10 reasons why we will beat Bayern Munich + starting 11

1) In 2013, we only lost to Bayern Munich on away goals. We have since improved.

2) Our win percentage leading up to the Munich games last time was 47%. Since then, our win percentage is 70%

3%) What let us down in the first leg last time out was defensive errors. Since then, we’ve kept shit loads of clean sheets and have a keeper whose never been in better form.

4) Bayern Munich might be unbeaten in the Bundesliga this year, but this is a bigger indictment on how poor the German league is, than how good Munich are.

5) Bayern Munich are not challenged week in week in Germany. They will struggle to raise their performance for us.

6) No Ribery. No Shaqiri. No chance.

7) The last time Bayern Munich failed to score in a a game was against Arsenal.

8) Mesut Ozil.

9) We have a Big Fucking German. Bayern Munich don’t.

10) Wenger knows, this is the one he wants…

Predicted Starting XI – Chesney, Sagna, Kos, BFG, Gibbs, Jack, Flamini, Santi, Ozil, Rosicky, Giroud.

Hope everyone reading this whose going the game tonight get’s in early to take part in RedActions card display.



14 thoughts on “10 reasons why we will beat Bayern Munich + starting 11

  1. Garry Dinsley

    i and my 9 year old son,who incidentally is going to the biggest game ever at the Emirates tonight (in fact he’s walking around like a kid with 2 Dicxx) ha ha. We hope we get a win 2night We agree with all of the above.. C’mon you Gunners


  2. spgun

    I bet you arsenal is going to loose today match if Mr wenga Bench Lukas podosky with that furcking giruod we find it difficult to neet thanks


  3. bc

    We need the ox we need poldi we need santi rosicky and ozil

    For me, wilshire giroud gnabry and sanogo should be on the bench

    Play the guardiola way


  4. pussypie

    here is my starting eleven. Chezny, jekison, matesaka, kosilielny, sonogo, diaby, monreal, cathola, walcott, ramsy, arsen wenger and me then we beat the shit of germans



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