Tottenham’s Andros Townsend the future of English football?

I did not watch the England game. I was travelling for a weekend away in Suffolk whilst the match was on. I have not seen the match. By the time I got to where I was staying, the final whistle had just gone, so I settled down to watch the highlights of the goals. I did, however, read many a news report the next day, and most were saying the same thing, that Andros Townsend was the future of English football.

Let me get straight to the point, Andros Townsend is not the future of English football. He is the 4th choice English right winger, behind Walcott, Lennon and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Andros Townsend is 22 years old. He has played for 10 different clubs as a professional footballer. His career reads played 136, scored 14. These are not the statistics of the future of anything.

He has got lucky this year, and in fairness, has taken that luck and made the most of it. An injury to Lennon, Bale being sold, and Lamela settling in has meant he has gone from QPR last season to Spurs 1st team this season. And injuries in the England squad left Roy Hodgson with few other options. He is not even the future of Tottenham Hotspur’s right wing, let alone England’s.

I first saw Townsend a few years back in a Tottenham v Arsenal youth game, where Arsenal took around 3,000 fans. A young lad called Jack Wilshere was by far the star of the show, running in a game which Arsenal comfortably run. Townsend was Tottenham’s best player, but he was mainly just pace, with very little end product. He has not changed that much.

Earlier this week, I wrote about how young players are getting too easily hyped after just a couple of performances. It seems after one game for England, Townsend is getting similar treatment. Tipped as the next big thing, despite not doing much, and already being 22.

Yes, the goal he scored was a brilliant finish, but a wonder goal does not make a brilliant player. Both David Bentley and Danny Rose have scored wonder goals against Arsenal in the past, neither of them have gone to do anything special.

The gushing over Townsend during the post-match summary even went as far as claiming he assisted the 1st goal. This despite it being a poor cross from Townsend and at least another as touches of the ball from other players before Wayne Rooney put the ball in the net. The pundits conveniently ignored a poor cross to use the clip as another example of how Townsend was the future.

In one report I read, someone jorno even said he was the ‘New Gareth Bale.’ That he was quiet in the 1st half but exploded into life during the second when he dropped inside in a Bale-esque performance. Gareth Bale is 24. Andros Townsend 22. He is nowhere near the talent of Bale. He is on par talent wise with Serge Gnabry, who is 4 years his junior.

Infact, Townsend is most similar to Shaun Wright-Phillips. A player of pace who would score the odd worldie, but never have the talent required at the highest level. His raw pace enough to make people remember him, but not good enough to be a consistent high end performer. Townsend also compares to SWP in that he is older than what many think. For years SWP was put in with Walcott and Lennon as ‘exciting young wingers for England’. This despite SWP being 7 years older than the other two. He is now 32!

I am sure Townsend will end up similar. Continual comparisons with those 4/5 years younger as he broke onto the scene so late. At 22 he has no potential. He should be England’s star now, not an England star of the future.

He is of similar ability to the likes of Scott Sinclair, Nathan Dyer and Wayne Routledge. He is just pace, and like these players, will suffer from second season syndrome. As players work out how to defend against him, his tells, whether he go’s inside or out. The top players such as Lennon and Walcott are able to continue improving, adding to their game, these players, like Townsend, have not, as they are just pace.

England’s future lies in the hands of the likes of Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ross Barkley and many more better, younger players then Andros Townsend. The future for England is brighter than some make you believe, and it is these players who Hodgson should be looking at taking to Rio to gain experience, not a ‘never gonna be’ like Townsend.

Again, to remind you all, Townsend is 22. Not exactly a young star. He is only 2 years younger the Mesut Ozil!

The one thing I would say about Townsend is that he is testament to not giving up and working hard. In the youth game I mentioned, he was outshone by the likes of Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Emmanuel Frimpong. Neither of these have done much of note since then, so credit to Townsend for wanting to be better, not sitting on his laurels and accepting earning a good wage whilst being mediocre.

You have to feel that were Townsend not playing by the presses love Spurs, there would not be as much love for him. Were he playing for an unfashionable Stoke, Villa or Southampton, the hype would not be there. The only surprise is that Harry Redknapp has not yet come out and said how it was he who developed Townsend at Spurs and QPR and that if he were England manager, Townsend would have been in the England side years ago.

Andros Townsend will not be going to Rio.



19 thoughts on “Tottenham’s Andros Townsend the future of English football?

  1. Bitter

    So bitter just because he’s a spurs player, bitter because spurs are developing good English talent. You have dedicated a whole article to a player based on one performance in a youth game several years ago. You didn’t even watch the game. Comparing him with Danny Rose and David Bentley shows your ignorance. Why not compare him to Joe Hart as well? Embarassing article, give it up.

    1. Thierry from the halfway line

      Over 100 hundred million smackeroos, how much of that was spent on “good English talent” mate? You spuds crack me up, you live in a dreamworld, when are you gonna wake up and see that North London is and will always be RED :o)

      Up the Arsenal.

  2. Not a Twat

    Jack Wilshere is not the future of English football, Theo Walcott is not the future of English football, and Alex-Oxelaide Chamberlain is not the future of English football. I’m right because I support Spurs. I’m gonna write a blog post about how much I don’t like certain players from a club I don’t like just because they’re playing well at the moment. Then everyone will see that I know the most about football. “All pace”? What do you think Theo Walcott is? Twat.

  3. Smee

    Glad to see I am not the only one who viewed this rant as a pop at the Spurs connection, err which part of, one for the FUTURE did you not seem to grasp!!

  4. Rodney_AFC

    this is just a touch pathetic Keenos! the boy looks a real talent and some of your conclusions… well lets just say what you base them on make us gooners look like mugs. wilshere needs to step it up and don’t tell me his goal at wba meant his severe lack of performance (once again) doesn’t matter. think jack could learn from townsend in the ‘working hard’ department you mentioned! think we both know which of the two look like the ‘future’ right now. tool

  5. Adam Duke

    Bitter is right. Spurs are doing a great job in developing English talent. I for one cannot wait to see England win the world cup thanks to Eriksen, Saldado, Lemela, Capoue, Holtby and that great typical English midfielder in Pauliniho

    1. Thierry from the halfway line

      How true mate, they live in a dream world, spuds, just a small club near Arsenal..fact!!


      1. Rodney_AFC

        mate haven’t you got something better to do? do you actually realise how pathetic your making us sound? give it up and stick the darts on I suggest !

  6. Sour Grapes

    All of your points against Townsend are ridiculous. Players develop at different rates and at different times in their career. And he’s 6 months older than Wilshere so your point about him being older than many think is also misguided, maybe do some research?.. The lad has pace, he always makes himself available and wants the ball and is always positive, has both very good dribbling ability and a rocket of a shot with both feet which is rare and very useful. You’re clearly hurt that a young tottenham player is receiving praise after a brilliant performance on his debut for England, yes the media hype is OTT but he is a great talent and will be a top player for tottenham and England in the future

    1. lanre

      You conveniently leave out the fact he mentioned Lennon as a much better player, also he is fourth choice going by the fact everyone else is injured. Could this article have been gentler, perhaps but the fact still remains this guy is not The Future of English football. If you like you can argue he has potential and whilst harsh it is true he should have made more of an impact by now, chances are if he hasn’t done it already…still he had an effective game overall and was a bonus for that game. this site was harsher about Walcott at the same age by the way…try not to be so sensitive.

  7. Gooner23

    Typical english media, the guy plays 1 good half against a montenegro team missing half their players and all of a sudden he’s the next big thing, its amusing

  8. kaius

    This made me laugh. Out loud at times. Nice bit of switch and bait with the headline, and the ‘Arry Redknapp bit is a nice bit of comic relief, but that line, “At 22 he has no potential. He should be Englandโ€™s star now, not an England star of the future”, is harsh – very harsh. But it’s mostly true in the modern age.

    This is a fine football blog so I’ll back the writer, although Townsend has played very well this last year (was near-untouchable in the derby despite the lack of a goal or assist) and if he keeps developing and adds end-product he’ll be big for club and country. He’ll go to Rio if Roy looks towards 2016 and for the simple fact that his style of raw pace+control is still rare among top-class players. This tells another tale, in that pace is rarely the thing you first notice about a world-class player.

    Easy Spurs fans, some of us like the look of your guy as well, let’s not to judge an article by a catchy headline!

  9. greekos

    When I read the title I was hoping for a good reasoned article with a balanced view of the player and some sort of analysis into why you dont think he is the future of English football. The fact you started the article with I didnt watch the game and saw some highlights tells us you dont know what your talking about. The ranting nature of the article with no sound reasoning behind your points just reinforces that the longer I read.
    The simple fact is that Townsend is a player on form. He did well at QPR last season and has hit the ground running this season. He is a late bloomer for sure and if he maintains this sort of form throughout this season and next then he very well could be the future of Englands right flank. Right now he does have potential. To write off a 22 year old is silly. If he were 25/26 then I would agree that it may just be his limit. Only time will tell.


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