10 reasons why we will beat Southampton + Starting 11

1) After a solid start to the season, Southampton now find themselves having won just twice in 11 games.

2) Southampton’s success has come from having a solid defensive record. They have the 4th best defensive record in the league. Much of this success has come from £8.5 million summer signing Dejan Lovren. He is out injured until March.

3) Also out injured is their defensive midfield rock, Victor Wanyama. Gaston Ramirez and Rickie Lambert both face late fitness tests. If they do not pass it, it leaves them with just one striker in their squad – Jay Rodgriguez.

4) Southampton’s player of the season thus far is Adam Lallana. Matheiu Flamini eats players like Lallana for breakfast.

4) Southampton are a club in crisis. Their chairman has recently resigned and the replacement is the spoilt rich daughter of their deceased owner who could do with going on a diet. Mauricio Pochettino’s future was linked to their former chairman, Nicola Cortese. He will leave in the summer. They are their for the taking.

5) Arsenal have won 6 Premier League games in a row, conceding just once.

6) Aaron Ramsey is back fit. Remember him? The best Welshman in the world? Our player of the first half a season. Our top scorer. He is back. And fit.

7) The last time Southampton beat Arsenal was November 2002. That time, they needed a penalty and own goal to win the game.

8) Whilst Bacary Sagna has not yet signed a new contract, he is giving 100% every game and being a true professional. He will be MOTM tonight and score a goal (I am Mystic Meg).

9) Southampton have scored 17 goals at home this season. Arsenal have scored 23 goals away. That means the result will be Southampton 1.55 – 2.88 Arsenal.

10) Our mental strength has never been stronger. The strength and unity within the squad is amazing. Maybe we should have strength and unity as our club motto under our badge? Maybe have it in a cool language like Latin. I wonder what strength through unity translates too?

Likely line-up: Chesny, Sagna, Kos, BFG, Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Ozil, Ox, Giroud, Cazorla



18 thoughts on “10 reasons why we will beat Southampton + Starting 11

  1. graham smith

    ten reasons why you are full of crap .
    1 Wanyama is back .
    2 Lallana will run rings round Flamini .
    3 you have won 6 but it wont be 7
    4 our new chairwoman is not as big as you mouth
    5 our manager is going knowhere .
    6 Aaron who ? is back .
    7 The last time the goons won at st marys was 2003
    8 you should have you moto in latin , as your squad if full of foriegners
    9 Sagana has not signed a new contract cos he wants out
    10 we sing better than you , and dont eat prawn sarnies .


  2. Dan.c

    ill informed dribble. but could we expect any less from an arsenal fan. delusions of grandeur is synonymous with you. arrogant muppet


  3. Stuart different stu than previous .

    Hope to ram all those words back down your arrogant gunner throat . I wish Liverpool all the best in the next round of the FA Cup and trust that the best team in the league apart from Saints wins the league being Man City. Hope to speak post match after I return from St Mary’s .


    1. Ashley

      The guy writing this post is more than arrogant, but sorry my friend the reason we haven’t clocked more wins at your piece of shit team is because u been competing in the c’ship for how many seasons? Anyway good luck your gonna need it


  4. Wes Tender

    Aaron Ramsey the best Welsh footballer in the World? Who is he? Gareth Bale is the best Welsh footballer and even Giggs at his age is still better than Ramsey. And the rest of your 10 points aren’t any more credible either


  5. Dan.c

    just thought id come back to give you some reasons why your shite:
    1. we outplayed you
    2. we had more shots
    3. we had more of the ball
    4. your players go down like sacks of spuds.
    5. giroud is a massive prick
    6. we played an 18 year old up front and you mocked us, he ran rings around you.
    7. flamini was mugged by lallana numerous times
    8. the best frenchman on the pitch was schneirdelin
    9. the best polak on the pitch was artur boruc
    10 the best englishman on the picth was lallana. (you had 0 on the pitch untill the ox)
    11. we had 11 academy products all start and another off the bench. (4 of them under 20)
    12. ozil was average at best
    13. flamini couldnt handle it so tried to break morgans legs.
    14. your best player was your right back.

    these are a few i can think off the top of my head. dont be such an arrogant jumped up mug next time you arse


    1. DK

      “we had 11 academy products all start” – we had 11 academy products start too. They were just from a different clubs academy. bit like some of yours…

      Artur Boruc – He is Polish, clearly not from Soton’s academy
      Jose Fonte – He is Portuguese, clearly not from Soton’s academy
      Maya Yoshida – He is Japanese, clearly not from Soton’s academy
      Jack Cork – Signed from Chelsea
      Morgan Schneiderlin – Signed from Strasborg
      Jay Rodriguez – Signed from Burnley
      Steven Davies – Signed from Rangers
      Sam Gallagher – Signed from Plymouth

      Why lie Dan C, why lie?


  6. Wes Tender

    How does it feel the morning after? Now that you have had time to digest the crass stupidity and arrogance of your comments. Flamini must have indigestion after his breakfast. I don’t believe that Sagna scored. What happened to the Welsh wizard, your defensive record, your team spirit?
    Club in crisis? What crisis? Why would that have any effect on the players? Would it effect yours if your chairman left? Who is your Chairman?
    You probably don’t realise that having played you off the park without Wanyama, Lambert, Lovren and Ramirez, had they played, how many would we have beaten you by then?



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