Saliba now ready to fulfil his potential

I’ve seen some fans try and continue arguments over William Saliba online.

Saliba has progressed brilliantly over the last two years and will now give Mikel Arteta a 3rd option at centre back.

The Frenchman has been solid during pre-season and with Arsenal set to play 50+ games will get plenty of game time.

But just because he is now becoming a top player, does not mean that we should criticise the club.

Saliba was signed as a raw teenager. He was clearly not ready. A rough diamond that needed shining.

We were not in a position to give him the 30+ games a season that he needed to iron out his issues. So sent him on loan.

There is a false argument being created by some.

“You didn’t rate him” they cry – the fans have also supported Guendouzi over the last few years and it is probably a hangover from Mesut Ozil being blown out of Arsenal.

But very few, if any, Arsenal fans questioned his potential. Many, like me, merely said he was not ready.

He wasn’t ready 2 seasons ago. He wasn’t ready last summer.

Now, at 21-years-old, with his first full season of senior football under his belt, he Saliba is ready.

Saliba is ready to now play Premier League football week in week out.

And rather than criticising the club for taking his development slow we should be praising them.

Those criticising the club actually hoped Saliba would not sign a new deal. That he would leave.

These fellas are more interesting pushing their anti-Arsenal agenda (grown out of Ozil) than supporting the club they claim to be a fan of.

Saliba still has a way to go to be considered world class. He is not yet Virgil van Dijk. He probably is not yet even as good as Ben White or Gabriel.

But we can start getting more excited over the talent we have on our hands.

We knew we potentially had a top, top player on our hands. And he is now ready to fullfill hit potential.



3 thoughts on “Saliba now ready to fulfil his potential

  1. Wicked Willy

    I find it so odd the so called fans who seem to get some kind of perverse pleasure out picking apart every move by the management team. And how they can’t see that the aforementioed players had serious attitude problems is beyond me….maybe its because they themselves have an attitude problem?



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