Breaking News: Cesc does not love Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal 2 and a half years ago. The way some fans go on about him, you would still think he was at the club. The love for him amongst some Arsenal fan’s is embarrassing. Cesc Fabregas seems to of gained a fanboy following with some Arsenal fans. These fan’s need to realise Cesc Fabregas DOES NOT love Arsenal.

In the first of a two part interview with journalist Sid Lowe of The Guardian, reported in every other news outlet this morning, the line that seems to have got most fans wet is:

“Arsenal is in my heart and always will be.”

From this single line, fanboy’s and the press are getting excited that one day, their prodigal son, Cesc Fabregas, will return to Arsenal, conviently ignoring the next line of the interview where he says:

“I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to go back and play there one day.”

It is time for Arsenal fans to get over Cesc Fabregas. He was just another player for the club. One of hundreds. In an era when players only cared about themselves and not who they player. for . Cesc Fabregas is not an Arsenal legend. He would get nowhere near an Arsenal All Time XI.

What seems to have happened since Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal is his history at the club has been re-written in the way that a Hollywood screenwriter only seems to be able too. Many of his fan boys seem to forget the following 3 facts:

  1. In his last season at the club, Fabregas made it very clear that he wanted to leave and had an ego about him. This led to many fall outs with team mates whom he felt he was ‘above’. He had the go and arrogance of Henry with out the success.
  2. On the last day of the season, rather than be at the game against Fulham, Cesc Fabregas was at the Spanish Grand Prix. In contrast, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, also injured at the time, sat in the stands with the away fans for Liverpool’s visit to Aston Villa.
  3. Cesc Fabregas told the club he would not play for them again in the summer of 2011. He refused to train. He refused to go on tour. He basically went on strike.

This is a player who has said today that Arsenal will always be in his heart. So much so that he would rather watch cars go round a track then watch his beloved Arsenal. He could have watched the game and then sat on the side of the M25 for 2 hours.

Cesc Fabregas clearly does not love Arsenal. He is a professional footballer. He is the girlfriend who left her steady boyfriend for a rougher, riskier, less stable better one in the hope it works out. And like that girlfriend, she occasionally calls her old boyfriend, invites him on a night out, or pops round, just to keep him on the hook, just to keep him interested, incase it go’s wrong with the new one. The old boyfriend, like The Arsenal, are the fall back plan.

Arsenal fans, Cesc Fabregas fanboys, it is time to get over him. Move on. Cesc is not an Arsenal legend. He does not have Arsenal in his heart. Stop following him on twitter. Stop getting wet everytime he says something about Arsenal. He is not better than Robin Van Persie.

Spend your energy idolising Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey or Jack Wilshere. Leave Cesc Fabregas where he belongs, as part of Arsenal’s past. He is not part of Arsenal’s future.

Cesc Fabregas does not love Arsenal



16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Cesc does not love Arsenal

  1. A reall gooner unlike you!!

    I strongly believe you’re scum from down the road, all you ever do is find negatives, you’re worse then the media!!!


  2. PaulB

    Spot on mate and the fools who always reply with ‘You are the scum from the down the road’ are the deluded ones who can’t see past their nose, Cesc did go on strike and he did hold the club to ransom, I for one think he is an ungrateful prick, nothing negative there just the truth


  3. Black Hei

    1. Cesc gave us 5 years of excellent service. You can’t compare that to guys like Nasri (1/2 year) or RVP (1.5 years and got 7 years on the sickbay while being coached by Wenger to be awesome).

    2. Cesc had a gentleman agreement with Wenger that he could leave. Before the end of the last season, he bought a watch for all his teammates as a farewell gifts (source: Arshavin). In interviews, he mentioned how Wenger was crucial in persuading the board to allow him to leave.

    3. Barca players (I think it was Puyol) joked about how Cesc was always talking about Arsenal and that they loved to tease him about xxx years without trophy.

    4. PHW himself stated that the Cesc really wanted to go home.


  4. Akie

    Will not get over him, I still love him.

    You forgot to mention the day he left arsenal he cried on arsene’s shoulder for hours.

    Stop telling arsenal fans what to do. If they love fabby. They love him, like I do. If they don’t, great. Shut your trap…


  5. casual true gooner

    Anyone thought about cesc private life? Bear wih me. It might have sum connection with how cesc see his relationship with arsenal. When he went back to barca. I believe he was still with his Spanish high school sweetheart. Cesc now has a daughter with a libyan lady who still has a house from his ex husband in london. 3 years ago he desperately wanted to go home. His feeling might be amplified by his homesick girlfriend. Now he is his own man. With a girlfriend who still has a connection with london. I supposed he wants to have his options opened. If oneday his lady wanna go back to live in london. Which club he would rather go to? Barca may have financial problem, and arsenal on the way up ( much like bayern). It could be different future. I am not hoping cesc to come back to arsenal. But as you know in football, impossible is nothing. I remember ARshavin refused to move back to russia coz his missus loves london. Just a thought.


  6. femzo

    At last someone who can see past his nose The biggest scam to ever happen to Arsenal fans was Fabregas . Arsenal fans love to hate some love others who are more undeserving. Do this idiots even remember the Arrogance Barcelona displayed when they made a move for him, putting thier Jersey on and him smiling sheepishly and the fact Barcelona would not bulge on the cheap price he eventually went for .

    All this was possible because he made it very abundantly clear he wanted to go infant he was so desperate to go he took a salary cut

    I remember when Denilson said he wasn’t a captain that commanded respect people came at him gun blazing not wondering why he said it. You say he gave us years but u forget he was in his early 20s His depature led to an Exodus that almost crippled the club.
    Wenger had a plan, field this young boys And they repay you when they mature but alas his captain deserts him just when the time came for reaping and guess the explanation “Barcelona ” DNA, lol

    Look if we can be critical of Van Traitor little boy’s reason then we can’t be biased of some fathom DNA.


  7. kim

    i wouldn’t mind Cesc doing a Flamini.. I believe that this article is a bit of extreme of hate and emotionally negative in energy but if he wants to come back he thus knows where home is. He is welcomed as a “prodigal son” arsenal as the father will slaughter a bull and make merry. He owes us like VP and Nasri. He owes us titles.


  8. Antique Gunmen

    You can’t dictat about where we’ve to put Cesc in our mind. Haters like you are always there. Some few sick head Barcelonista even hate Lionel Messi. Can you believe that? After all he gave nothing but glories. Well, you can start to hate Ozil mate. It will be good for your soul dude.


  9. terry

    Do me and the rest of the Gooners a favour. Don’t EVER, EVER write another article. Not only is it an insult to Cesc but an insult to us. You are in the very small minority regarding your comments. You are probably a member of that mob down the road as stated on the top reply post. You are a deluded idiot and if you are a gooner you should be ahamed of yourself. Read the majority of the comments and any intelligent person willrealise how WRONG you are



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