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Protest planned at Arsenal v WBA over ticket price rises

Upcoming Protest: WBA – 4th May

Next Sunday (4th May), we will be taking action outside the Directors Entrance before the West Brom game to let the custodians know our feelings on the upcoming ticket price rise. We’ll be meeting at 12:30pm by Bear Roundabout (opposite the Armoury) & ask all like minded Arsenal fans to join us in this protest which is related solely to 3% increase and against Stan Kroenke.

We are not protesting against Arsenal, because we the fans are Arsenal. We are protesting against a greedy billionaire owner who has done nothing but take advantage of the supporters. To quote a better American by the name of Thomas Jefferson – ‘the truest form patriotism is dissent’

Despite Premier League clubs receiving extra TV revenue of up to 70%, Stan Kroenke has decided to continue to hit the fans with the highest ticket prices in world football. It’s believed that Arsenal have a cash surplus of £100 million. If anything, prices should be going down – not up. Maintaining the status quo on ticket pricing would be bad enough – as it’s already too high for too many hard up Arsenal supporters. In recent years the traditional fan base has been priced out and cast aside to be replaced by the affluent. Those diehard fans which have stayed on are making a sacrifice to their finances, that is now close to breaking point.

So to increase the prices by a further 3% is an abomination and must be met with visible resistance at the stadium. Despite having billions in his account, Stan Kroenke is a man so tight fisted that many of his US workers at Walmart are on food stamps. If there is no resistance to his greed, then it vindicates any decision to increase ticket prices especially when the stadium sells out. If we don’t tell the club they are wrong to increase prices, then why shouldn’t they feel justified in making us pay more?

Succeed or fail, it’s time to take action and make a stand. Whether it’s 1000 of us or 10 of us, we go out on our shield. Whether we win or lose, we can say that we made a stand for our club whilst others sided with apathy.

Our protest is unrelated to how good or bad the team is doing. Even if we were European Champions we would take this action because Arsenal fans are being priced out by billionaires, of whose bellies are more than full.

Up the Arsenal