We are the Arsenal, we boo when we want

I’d like to counter Keenos article regarding his disgust over Arsenal fans booing at the final whistle of Wednesday’s draw. https://shewore.com/2014/02/13/arsenal-fans-disgraceful-booing-as-team-sit-second/ I’m not going to put up an argument against his dislike of the booing (though my feeling from watching the match on TV, was that some of the booing was also directed towards United for finishing the game on a whim and being negative).

However, at least those who booed stayed until the end like a football supporter should do. Half the crowd had buggered off early – as they always do win lose or draw. Why is that not the bigger issue? Whether it’s an exciting game, or a dull game, this mass exodus is the worst form of support – but yet a few timid jeers become the measuring stick of dissatisfaction and fickleness. It baffles me that fans would pay such a high price to go to a game and yet arrive 5 minutes late, leave for a drink 5 minutes before halftime, get into the second half 5 minutes late, and then leave 5 minutes before the final whistle. I’ve said that £62+ is an outrageous price for just 90 minutes, but in this case we’re talking £62+ for just 70 minutes. “I’m Arsenal till I die -but I can’t stay till the end, have to go now bye…”

“We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen- but even so, I’ve a very early start tomorrow so must beat the rush”

I’d certainly like to take issue with Keenos comment that “Arsenal fans acted spoiled last night”. You mean the same fans that pay the highest ticket prices in world football? I would not label any set of football fans in England today as spoiled. I would describe all football fans as trodden upon pawns, of whose loyalty is taken advantage of by the forces of greed. Football clubs are spoilt because enough fans will stick with them no matter how badly they are treated. Ivan Gazidas’ distain for the fans was highlighted most starkly last month against Tottenham, when he hit supporters with Grade A prices -straight after the New Year when people were short of money. It was an FA Cup game and should have been Grade B, yet the board got away with it because the club is heavily spoiled with loyal followers. Arsenal PLC is a spoiled brat who gets what it wants because of unconditional love. The fans are the ones who have made the playing staff, the management and the executives filthy rich, so if they feel like booing very now and then, I’d say live with it and accept it because your greed created it.

I stopped attending games because of the prices, but I was the kind of supporter who would sing for 90 minutes and I would not have booed a team that is just one point off the top. However, I don’t blame anyone for feeling like jeering, because what they witnessed on Wednesday was passionless, boring and lacked quality –and yet was incredibly expensive. They’ve been sold a dream of caviar and been provided with junk food. Not so many years ago that same fixture would have cost you the equivalent price of a cinema ticket and the fans would have accepted that sometimes you have off days. There would not have been booing at the end. The greed culture of modern football has created this monster in the stands and so it’s a simple case of you reap what you sow.



10 thoughts on “We are the Arsenal, we boo when we want

  1. happy gooner

    There are a large number of so called gooners that dont deserve this side to have any success. disgraceful ……………worst set of fans in the country.


    1. Chippy

      You have to laugh at some bloggers, and long distance ‘fans’ who watch streams telling match going true supporters how they should be supporting


    1. Paul

      you are seperating consumer and supporter the gist of the article is they are one and the same and therefore is you treat them like consumers they will act like them


  2. RHGooner

    Spot on in my eyes… The club is an impregnable fortress where e-mails disappear into the ether and letters go astray… if the only way you can let the board and Wenger know you are dissatisfied is to boo then so be it… Booing during the game is being a bad fan – booing afterwards has no nearing on the performance and is merely a barometer of how the game went… In normal circumstances booing a team second in the league would be criminal, yet I haven’t met many fans either in or around the ground who actually believe we have a hope in hell’s chance of winning the title this year… For me, the booing this week was about not using any subs late on to actually attempt to win the game – and yes, the United fans were just as disgusted with their team’s apparent content to play out the last few minutes…


  3. arsenal-steve

    In an open societye even football fans have a right to protest. We know what societies that do not allow that end up like. When the protests are fair and honest it’s important to listen. I’m sure that the clubs unwillingness to reinforce the team in the summer and clearly during January has frustrated fans, who in honesty along with ex-players, forecast that the team would begin to struggle. Wenger is a good coach, and a nice man, but he is a poor tactician, who does not take good advice. He is the best and worst manager all at the same time. No wonder the fans are frustrated.


  4. EPPO

    Supply and demand applies in respect of prices in the modern World. I’m not one to boo but if you pay the entrance fee you have every right to express your feelings in a negative way if you choose. That also applies to when you want to turn up for a game or leave!



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