Arsenal fans commemorate the move from South to North London

It’s not often that you live to see your beloved club celebrate such a prestigious event such as 100 years in the manor which brought all their successes. On Friday September 6th, Arsenal fans will be brought together to commemorate the club’s move from Plumstead to Highbury, (or more broadly ‘South to North London’).

This unique day will begin at 3pm when Gooners will congregate at the Dial Arch restaurant & bar. The Dial Arch is located where the 1st Woolwich Arsenal team met, in Dial Square, whilst working in the Royal Gun Factory. They were very highly skilled in their job. Arsenal fans will get to see where it all began as well as enjoy a delightful lunch and talk about their own memories of The Arsenal.

The Gunners faithful will then move on to travel and emulate the journey which took place 100 years ago, from South London, to Highbury. At 7pm a brief visit to the former Highbury stadium, now Highbury Square, will be followed by a private event at The Gunners Pub on Blackstock Road, where all proceeds will be donated to a chosen charity. Celebrations will go long into the evening, also containing a guest DJ, Kiss FM frequenter Mike Delinquent of The Arsenal Horse, who organised these September 6th celebrations with Una & Andy from The Gunners Pub.

“I think it’s important for fans to remember where we started and what we have become. This club is special and has a wonderful history. What better way to celebrate the 100 years in Islington by making the exact journey our previous team did, all those years ago.” Mike said.

Mike, real name Michael Panteli, is a a lifelong Gooner and also contributes to new blog The Arsenal Horse (@TheArsenalHorse) with Gunners buddy Paul Hewett, who have both been to memorable Highbury matches over the years.

It promises to be quite a day for die hard Gooners, it’s expected to be a fun day! Make sure you’re there!

Special thanks to Andy Kelly & Mark Andrews.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal fans commemorate the move from South to North London

  1. paul

    I have researched the manor and invita grounds in the past. The manor ground to the imediate east of the bus garage no longer remains and was replaced by light industrial units that are approx 100years old. I compared os maps of the time in greenwich councils offices and none of the buildings remain. There are remains of the invita ground terracing inthe gardens of properties 5 mins walk from the manor ground which might be of interest as the garden is adjacent to the highway and you can look over the wall into the garden!


  2. Grey Mace

    Sir Henry Norris was our saviour ( NOT arsene wenger like many seem to believe)who saved the club from liquidation…although he did try to merge the club with Fulham…There is an a sectarian undertone to the move. The ground on which Highbury was built on was owned by the catholic church, who asked that the club don’t play on Christmas Day!….This angered Tott*nham Hots*urs as they felt this done in spite and due to their Jewish background.



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