1-nil to The Arsenal…AGAIN

Games against Burnley are never pretty.

Every year since I can remember there has been a Premier League team that plays “anti-football”.

From Bolton to Blackburn, Stoke City and now Burnley.

Sides that play a physical game, often committing challenges that are let go by the referee. Their aim is to stop their opponents beating them by all means possible rather than winning a game themselves.

They do not concede many, and score even less.

Burnley rarely lose by more than a single goal, so it was not a surprise that the game finished 1-nil.

They do not play the way they do due to necessity – plenty of teams with similar budgets play much better football. They play the way they do by choice.

Sean Dyche is in the box with the likes of Tony Pullis and Sam Allardyce where losing 1-nil is considered a good result.

And like with Pullis and Allardyce, Dyche is always quick to point to being mistreated by the officials to excuse a defeat.

On Saturday Burnley we’re awarded a penalty. It was overturned by a combination of VAR and Anthony Taylor.

The correct decision was made – Aaron Ramsdale got a huge chunk of the ball before the Burnley striker went over his out stretched foot.

Dyche, in his post game comments, still managed to complain.

He someone managed to make a point that even though he agreed the referee got it right, it was not as clear and obvious enough for VAR to intervene.

I have no idea what medication Dyche is on but would advise the nurse up his dose.

So it was a solid victory for us, won by a fantastic free kick by Martin Odergaard.

Burnley offered very little and what they did offer – high balls into the box – Arsenal dealt with it well.

Ramsdale was commanding in his box, claiming everything. Whilst Gabriel showed the monster of the defender he came became.

A lot has been made about Ben White’s deficiencies in the air – something that was rarely mentioned when at Leeds United or Brighton – but he was never exposed. In fact it was with the ball at his foot that led to the error that saw Burnley awarded a penalty.

2 wins from 2 since the international break. 2 clean sheets. Both 1-nil victories. We slowly build.

Up next Wimbledon in the League Cup before Spurs next Sunday.

Up The Arsenal.



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