Exclusive Pictures: Arsenal v Sunderland

PER-2636 PER-2641 Podolski Shadow-2912 Podolski-2859 POLDI9-2781 POLDI-2606 ROZZA-2662 ROZZA-2670 SANTI-2687 santilaughing-2719 Wilshere Portrait-2555 wilsherepass-2832 ARTETA-2705 BergkampandKen Friar-2365 BergkampandKen Friar-2367 BergkampIphonePreview-2328 caazorla header-2873 GIROUD-2677 giroud-2733 giroud-2871 JACKTONGUE-2794 jackwilshere2-2796 jackwilshere3-2797 jackwilshereheader-2826 jackwilsherethrowaway-2948 kos-2776 nacho-2580 kos-2753 JENKINSON-2593Kieran

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