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FIVE stats that will make Spurs fans feel uncomfortable

Arsene Wenger has 476 Premier League wins; Tottenham 468 – This despite Wenger not managing in the Premier League until its 5th year, leaving The Arsenal 3 seasons ago. Makes you wonder why Spurs fans chanted “Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay”.

It has now been 4669 days Tottenham won the league – That is over 51 years; is there anyone still alive who saw them lift the trophy?

It has also been 21 years since they won the FA Cup – Their 1991 took them to a record breaking 8 FA Cups. The Arsenal were on 7. The Arsenal now have 14. Spurs still 7.

And 12 years without a trophy – In the last 12 years, many would claim Tottenham have had the better of The Arsenal. But in that time The Arsenal have won 4 trophies; Spurs zero. It is also 8 v 4 in Arsenal’s favour when it comes to finishing higher in the league; proof that even in The Arsenal’s bad times, North London is still red.

Sol Campbell is still their most successful captain in the modern era – In the last 30 years, no captain has won more trophies than the League Cup Sol Campbell lead his side to in 1999. 3 years later he won the double. At The Arsenal.