Liverpool FC – It’s never their fault

For a long time, Liverpool Football Club has been mocked by the rest of England. ‘Victimpool’ has been a common moniker. “It’s never your fault, it’s never your fault, always the victim, it’s never your fault” a common song sung.

When it came down to the ticketing issues for the weekend FA Cup tie, Liverpool were true to form and blamed everyone but themselves. Denied 9,000 seats due to safety reasons, they moaned it was not their fault and that they should get the lower and upper tier.

The reasoning behind the denial of 9,000 was due to Liverpool’s history of persistent standing and use of flares. So what do Liverpool then do? Stand throughout, set off 2 smoke bombs and steal a ball. They do themselves no favours. As for the disgraceful interruption by their fans during the minute’s silence for Sir Tom Finney, their fans once more went the extra mile and highlighting that they are the shame of English football.

It seems that nothing ever being Liverpool’s fault has now extended to the pitch, as both fans and the Scouse loving press have gone above and beyond in making it clear that Liverpool were the better team and it was not their fault they lost.

Despite Arsenal scoring 2 to Liverpool’s 1, history is already being re-written, as it is clear Liverpool were the victims of horrendous referring decisions which caused them to lose. Denied a second penalty which was, even to the most loyal Arsenal fan, a blatant foul by Oxlade-Chamberlain. This malicious act by Howard Webb denied Liverpool certain victory in the game. Ignoring the following facts:

  • Cazorla was fouled in the penalty area
  • Steven Gerrard committed 3 bookable challenges
  • Raheem sterling man handled Howard Webb
  • Howard Webb failed to penalise Agger & Skrtel time and again for fouling Sanogo

But of course, it is Liverpool we need to be sorry for. They went out of the FA Cup, and it simply was not their fault. It was not their fault that Daniel Sturridge is greedy and shoots when there is a square ball on for a tap in. It is not their fault that Fabianski was quick off his line then Sturridge or Sterling was to the ball.

It is not Liverpool’s fault that Koscielny and Monreal reduced the influence of Luis Suarez. Liverpool are the victims here. Why should Fabianski, Monreal and Koscielny have such good games? It is a disgrace.

As for Mesut Ozil. He did nothing, yet was involved in everything.

Liverpool are out of the FA Cup, however I expect them to be re-instated, as it is not their fault they have been knocked out. It is Arsenal’s fault for being better then them.

Man up Scouser’s. Admit you are scum. Admit you were beaten by the better team. And give us our ball back.


56 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – It’s never their fault

  1. Derek Hannon

    ridiculous attack on good fans. I was at the game. The fans did not interrupt, they chanted Tom Finneys name in tribute towards the end of the silence. It was a mark of respect.

    I sat among Arsenal fans calling players from both teams and the ref a C you next Tuesday all game.
    You’ve obviously tied that ribbon a bit tight around your eyes, ears and throat to stop the oxegen to your brain.

    You let down real honest fans

  2. Rob

    Go back to school – You are saying it’s never you are fault, it’s never you are fault. You clueless prat. It should be it’s never your fault.

      1. Dan

        No, it’s not ‘our’, you tit, it IS ‘are’. Do us all a favour, learn how to spell, construct sentences correctly and read comments before you start a blog to sp*nk your own personal f*ckwittery all over the internet.

  3. Viktor

    Dear Lord, could you be more bitter in victory? What kind of drugs are you on? Even the hardest of Gunners fans admits to being outplayed and saved by Howard Webb. You’ll have none of that. Look at the chain of events, my friend. If Webb gave us what we rightfully should have had, the Gerrard and Cazorla incidents would not be of discussion. Maybe Liverpool’s late winner would, though.
    You got pretty much everything wrong. Please do walk alone.

    1. dennismoriartyd

      Not a great post, this coming from a die hard Gooner. However, you are right, the Pool people always moan and complain. Always the victims, in this case the victims of Arsenal playing a tactically better game than them.

  4. Sebastian

    Perfectly written and perfectly true. Take your chances boys, you didnt. Tell me, what do Liverpool have left to play for? FA Cup? Nope. Champions League? Nope. Title? Have a word with yourself.

  5. MC

    “Cazorla was failed”? He did fail a few times (I’m thinking the shot over the bar when he had all the time in the world) but he was also “fouled” in the box and got nothing 😉 Article is spot on. Its always someone else..

    1. Mr X

      No its not. It is true, as I saw it myself and I’d wager that you weren’t at Ashburton. Liverpool fans DID steal the match ball (instead of giving it back quickly which might have helped their team but scoucer logic….). Liverpool fans DID set off two (illegal) smoke bombs. Liverpool fans DID interrupt the silence for Finney. Always the victims.

  6. JFT96

    Singing ‘Theres only one Tom Finney’ is really disrespectful isn’t it?

    ‘Raheem sterling man handled Howard Webb’ He touched him mate. He touched him.

    Oooooh Letting Off Harmless Red Smoke, Them Bad Scousers. It Ruined My Prawn Sandwich.

    The ‘victim’ moniker was created from Hillsborough, where 96 of our fellow fans died and their friends and family were blamed. When we dared to question the authorities, to say that it wasn’t our fault, people decided to mock us about ‘always being the victims’. The origins of those words, and the link to Hillsborough and it’s cover up will always remain the same. Nice one for using humans deaths as a way to get one over on opposing fans though mate. Thanks for that ‘Keeno’. We’re scum though arent we? We’re ‘bindippers’, we are poor and you are so much better than us in your fancy new Library, The plastic named Emirates. Yes, you keeping thinking that lad.

    You are disgrace to Arsenal football club and it’s fans everywhere.

    Enjoy other season of top four with no trophy. Enjoy next year for another year of that. You should go back to booing your team when you draw or lose at home. It’s what we all know you are best at. Go on lad admit it, you’re scum and you hate the fact that we’re now a better team than you with a better chance at eh league than you’ve had in years!

    1. Sebastian

      Ah, you bring up Hillsborough, who would have thought you’d manage to slip that in somewhere! You killed your own fans, they didn’t have tickets. The whole world knows it mate.

      1. Bob W

        I pity you Sebastian (perhaps it was your up-bringing) that you would respond with such hate and publish such sad and terrible lies. It tells us a lot about the kind of a person you are.

      2. sib

        This victims chant has always referred to Hillsborough and Liverpools fans never ending campaign for wanting Justice….to be honest it became boring…but time has shown that they were right Sebastian;

        Your ignorant comments are an absolute embarassment to Arsenal FC’s fanbase and football supporters in general. Suggest you do a bit of research into Hillsboroguh before opening your rancid mouth again.

        Also agree to take a pop at Liverpool fans for interrupting Tom Finney silence when they led ground to sing One Tom Finney ( a much bigger tribute) is totally ridiculous.

      3. Rob

        That is a disgraceful thing to say Sebastien.. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself… You’re sick and comments like that bring shame on the Arsenal fan base.. A bit of good humoured banter is one thing but you have stepped way over the line, with this one… To any Liverpool fan that reads this vile comment please understand that this is not the view of the overwhelming majority of Arsenal football fans, what happened at Hillsborough was a tragedy for the football community as a whole and we should never forget that no matter what our allegiances are.. So sorry that this so called Arsenal fan has posted such a distasteful remark.

      4. PaulB

        I fucking hope you are not an Arsenal fan m ate, because you have made yourself look like a right cunt, still with a name like Sebastian, you are probably one of those opera ponces we get at the Bowl, hang your head in shame mate, those deaths could have happen to any club including our own

      5. mack

        Heysel was a bigger tragedy, Hillsborough could have been avoided had those without tickets stayed away…

    2. keenosafc Post author

      Arsenal are above you in the league, explain how you have a better chance than us in the league? Justify your logic. The league table doesn’t lie. Whereas you clearly do.

      1. sib

        Why not answer his first question , ie
        Singing ‘Theres only one Tom Finney’ is really disrespectful isn’t it? ?

        rather than hiding behind “Justify your logic”
        you’re just making us look sillier.

      2. keenosafc Post author

        You were asked for silence in memory of Tom Finney. You failed to maintain said silence. Its clear Scouser’s have a problem following instructions. Such as “don’t turn up without tickets” or “don’t take flares”, etc.

    3. Mr X

      Library? I’m guessing you weren’t there yesterday. Your lot shut up shortly after the first goal, and come the end where I’d have thought your lot would be at their loudest trying to urge your team to get that second goal, your lot were completely silent as the rest of the ground sung their hearts out for the Arsenal.

  7. Abu Rahman

    That’s a good post! A very good one indeed. It’s not their fault Gerald was not booked for his second bookable offence and thus sent out, reducing Looserpool to ten men ! It’s not their their fault Carzola was not given a penalty when he attempted to volley in a ball but got his leg trashed (I think by Skirtel or whoever)! Arsenal will NEVER be good in the sights of all these never-see good, biased haters even if all the players of Barcelona or Bayern Munich sign for the Gunners! Hey stop!…..why all these noises? Vidic pushed Giroud away for a goal bound move right inside the box just last week and hurray! he was the best defender in the world instantly…….must you be reminded that what is good for the geese is also good for the gander???

  8. Bob W

    To follow the sentiment of your manager after the disrespectful comments from Jose.

    Keenos, your comments just bring embarrassment to Arsenal FC and its supporters.

  9. Kevin Tipp

    this was so so sweet. revenge for the 2006 champions league robery where twice looserpool got penalties they hardly deserved to send them on way to final where they still also robbed chelski for a non goal ‘goal’. a fake goal contributed to their champions league triumph. do they ever want anyone to remind them of this?? i wonder.

    1. sib

      What has Chelsea got to do with this? The ref has since said that if Garcia’s goal in 2005 was not given that he would have had no choice but to give Liverpool a penalty and send Cech off for the foul on Baros.
      Now if you had raised the issue of the Henchoz hand balls then I would totally agree!

    2. Bob W

      they were penalties…not even a close call. Fake goal contributed to champions league triumph…wow that’s a stretch.

  10. Never Outgunned

    This post reminds me of all what is wrong with the internet. Even though everyone gets a voice, that includes numbskulls without the brains to put it to good use. Of course you know full well what ‘always the victim, it’s never your fault’ refers to – Hillsborough. Of which last year proved conclusively that it wasn’t there fault. So don’t go there! Yours – a fellow Gooner

    1. Bob W

      Respect to you Never Outgunned..I would hate to think that Gooners get tarnished by some of the ‘numbskulls’ that have made comments connected with Hillsborough. They should be ashamed of themselves. Good luck in the next round.

  11. Victim Blaming

    I don’t get into fan v fan because it’s just noise, and I am certainly not going anywhere near Hillsborough. But they weren’t penalties because they weren’t called, just like the offsides at Anfield, and that might have been a different game without the snowball effect. In the end, the final scoreline is just that, final. No amount of bickering and whining changes it. You also can’t assume converting the PK and even then it’s just a 2-2 game. Maybe if Suarez doesn’t add 10 degrees of theatrics, it gets called. I will also say my dislike of Liverpool has quadrupled over the past 10 days.

  12. Rob

    Not sure I agree with the content of this post, a bit petulant and somewhat inflammatory in my opinion… To accuse the Liverpool fans as ‘scum’ is not a good thing.. On the other hand I was a little disappointed by Brendan Rogers comments post game, he could have at least given Arsenal some credit for their win, the penalty decision that was not given was just one of those inconsistencies that happen in football, every team suffers from those bad decisions at sometime or another, you just have to suck it up and move on.. Liverpool supporters on the whole are usually fairly sporting (well at least the ones I know are).. I was at Anfield that crazy night in 1989, when we beat them 2-0 to lift the league trophy, and after the game I lost count of the number of ‘scousers’ that bought me drinks in the pub after the game, they were gutted but they were magnanimous in defeat and as a result of that night I have always held them in high regard.. Sure every club has their contingent of ‘idiots’ we have a fair few ourselves, but on the whole most Liverpool fans are passionate ‘true’ football fans.. I’m sure the majority of them know that yesterday they were beaten by a team that fought hard and made the best of the chances that came their way.. They had a bad day and missed the chances that they had.. That’s football, it happens to every team.

  13. MGooner

    Some scousers like to say that Liverpool had absolutely destroyed Arsenal at Anfield and they were the better team at the Emirates, despite loosing unfairly. Say all you want The fact is, Arsenal did the bigger damage on the long run. Liverpool did destroy Arsenal at Anfield, but it just slowed Arsenal’s progress to the top of the league by 1 point. Arsenal defeat Liverpool at the Emirates albeit with an unconvincing win. But Liverpool are out of the FA Cup and have one less chance for a trophy this season. Revenge is never sweeter.

    1. James

      To be fair no excuse for the Scousers to not observe the minutes silence as they have more practise than any other club on the planet.

  14. Johnny

    Are you saying there weren’t hundreds of fans in that end without tickets then ?…..we all know there were ,strange how not one of them has come forward to admit it,they are at least partly to blame are they not ?

  15. JTheArsenal

    Scousers can fuck off with their “bring shame to the Arsenal fanbase” rhetoric. There are scummier fans than Liverpool’s, Stoke and Chelsea spring to mind, but I’ve never seen such a bunch of touchy, precious, passive aggressive supporters. You want 9,000 at our ground? Don’t set off smoke bombs. I’m not even going into the alleged stuff i.e ticketless fans pushing through turnstiles.

    Liverpool have a good manager, an attack much better than every side but City’s in England and are well supported wherever they go. You don’t have to bitch and complain about everyone being out to get you, you’re not doing badly, sometimes things go wrong, and maybe occasionally it is your fault.

    I’ve been nice. Now fuck off you melts.

  16. JebLFC

    Horrific comments in here, Sebastian said ‘oh look they’ve brought up Hillsborough’ when this post has obvious undertones of Hillsborough running through it. Lost a lot of respect for Arsenal fans after this, and tell me how many fouls Podolski committed before he was booked, or was he not?

      1. j75j

        Explain to me how Podolski stayed on the pitch? Wild tackle on Flanagan and gives Webb the thumbs up for not booking him!!!!

  17. JRL

    Revisionism and shifting blame is not a scouse trait as you’ve put it, but a Liverpool fans trait, it’s in their DNA. There was probably a minority of scousers amongst them, they’re populated mainly by wooly backs and glory hunters with a smattering of people actually from the city….”but, but, I’ve supported them for 30 years mate and, and my dad/grandad was from Widnes so I SHOULD support them”.

    The “it’s never your fault…” chant was originally sung by Evertonians in response to the Suarez/Evra affair with zero affiliation to Hillsborough and yet again this has been hijacked by Liverpool fans to try and put blame elsewhere. The connotations when it was taken up soon after and sung by United fans may have been different but that’s United and they have been known to do and say despicable things about the tragedy for years so no big surprise.

    As for Sunday, Liverpool never lose, they just score less goals than other teams and piss and moan at refereeing injustice and teams having more money than them (oh the irony of that last one!).

    They are a breed apart and specialise in bitterness, watch and listen how their current David Brent-esque plays them like fiddles about no money, “we’re LiverpoolBlubblubblub, we’re massive” and how “you can live without water, but you can’t live without hope”.

    They’re fucking texans, every last one of them.

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  19. Joe

    Great article, the scouse scumbags should get a grip, stick to supporting their biting racist talisman and stop moaning about the ref. How many times have decisions gone their way and no mention, as soon as we get the rub of the green against them the whole scouse biased media are up in arms. Fuck them all to hell as far as I’m concerned.

  20. Derek Hannon

    This website is full of Bile, it seems to attract the worst element of Arsenal fans. I sat with Arsenal fans at the game. Ignore this rubbish as it’s not how the majority think


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