0-0 a disappointing result but not a disaster

Are we at the point now where everytime we do not win a game we are going to see an overreaction from fans?

Saturday was a horrendous game.

Neither team played particularly well or looked like winning the game. Just 2 shots on target combined. It was a tough game to watch.

For those fans that went, they would have returned home cold, wet and demoralised.

Brighton in the sunshine is a fantastic place. In torrential rain it is one of the worst towns in Britain. And anyone that has been to their new ground will know it is one of the worst away trips going.

For those that do not know, Brighton’s ground is not actually in Brighton but in a small village outside of Brighton called Falmer.

That means when you get to Brighton, you still have to get another train to make your way to Falmer.

At the final whistle it can take up to an hour to get yourself on a train back to Brighton.

With the weather we had Saturday, being forced to either queue outside the station or standing on an exposed train platform is not a nice experience.

Add this into a limp Arsenal performance and you can understand why fans that went are calling it “one of the worst away days I have been too”.

But despite all the circumstances, the result and weather does not justify the fall out I saw after the game.

If you are going to put yourself into a pit of despair every time Arsenal do not win, then it is going to be a very long season for you..

In fact, if that is your mindset, then maybe sport is not for you – Arsenal will fail to win as much as they do win.

Then there is the weird group of Arsenal incels who seemed to get more joy from Arsenal failing to win then they did when Arsenal beat Tottenham.

These fans have spent the week being negative about the sides victory in the North London Derby. Saying we shouldn’t celebrate the win. But then there they are celebrating Arsenal not winning a game.

This is a really odd group of Arsenal anti-fans that get no joy from Arsenal winning.

I saw Arteta Out trending on Twitter after the game and it just baffles me. It is simply over-reactionary.

Brighton look a good team this season. Just a single defeat to Everton in the opening 7 games. Only Chelsea and Liverpool had conceded less.

Anyone that thought we would turn up a d role them over the as deluded.

Graham Potter has got them set up well. Hard to beat. Well organised and strong at the back.

With their back 3 turning into a back 5, they will be very hard to break down this season.

It is disappointing to not win the game, and we did not play well. Bit drawing 0-0 away to Brighton in those weather conditions is not really that bad a result.

So some advice.

If Arsenal drawing a game sends you into the pit of despair, then maybe it is time you found a new hobby.



5 thoughts on “0-0 a disappointing result but not a disaster

  1. James Duffy

    Obviously a bit of a disappointment after the highs of the previous week at the Emirates . A game i went to and thoroughly enjoyed the football the atmosphere and of course the result.
    I’m not surprised at some of the reactions of some fans especially if you only visit away games. Miserable weather and miserable football, not a great combination. All said and done a point gained and a clean sheet . Well done young Ramsdale !. Looking forward to the Palace game on the 18th as myself and Ellie are of to the game and would be a great birthday present for the 14th .
    Let’s hope the weather holds up.


  2. Uwot?

    A fair commentary on the match & current situation with regards to the polarisation of fans views.We live in an age of instant gratification demanded by millennials who have no idea at what so ever of what constitutes a process or team building.They cannot accept it.Therefore expect magnificent football & wins every week.Regardless of opposition,injuries,conditions,refs,var you name it.Just win.That’s it.


    1. Johnno

      Spot on. You only have to look towards Africa to see what instant gratification brings. Its the only area where low IQ people score highly. Unfortunately, The Arsenal have a lot of such followers these days.


      1. Aitcho

        You only have to look towards Africa to see how European colonialism was, and still is, a blight on this world.
        Perhaps if Europeans had curbed their own instant gratification they could have chosen to work rather than steal people and resources.
        There are universities in Africa older than most European countries built when Europeans were still sh*tting in the streets, burning witches and curing common colds with leeches.

        Low IQ indeed. Mediocre white men are the worst.


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