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Arsenal Songs – 49 49 Undefeated…..49 49 I Say…..

What a song, what a day

I’m sure you have seen some of the videos or heard some of the fans talk about the away section at Shite Hart Lane on Sunday. To say the Arsenal away fans were magnificent is a massive understatement.
We didn’t stop singing throughout the game from the first minute to the last.

There isn’t many occasions I have still been in a ground 20 minutes after the final whistle, in fact there was only two of them. One of them was Old Trafford where fans stayed singing after a defeat for around 15-20 minutes and the other was on Sunday when a new song emerged, a song I have been waiting 10 years for.

As a supporter group our songs have always been fairly decent, I wouldn’t say we are as creative as Liverpool or Man United or others, whose songs always seem to be original and new, but we’ve always had enough to sing about and made some pretty decent ones along the way. Some of our songs about old players are great and we have some good classic traditional songs too.
When your team goes a season unbeaten and wins the league in that season I would’ve said that was something to sing about but the song just never came. People made some up and tried to get them going, and some of them were very good but they just didn’t take off and so one of our clubs greatest achievements wasn’t being celebrated as much as it should have been by the fans.

I don’t know who made the song up before Sunday but for some reason it just seemed like the time to go for it. Every fan in the away end made it their own and sung it non stop, to the extent that we stayed inside for 20 minutes after the whistle continuing to make as much noise as possible. Some fans in the boxes after the whistle were even clapping us!

I can only thank the person who made it, and if you know who it was please let me know as this song has been 10 years in the making and I must say, it was worth the wait.

You can watch my video of the song at the end of the game here

49 49 Undefeated
49 49 I Say
49 49 Undefeated
Playing Football The Arsenal Way……

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