

  1. SM

    “The majority call Martinez out for what he is. An obsessed, disgruntled former lover.”

    This sentence/article blows my mind. Most Arsenal fans call out Arsenal for selling our best goalkeeper last summer. That’s why we spent most of this summer trying to repair the damage for that mistake, and it ended up costing us more money.

    What exactly did Martinez do wrong when he was given a chance? He guided us impressively to a FA cup win and was exemplary in the PL. He had every right to stake the claim to the number one shirt, especially as Leno had been found out that season with mistakes against Watford and a massive howler versus Chelsea that cost us the game.

    I completely disagree with the tone of this article, the bitterness comes from Arsenal if anyone.

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    1. Nze Ama

      Well Martinez wanted a guarantee that he will be number one keeper for the season. Why, because he performed well enough during the time he kept for us. It is not bad to demand for the number one but it was wrong for number one for the whole season. You don’t demand for that but you can earn it by your performance. Then if Manager refuse to give it to you, fans will even fight for you. He may still keep for us in the future.


      1. SM

        And his performances merited being number 1? It was soo obvious he was a better option than Leno. Had we granted his wish we could have sold Leno this summer. As things stand Leno will now leave on a free next summer and its cost us even more money to replace Martinez. Great work Arteta/Edu.

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