Ramifications of Bale Deal to Benefit Arsenal in the Future

The relationship that Spurs and Madrid have had for the past two years has helped weaken AFC’s long hated neighbor and without intention benefited Arsenal, but it’s not over. Bale’s arrival in the Spanish capital has set off a series of unintended events that may haunt the small club down the road for years to come.

The dressing room at the Bernabeu has long since been divided, those for and against Mourinho, for and against Ronaldo, for and against X player (take your pick). One thing that they have galvanized themselves on is all against Bale, and all against the departure of Özil.

The established internationals and for the most part, world class players, haven’t had as much success on the pitch as they would have liked to this point with the assembly of talent at the club and that’s been down to being so divided off of it but several times during the last few days, players have come out to share their disappointment in seeing a perceived and actual world class talent like Özil leave and seeing a potential talent like Bale come in, and it goes deeper than that.

As told to me, the dressing room resent the weekly wages the unproven player will command during the length of his contract while more established and proven world class players like Ronaldo, Ramos, etc. were all seeking extensions to their contracts with better pay and were all rejected. Özil also fits into that category of world class player that wanted an extension with better pay. Now they have an unproven player with them that is being paid more than their perennial star Ronaldo and themselves and all of them are not too please. Let the fireworks begin.

How does this benefit Arsenal? Florentino Perez has a great admiration for Wenger who he has tried to pry away from Arsenal three times in the last decade. This admiration helped lead him to make a promise that he would not accept any other offers for Özil after problems arose into the separate deals for Higuain and Di Maria. Perez is a man that likes to deal with the familiar; he would rather lose money and maintain an outward appearance of grace than to sully himself, his club and his reputation over money. Levy’s actions on the Bale deal, then his actions on deadline day trying to stop the Özil deal and the subsequent press clippings regarding both has sat badly with Perez I’m told. That admiration for Arsenal and Arsene in particular along with Özil being at the club and the class shown by Arsenal to keep things quiet can and will now lead to similar transfer opportunities coming out of the Bernabeu.

The divide that this deal has caused in both the arrival of Bale and the sale of Özil will cause more departures at Real Madrid. There is a flurry of activity at the Bernabeu even now – as they are dealing with the agents of players who wanted a re-negotiation and extensions of their contracts and those that were not thinking of it before but now feel compelled to do so after realizing the new arrival’s wages. Perez needs a new partner, who is financially sound, has class to match his own and is attractive enough to persuade his disenchanted stars to make a move after they’ve used up their usefulness marketing-wise at the Bernabeu. Lest we forget that appearances there are just as important as on the field results. You can see that with the several overhauls of teams that Madrid has gone through the years and it has always benefited other clubs. With the class shown by Arsenal in this situation and the seemingly new willingness to spend on top talent; Arsenal are now on the inside looking out – at last. Thanks Levy, you did Arsenal a huge favor. Again.

Gooner in Barcelona

99 thoughts on “Ramifications of Bale Deal to Benefit Arsenal in the Future

  1. Akhil (@Gunner95)

    Now that Bale has gone there , there could be more departures. If he plays on right wing Di Maria wont be happy. If he plays on left wing and CR7 plays upfront , Benzema won’t be happy. I think Ozil wont be the only Real Madrid player joining Arsenal. Come January , we might see another world class player at Arsenal

  2. SuperSpurs

    I love the way you blur the line between reality and fiction in your article. Spurs have a much stronger squad with more depth than the Woolwich Wanderers can even dream of right now. Well done you signed Ozil, as good as he will be for you, he won’t solve the problems that have plagued you during your 8 trophyless years in the wilderness.

    Sanogo and Flamini? Don’t make me laugh, Wenger has effectively signed ONE player and he’s well and truly pulled the wool over your collective eyes. Make the most of the Champions League this season because it’s the last time you’ll be in it for a long time. Ozil won’t stick around for long either when 6th is the best you can ever hope for, even Liverpool are better than you now.

    Congrats on your derby win, even though you only just scraped through. Never seen us dominate the ball against you on your own turf like that before, when our new players are up to speed you won’t stand a chance.

    1. BWSpur

      Agreed. The NLD came too soon for a new look spurs side lacking the creativity that Eriksen and Lamela have been bought to provide. Ozil is a fantastic player and doubtless improves their squad, but their main issue recently has been defensively – all this will do is push Cazorla out wide and mean only one of Rosicky, Wilshere or Ramsey can play at any one time (once Arteta is back). The NLD was tight and we bossed possession at the Emirates – with most of it being in their half. We just lacked a creative spark. As you say, once our players gel, our all-round squad is stronger and that should be a big factor in a 60 game season…

    2. karis

      Congraturations…..6 points without having to score a single open goal. The over 100 pounds you spent was a complete waste.

      1. SuperSpurs

        You’re still talking about shaddows? Really? 8 years after you last won something.

        Bragging about 4th place and shaddows is the equivalent of bragging to a woman about having a one inch wang.

      2. BWSpur

        Exactly – any rational Arsenal fan can admit there is literally nothing between us recently…how many seasons has it come down to the last day? And you could argue last season we had two of our best defensive players out nearly all year in Sandro and Kaboul, which would have made the difference. Still, let them cling to the (distant) past, while we look to the future…

      3. Tim

        And SuperSpurs, what is the quivalent of bragging about absolutely f*cking nothing? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

        Things may not have been rosy at The Arsenal these past few years, but they sure beat what you’ve been able to achieve over at the Swamp.

        BWSpur, “literally nothing between us” would mean there is literally nothing between us. It would mean you wouldn’t have to follow it up with “how many seasons has it come down to the last day?…” followed by the typical excuses.

        If there was literally nothing between us you would have finished ahead of us by now.

      4. Tim

        Oh, and BW… “distant past?”

        Was Sunday’s match the distant past? How about the 2012-13 season? You know, the last season on record.

        Why oh why do you do it to yourselves?

      5. SuperSpurs

        Didn’t come here to brag Tim, I came here to point out that the article is a load of made up bollocks. Not my fault you lot start going on about shaddows. Seems to me that a one point gap doesn’t cast a very big shaddow, am I wrong?

        Well done for being better than us over the last however many years it’s been (too many), but if you know your history then you’ll know that it’s not always been this way and every team goes through difficult times.

        We’ve still managed to win a trophy every decade, how many other clubs can say the same? And in your 8 years of doing nothing at all* we have at least won the league cup, beating Chelsea in the final. Your lot might dismiss it but then why were your players so gutted when you lost in the final to Birmingham?

        If you honestly think you’re that far ahead of us, it will just come as more of a shock when we do eventually knock you off your 4th place perch.

        * I assume you don’t count the Emirates Cup as a trophy?

      6. BWSpur

        By “cling to the distant past” I was referring to all your “mind the gap” bollocks, when any sensible fan can admit Spurs have been on a par with Arsenal for the last few seasons. Arsenal fans always pull out stats about how many league titles and cups you’ve won to “prove” you have the better team – past cups mean nothing, and especially not when they are eight years (and counting!) ago! You beat us 1-0 at your ground (and, as YOUR manager said – when a team has a lot of new signings it can take a while for them to gel and play well); congratulations. We beat you at WHL last year. Did that make us better in your eyes? Of course not – you’re a hypocrite, and a typical biased Arsenal fan who is too stubborn to admit that there has been pretty much nothing between Spurs and Arsenal for a few years now.

      7. Tim

        To both of you:

        Before it was “literally nothing” between us. Now it’s “pretty much nothing.” We’re making progress here. Pat yourselves on the back. (You did then say “we’re on par” but, hey, I’m trying to be positive here)

        In the 8 seasons since we won a trophy, you’ve come close on 3 occasions. Too close for our liking. Of that, there is no doubting. But so f*cking what? In what world does coming close in 3 out of 8 seasons mean you’re on par with us or anywhere near it? You won the Carling Cup 5 years ago. Congratulations. Despite the fact that we play a team of mostly kids in that competition I’m not even taking away from that as an achievement. But everyone knows the league is the true test of quality. Wigan won the FA Cup last season FFS. And at any rate, your one Carling Cup pales miserably in comparison Arsene Wenger having won the FA Cup more times than any other manager. After all, he is our current manager.

        But back to coming close 3 times in 8 seasons…

        Again, there’s no denying that we had to work to finish above you in those 3 seasons, but is the quality as close as you’re making it out to be?

        Arsenal’s league goal differential in comparison to Spurs for the 8 seasons since we won a trophy:

        + 15
        + 20
        + 16
        + 31
        + 38
        + 25
        + 22

        So on one occasion you were able to achieve the same goal differential as we did, and the other 7 times it wasn’t even close.

        And it doesn’t even need mentioning that you’ve failed to finish above us.

        You can say “1 point!” “1 point!” “1 point!” all you want but the gap is much larger than that and you bloody well know it.

        And trying to deny that you’re in our shadow is simply laughable, and again, you bloody well know it.

      8. BWSpur

        Yes, the quality is as close as we’re making it out to be. The quality of a team isn’t measured purely by goals scored – if it were, you might not be battling for fourth every year. But the fact you’re trying so hard to convince yourself that Arsenal are such a superior team is amusing, so please do keep going…

      9. Tim

        The statistics were goal differential, not goals scored.

        And I don’t need to convince myself. The facts are there for all to see. Barring significant injuries (and more than likely even with them) it will be the same story as always come May. And, as always, all you loud mouths won’t be around to eat your crow. then you’ll be back in August as if nothing happened.

      10. BWSpur

        It just seems a bit hypocritical to me Tim…you keep saying you don’t understand where Spurs’ feeling of superiority comes from (even though most of us only say we’re pretty evenly matched, not better), yet – despite it being ridiculously tight for years now – confidently predict you’ll always finish above us! At the end of the day I agree that the point of supporting a club is to be optimistic and back your chances otherwise you may as well not bother (case in point, Liverpool fans thinking they will win the league this year), but I’m convinced that we are very even now, and – regardless of whether or not you pip us again in May – I can’t see that opinion changing. I also believe that (maybe secretly) a lot of Arsenal fans would agree with me.

      11. Tim

        Prior to Flamini and Ozil, I’ll admit I was a bit worried. But only because of our criminal lack of depth. We still lack some depth, but now that we’ve finally gone out and bought a player that our cash reserves merit, I tend to believe that more will follow. For the first time in a long time, we’re actually prepared to spend some money. If, come January, we’re not scoring goals like we should be, there’s no reason we can’t go out and get a world class striker. The money is there, and now the top assist man in the world is there.

        And, look, as for confidence, I’m only confident that we’ll finish above you this season. I’m not confident that we’ll win the league!

      12. BWSpur

        On the flipside, I was the same – before you signed those two (and even after Flamini and Sunday, but before Ozil) I was confident our squad could nic kmore points than yours over a 38 game season. Ozil has dented that confidence somewhat but, ultimately, if my hopes for Spurs are bigger than Arsenal – I couldn’t care less (Ok, maybe a tiny bit) if you finish above us, as long as we progress by getting top four.

        One thing I will say – Arsenal deserve a lot of respect for the way they’ve got to where they have. They may have spent £42.5m net, but it’s THEIR money. The club are run correctly, and – along with Spurs – are one of maybe five teams in the premier league that actually operate within their means. Spurs have been putting revenue aside for a few years now with the aim of using less debt (i.e. the savings route rather than the mortgage route – both legitimate approaches) so I’m hoping that in a decade it will still be a great Spurs-Arsenal rivalry that comes down to the last day, but the prize will be the league title, and not 4th place…

      1. BWSpur

        Firstly, you don’t know when I was born. Secondly, I don’t know who you’re quoting. Thirdly, you’re a tit.

  3. Ben

    Wow. I mean I’m a Gooner and even I think this is a completely hopeful, biased load of BS…Real Madrid did not sell to Arsenal because they considered them to have “class” or because Perez admires Wenger! He sold because they needed to shift a player to recoup some cash and Arsenal came in with £42.5m in cash for a player Ancelotti clearly doesn’t consider to be key to his plans! Yes, the Madrid model does tend to cut loose a lot of quality players, but in the new world of FFP they will be sold to whoever provides the most money – not, whoever they think “has the most class”.

    1. Nycgunner

      Lets not forget PSG n ManUre were sniffing about (actually they offered ozil to man united n they declined.nice, moyes). We can say its a given psg offered more money which lends credence to this theory.

      1. BWSpur

        Apparently United did come in as well, but too late. Not sure if that’s true though. PSG also apparently came in – but Arsenal offered more money (according to G Ballague)…

  4. ManUtdChris

    Spurs a small club? Bale unproven? My guess is your an Arsenal fan? and as deluded as the rest of them by the looks of it. I haven’t read such a biased article for years. Well done on the NLD resilt but I think it’s time to wake up. Spurs are casting the bigger shadow now. I even fear that united may finish below them this year. City and Chelsea are the only real title challengers this year unless man u spend a lot in jan or Spurs world class talent starts to gel.

  5. Jc

    Lol that spurs fan is a dick Yours right never Seen have possesion in second half and couldnt do nothing with it apart from hoofing it into are penalty area to try and force something signs of desperassion spuds will always be behind us no matter who you buy arsenal always get better loooool flamini better than your whole midfeild coyg

    1. SuperSpurs

      Keep telling yourself that untill you truly believe it. It might give you a bit of comfort before reality sets in around April when you’re 6th/7th in the League and out of all the cups.

      We’re Spurs, North London is ours. We were here beofre you and we’ll be here long after you’re gone. Traveling nomads.

      1. John

        Don’t make me laugh mate. You Lilywhites were formed in 1882 and the Gooners in 1886. What separates the two clubs? Its not the age of the two clubs because its just four years. Arsenal has been the more successful as far as history is concerned. They have never been relegated and they have a stadium that is larger and much better. They have made the Champions League a mainstay. maybe you never noticed but the Gooners last lost in march and then again when the the season begun. Tottenham has improved a lot but you can be sure that there will be some signings in January and its just two or three more players that Arsenal need. We are here for the long haul and we will start winning trophies.

      2. SuperSpurs

        John, who is talking about the dates the clubs were founded? We were here before you…. In North London, our home. You lot turned up from Woolwich, learn your history.

      3. SuperSpurs

        NYC Gunner, you’re a plastic fan and probably can’t even name the players in your team. You should be supporting the Red Bulls.

      4. Tim

        You actually weren’t in North London before Arsenal. You were a Middlesex club until the borders were re-drawn and you became a London club in 1963. Not to mention that if your club had it your way and West Ham didn’t trump you, you’d be on your way to Stratford.

        And please do keep going with the “this is the year we’ll finish above you” bravado. It just gets funnier and funnier and funnier every year. Honestly, how many times do you need to have egg all over your ugly faces before you learn?

        Enjoy your 100 million plus worth of non world class players that haven’t managed to score from open play in over 270 minutes of Premier League play. Enjoy your Thursday nights in the arctic circle against teams whose names you can’t pronounce. Enjoy your excuses, and your excuses on top of excuses. And most of all, enjoy those wonderful delusions of grandeur that you’ve held for as long as I can remember.

    2. BWSpur

      Haha…the middlesex stuff again! God knows what loser researched that to try to win the argument on a technicality. The fundamental point is the same (as you well know) – Spurs were local to the area we all know as North London WAY before Arsenal. Argue semantics about county lines all you want – you’re only embarrassing yourselves.

      1. Tim

        Wasn’t it you who was throwing around the phrase “distant past” in this thread? You’re banging on about something that happened long before you were born. The fact that you say we’re only embarrassing ourselves after you lot use this interloper nonsense as the one trump card you have over us speaks for itself.

        I could honestly give a f*ck about who was in North London first. I’m more concerned about which club made North London its own.

      2. BWSpur

        Yes, I said you guys can focus on the distant past all you want after one of the other gooners was listing trophies from a decade ago. I then replied to you as you brought up the ridiculous technicality of county lines – again, I wasn’t “banging on” about anything, and didn’t bring either topic up, simply replied to both. In both my message was consistent – saying we should focus on the present.

        Personally I agree with you – who gives a shit who was where first. But I disagree that you made North London your own, as there is no possible way to qualify the statement! Two teams reside there, neither has more or less claim than the other to “owning” the area – we just happen to have stadiums close by and enjoy the rivalry. Anyone who says it is anything more or less than that is a prat.

  6. Jc

    Lol how many times do stupid spuds have to be reminded arsenal second best defence last season ,wheres the Problem? always gonna be jealousy with you lot arsenal are a far better footballing side than wankspuds you can only dream of being as good as us

    1. BWSpur

      You should pray one of your two brain cells don’t pack in, because you already seem to be struggling to write anything sensible…

    1. Mm

      Funny enough…so called “Big Club” Spurs haven’t scored a single goal from open play in the premiership this year. It’s like a businessman not able to invest in “Stock” to move them forward.

      They all now only talk about having a “Strong” squad. Listen guys…Stoke has a strong squad (full of henchmen-like players), but they are usually mid-table or bottom of league.

      1. BWSpur

        “It’s like businessman not able to invest in stock to move them forward”…makes no sense. Not all businessmen are investors, and not all investors invest in stock. We’re also three games in. Prat.

      2. SuperSpurs

        That’s rich coming from the traditional 1-0 specialists. But then you’re more than likely just glory hunters who jumped on the Arsenal bandwaggon just before the trophies dried up. You should have picked Man Utd or Chelsea instead as now all you have to look forward to is St Totteringham day and you’ve not even had that for the last two seasons.

        The shaddow that you like to talk about isn’t there anymore, the rest of the league sees you as a joke and has done for a while now. Do you honestly think that signing one good player is enough to keep up with the top clubs? You do make me laugh.

  7. Jc

    You dont belong you aint strong your whole Team should be playing football in french ligue 1 spuds stick out your tongue and lick arse cause you like the way it tastes first class your bunch of wanna be, X-men with no Chance i would love to just spit a whole fucking Page unfortunately i aint gotta whole fucking Day im gonna buy one player to make the ones you bought look gay say bye bye to top four while i spit in avb face.lol

    1. BWSpur

      I couldn’t get to the end of that because so much of it didn’t make any sense at all…I mean it’s borderline retarded…

  8. ric

    what a load of old baloney.. RM sold ozil simply because the Arse put up the cash..Did you hear of anyone else offering 42.5m? no.. Why would they care where the dosh comes from ,quite simply they don’t..if you think that ‘The Arse’ now have a special arrangement with them because of that then you are seriously misguided.RM will form any deal with anyone if they have the dosh..thats it..

  9. john

    how many times do you lot need telling, fact we bossed you at the emirates stadium, you played like chelski, you parked the bus, and got the result like them, but you played a bunch of players, not a team, that team understanding will come over the weeks, it will not happen overnight, our playmakers, only one played, and that was only for last 15 mins, when lamella, and eriksen settle in, we will have the power, domination, and guile, it will come, and you dont know much about football, if you dont think so, you are armchair players, not been in a real team, the nld came too early for our new team, and i would have gladly accepted a draw given our circumstances, but dawson and rose gave you a goal, they wont last long if they keep that up, i am patient along with my fellow fans, this bunch of players are going to be a very good team, oh by the way there is a reason why we have taken this huge step up, the time was right, what with gareth bale being tapped up, and his agent selling his client for a huge commision to himself, we had to move on, and we have wonderfully, and when that new stadium is built soon, we will have the best training facility, second to none, a state of the art futuristic stadium, with fantastic football players to play in it, put us down if you want, but we know it is false bravado, you beat us by one point last season, due to us not buying a striker in jan, if we had you would now be in the europa league, and in freefall, definetely no ozil, and how stupid is he, joining a club, that has a bus parade for 4th place, never winning anything, from real madrid and trophys, to arsenal and no trophys, silly man, by the way he is very prone to injuries, he wont be that great, deluded gooners.

      1. BWSpur


        Also, how is RVP YOUR match winner?! You sold him a year ago, and you’ve been papering over the cracks up front ever since…if Giroud gets injured or tired, you’re in big trouble…

      2. unclesven

        We beat you by one point last season.. Yes I know we didn’t have Rvp that is what I was reminding you off.. You are a proper spud fan, don’t know your ass from your elbow.

      3. BWSpur

        Well then you phrased the sentence wrong, I’m afraid, because regardless of what you meant that isn’t what you actually said. You edged us last season because we had an off-game at home to Fulham and because Newcastle laid down for you. You were lucky and you know it. You’re a typical, illiterate Arse fan…

      4. unclesven

        Oh wait. I think Newcastle have just equalised. Mugs haha enjoy your Thursday night football in the ropey league again lol

    1. WoodyD

      Just curious. How many times have you seen the likes of Eriksen, Lamela, Soldado, Capoue, and Paulinho play prior to their transfer to Spurs? I’m guessing your evaluation of their talents are solely based on fanboy reports, Football Mgr, etc.

      Soldado has proven that he can score from the spot and Capoue seems decidedly average. Paulinho appears to be the jewel of the bunch but was outdone by Ramsey on Sunday. Eriksen did well in the Eredivisie but that is two steps down from the EPL.

      1. BWSpur

        That’s the point, Woody…Arsenal fans have gone around writing off our new signings and saying we’ve “wasted £100m” due to a lucky 1-0 win over them, and after probably having never seen them play. I’ve watched Eriksen quite a few times as my friend lives in Amsterdam and gets cheap Ajax tickets, but I admit I’ve only seen highlights of the others, BUT I do try to do a lot of research on prospective Spurs players and I think a good indication is following local experts who watch players develop like Tim Vickery. In his opinion both Paulinho and Lamela are tailor made for the premier league, and from what I have seen – I’d tend to agree. So yes, spurs fans shouldn’t be counting their chickens, but nor should Arsenal fans be writing them off.

      2. Tim

        Eriksen looks like a steal, but as always there’s a question about players coming from Holland.

        Lamela and Paulinho should turn out to be pretty good.

        Capoue is Capoue. Decent player, nothing more. Thought Moussa Sissoko was the better of the two Toulouse DMs.

        The rest I don’t know enough about to comment.

        The point is, you spent over 100 mil (I know, I know, it was the Bale money and not net spend) and didn’t land a single world class player. Did you give yourselves strength in depth? Certainly. Did you sign anyone anywhere near as good as Mesut Ozil? Certainly not.

        You speak about squads gelling, but you saw how ours gelled at the end of last season. 26 points from the final 30 when you absolutely need every one of them is no small feat. The only reason you were close is because our squad didn’t gel in the first half of the season. Well, that and the monkey who was unveiled at the Bernabeu while the Real supporters chanted for Ozil.

        You’ve made some decent signings, but none of them make you say “wow!” And considering you sold Bale who was far and away your best player (from a team that already wasn’t as good as Arsenal) I simply don’t understand where all the bravado is coming from.

      3. BWSpur

        I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had a long day or what, but for the first time this evening, I agree with you almost 100% Tim! You’re actually growing on me, because you’re literate and actually up fro a debate rather than just swearing at people because they support another team like some of the other idiots on here. Anyway, I digress…

        I agree, we were as close as you can get to having a one man team last year (but only AFTER Christmas – prior to that Bale had three goals), and it was self-perpetuating as the better he got, the more the others just sat back and relied on him. And he stepped up. You, by contrast, clicked in the last few months under pressure and came up with the goods to squeeze into 4th. But even you have to admit that it took that phenomenal run to edge past us?! We may have lost a superstar we relied on, but we signed a lot of quality players. Would you not agree that our unknown signings this summer look (overall) better than yours from last summer, in principal? And, would you also not agree that we are on the same path as you, after you replaced RVP with a functioning team?

        My overall point (from the whole evening) is, regardless of how many trophies you’ve won, or what results have gone by, on paper (I know), our squads look VERY evenly matched. If you made a best 18 (as I did with my best mate who is a gooner last week) it would probably be roughly even. In an ideal world, I’d like both of us to get top four, as I think both clubs are run in the right way – Chelsea and City should be the ones who missed out if the premiership was fair…but it isn’t. I think – assuming our players settle relatively quickly – it’ll be another very tight race this year.

      4. Tim

        Ha I appreciate it BW. You’re not so bad yourself.

        Like I said, you’ve made good signings that give you strength in depth. You certainly have more depth than we do, though our squad isn’t quite as thin as it’s made out to be. We do have two competent players at nearly every position. Giroud’s health up front is obviously the concern now, especially with Podolski being out until the new year. Koscielny’s/Mertesacker’s health is the next big one. Who knows how Vermaelen will respond to his injury and his move down the pecking order?

        Our signings last year vs. yours this year? It’s difficult, because we have hindsight. I’d have picked Cazorla as the cream of the crop even last summer because he was mustard for Malaga. A year later, I’d of course say he’s the best signing of the bunch after his excellent debut season. Podolski is Podolski. Rocket left foot, questionable fitness. I forgot to mention Soldado earlier. I think he can come good too but not without service which, hopefully in your case comes from Eriksen. You signed more players this summer than we did last summer but I’d still say Cazorla is easily the pick of the bunch. Meanwhile, Podolski was coming off 18 goals in 29 matches in the Bundesliga before he came to us, with a solid international record with ze Germans. I’d say he and Soldado are basically the same when you look at them going into their first PL seasons. We’ll have to wait and see how Soldado does to judge it. Podolski didn’t have a great first season but didn’t have a bad one either.

        And, yes, like you, even with the natural hatred, I’d prefer Spurs over Chelsea or City.

        May the best team win, I just wonder if this season was a little too early for all the bravado from your side of the road. We always finish strong, and I don’t think you can count on us f*cking up the first half of the season as we’ve done in past years considering our form over the last 6 months, so if your new signings don’t hit the ground running I just don’t believe you’ll be able to keep it close enough. And I thought that before we signed Ozil.

      5. BWSpur

        I have to hold my hands up there actually – because I somehow forgot Cazorla came in last year, and I think he’s your best player by some distance (although I do believe Ozil will usurp him pretty quickly and push him out to left wing). With that in mind, and assuming one or two of ours don’t come off , I’d say overall the quality may turn out to be pretty similar (agree again – not sure what is happening! – that none can match Ozil for proven quality), and that we’re on the same track as you in replacing someone we were too over-reliant on, but we’re just on the next train. You did well to replace RVP with a proper team, and you’re now working on improving that team. Although I agree you are very thin in the striker and center half departments – and an injury there could be a disaster for you, regardless of the obvious quality in midfield.

        We do have more depth, and the confidence I do have for this season mainly stems from there – but comes with the proviso that we need the new guys to gel very quickly and start feeding Soldado. Last year being reliant on Bale meant when he played poorly, so did we. This season we shouldn’t be so erratic (in theory) and injuries to players shouldn’t be so detrimental. But Spurs fans who are touting a title race and saying we are already ahead are definitely being premature, or wildly optimistic. As I’ve said a few times…I genuinely see us as very evenly matched if you look at the squads as a whole, and think it’ll be very tight this year – I don’t think Sunday really has a bearing on anything. Our aim should definitely be 4th, but if we do get 5th, I won’t be devastated – providing we have gelled and set ourselves up for next season.

        But I can see why Arsenal fans would be confident as well, and good luck to you. Ozil is a fantastic signing and barring injuries you have a right to expect 3rd or 4th. I just don’t think Spurs should be so flippantly written off by so many Arsenal fans, when the gap really hasn’t been very wide at all for a long time. I can still see us both doing it though under the right circumstances…call me crazy, but I have a sneaky suspicion United may be struggling by Christmas and we may see some serious panic buying to ensure they aren’t left behind…with RVP, they are in danger of becoming the next “one man team”…and as we know, if that one man suddenly isn’t available for any reason, it can take time to adapt…

    1. SuperSpurs

      No real loss? You obviously know a lot about football. Wow.

      All the years you lot spent reading books in the library telling those around you to be quiet, I guess you didn’t learn anything though.

      1. unclesven

        Can’t be bothered with your crap argument superspud, like all yids you are boring me. Good luck in the ropey cup.

      2. BWSpur

        That’s exactly what I was going to say – we can all agree or disagree until we’re blue in the face…Henry himself said King was a beast and the best centre half he’d ever played against. Fact.

      1. Tim

        Watch this clip and then come back and ask that question with a straight face.

        If one thing is for certain, it’s that your hero simply didn’t have an answer to our hero.

        And that Ledley never quite turned into the new Sol, did he?

      2. SuperSpurs

        Ledley King was far better than Sol Campbell and that is with only one knee. As Henry said, he’s the best defender that he’s ever played against.

      3. BWSpur

        That’s exactly what I was going to say – we can all agree or disagree until we’re blue in the face…Henry himself said King was a beast and the best centre half he’d ever played against. Fact.

    2. Tim

      What Henry actually said was that King was the only player who could take the ball away from him without fouling him. Not quite the same as saying he’s the best but point taken.

      Not taking anything away from Ledley. Good player whose career was unfortunately cut short by injuries.

      To say he was better than Sol is more than a bit silly though. Sol was at the heart of a team that went 49 unbeaten, won the double and kept ten straight clean sheets in the Champions League.

      1. BWSpur

        In my opinion, Sol has to be considered to be better – but only because he had the opportunity of a full career. I watched them both in their first seasons for Spurs, and I can honestly say King was so much better than Campbell. But King stalled, and Campbell didn’t – so it’s impossible to really compare them, and we all know it…

    1. SuperSpurs

      And you’re a great example of a typical gooner, dumb as a bag of rocks, no football knowledge beyond your own team and the type of person who calls people ‘wankers’ because you’re unable to construct a sentence, let a alone a rational argument.

      1. unclesven

        He is right though only yid wankers would find a gooner site to speak there views because the rest of the yids can’t read or write on there own sites. You are probably pulling one off when you reading this..

      2. SuperSpurs

        The owner of the site shouldn’t publish articles on Spurs NewsNow if he doesn’t want comments. Should probably stick to publishing the truth too unless he just wanted patting on the back from the rest of you.

  10. CK_Spurs

    The way I see it the scum were fortunate to beat us. Funny, they keep bitching about how much better they are. Don’t make me laugh, last season you put five past us at the Hemorrhoids, this season you barely managed to score one against us. Love it. Off you go back to South London, so you can Arse lick all your little Chav$ki boyfriends..


      1. Tim

        They lost the match but because they only lost it by one goal this time around the “love it.”

        You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

  11. john

    when you arsenal fans want a balanced coversation, with facts, and not silly bravado nonsense, like youre shit, small club, etc, us spurs fans will gladly have one, come on guys we are equal with you now at least, and you know it, so we are not in your shadow as you keep saying, and we are going to get bigger and bigger, we are not standing still, we are an ambitious sleeping giant who has finally woken up, and we want glory, and we will get it, will you.
    you are not shit, neither are we, and we both truly know it, we are the 2 of the biggest clubs in london, so let battle commence.

  12. nigerian gooner

    Oh shut it spurs!…u really think you got yourself good players?…don’t make me laugh…okay let’s have a look at ur recent supermarket receipt…oh you bought Eriksen…a player that was considered not good enough to play for Dortmund, well let’s see how dat goes, and by they way where did you put Holtby…guess his career has taken a turn in fate which ur new recruits will too… And capoue..seriously?..he has not even made d national team and you hail him like some star??… And soldado…what a waste of money, and what’s dat dude’s name Chadli..my!, guess he’s on the bench at Belgium,…my point is you guys bought good players no doubt, but not fantastic players in any way, and u really over paid for most of them, u have nothing to show, imagine bidding for Pato @ d last hour and getting rejected!…u don’t trust ur dumb soldado or what?..u’ve stooped to dat level?…and pls stop all these talk about the players gelling together, you gonna give em a glue? They r good, but can’t play better dan what you’ve watched, and if a 1-0 defeat to arsenal is still ur best…. Tragic.

  13. Tim

    The best part out of all the delusions on top of delusions that have been posted by all the invading Yids above is this revisionist notion they’re trying to advance that they somehow bossed the match last weekend. They had one chance the entire match, and it was a deflected one at that. Ok, I suppose you can call the subsequent rebound a chance also. Two chances. Meanwhile, on another day, against another keeper, Arsenal would have had 5.

    Out of all the new signings on show, it was the free one wearing red who had easily the biggest impact on the match. The only Yid player who can hold his head high after that performance is Lloris, who is clearly an excellent keeper (i.e. too good for Spurs – he’ll be following Bale out the door). Read through any Spurs blog and Lloris was the man of the match by a mile, yet the Yids on here would have you believe Spurs bossed the match. How do you lose 1-0, your keeper is your standout performer, and then you go on to claim you bossed the match?

    After each successive season of breaking their hearts, I think, right, that’s it. Surely this is the straw that broke their backs. Surely the Yids will now crawl back into their holes and come to grips with reality. Surely they’ll wait until they actually achieve something for once before they start crowing. Surely, finally, they’ve now learned to stop counting their chickens (on top of basketballs) before they hatch. And then the next season comes…

    Sigh. They haven’t learned a f*cking thing.

    Yids, see you all in May when it happens again for the, what is it now, 20th time in a row? I don’t know. I’ve lost count.

    Mind the f*cking gap.

      1. BWSpur

        Unclesven – so all Arsenal fans live within a mile of the ground, do they?! I actually grew up in Herts, and geographically Spurs are the closest club in all four of the top divisions, so I’m not sure what your point is.

        Tim…there is no gap anymore; that’s the point. You count yourself as a superior team, the “Barcelona of the PL”…yet we had nearly two thirds of the ball on your ground. In our own half? Check the possession heatmaps. We also had more shots, and more touches in your box. You sat back and countered because Arsene has a brain and knew you couldn’t match us man for man. As it stands, you snuck a 1-0 win. Well done. Let’s see how the season develops and we can revisit in May rather than always looking backwards, as all Arsenal fans seem so keen to do.

      2. Tim

        If Arsenal supporters know one thing, it’s that possession in itself means f*ck all. Football is about creating and finishing chances.

        We created far more quality chances than you did, put one of them in the net, and won the match. End of f*cking conversation.

        And yes, let’s please re-visit it in May.

      3. BWSpur

        Correct – but that is what we meant by bossing the game! As you say, Arsenal of all teams should know what it’s like to have all the ball and go on to lose. At the sharp end, it is about creating chances. We both had a few – you scored one of yours, and we didn’t. You won, and fair play to you. But it doesn’t change the fact that we controlled the game for the majority of the 90mins. As you say, we lacked creativity to make the most of it – but that doesn’t mean Arsenal are automatically the better team. Just like it didn’t mean any of the teams that did the same to you were superior either.

      4. Tim

        But there’s a difference between actually bossing the game and being allowed possession. Fergie, for example, over the past few years, has been content to let us have the ball as long as the hearts of our little midfielders desire, but then we lose it, they counter attack and they win the match. That’s been their recipe for years now. And they have always been the better team during that stretch as evidenced by the league table.

      5. BWSpur

        True. And I am happy to admit I will always be looking at it from a Spurs POV, just like you will be from an Arsenal POV. I just felt we were in control for large periods on Sunday, while you sat back – which is odd on both counts because recently the games have been very even statistically (when we’ve both had 11 on the field). But on occasions where you did get in our half, you had a lot more incision. I don’t deny that we did not deserve to win the match as we didn’t create enough to justify 3pts, but I think nobody could have really complained if Walker had connected and it had finished 1-1. But I will retract my “bossed”, as that is too close to “dominated” – which isn’t accurate. I do feel we controlled it, though, and perhaps should have got something off the back of that.

  14. goonermichael

    I enjoyed the article and the win on Sunday and buying Ozil. All these Spurs fans seem pretty confident. We’ll see at the end of the season.UTA

  15. I

    Why do the spuds need to come on here and comment on an Arsenal Fan site. P1ss off back to your own swamp dweller lover sites and worry about your own team. What makes me laugh is spurs spend a lot of money on a lot of unproven talen (minus Erikson) and they think they are suddenly better than us. Weve spent a lot of money on Proven talent, end of. And the spuds will forever be in our shadow. Come back when youve won the league….61 never again

    1. BWSpur

      There is a section of the Spurs site called Spurs Media watch, which lists all articles concerning Spurs globally – regardless of what site they are on. Believe me, no Spurs fans sought out this blog, we just happened to click on the title and read it because it appeared on our website.

      As many of us have said above, not many Spurs fans would claim to be better. Anyone with half a brain understands that new players need to settle gel and not all of them will come off – look at Torres; he was even proven in the EPL and he still didn’t work out. I think what some spurs fans ARE saying, is that – if the players live up to their potential – then our SQUAD (not first XI) could be better on paper. Remember, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – minus Ozil, Arsenal are the kings of buying unproven talent. Maybe you should try taking a rational view of things rather than just perpetual bias and anger…

      1. BWSpur

        Well done Iain – it’s a rare skill to be able to show yourself to be a complete idiot in so few words…

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