England a glimpse of Arsenal’s future?

Tonight at 8pm, England play at home against Montenegro. Whilst International football rarely gets me excited, I am actually looking forward to this game – although I am likely to miss the first half as I am taking advantage of the International break by getting away for the weekend – and the reason for this is we will potentially get a glimpse of Arsenal’s future.

Now I am not talking about the amount of Arsenal in and around the England side. Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs & Oxlade-Chamberlain could all be on the plane to Brazil (if England make it). I am actually talking about the future make up of Arsenal’s central midfield.

“But only Wilshere will play and he will be next to Gerrard, who is Scouse” I hear you all say. And that is true. It might sound odd that by watching Gerrard & Wilshere together is a glimpse of Arsenal’s midfield of the next 10 years.

Wilshere has often played most of his career in the number 10 role. Further up in the pitch involved around the edge of the area. But I have long believed that his future would be deeper. His technique and long and short passing is exceptional. But so is his aggression, and by playing him too far forward, you lose the aggression. Add in Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere’s future at Arsenal is deeper.

For England, he will play deeper alongside Gerrard with Wayne Rooney ahead, in behind Daniel Sturridge. It will be interesting to see how he gets on and if he can still dominate and influence the game. I am sure he can. Now where does Gerrard fit in?

Well Aaron Ramsey shares a lot of similar traits to Gerrard. Stamina, running, able to drive forward, but a solid individual. I have long felt Gerrard would have been a better player had he performed deeper and dictate play, however his own ego dictated where he played. He was, for a time, bigger then any Liverpool manager, and basically played where he want.

I can see Ramsey playing in a similar role to that of Gerrard in the near future for Arsenal. A little bit deeper, a little bit more disciplined. He would provide a midfield two alongside Jack Wilshere, where their intelligence would mean that they could both defend and attack at will. The would be able to build a relationship and become the best central midfield partnership in world football. And with Mesut Ozil ahead, well the world would be our oyster.

For once, watching an England game might not be worthless.



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