9 years no trophies for The Arsenal, but what about other clubs?

During the FA Cup tie yesterday, once we were 4-1 up and cruising through to a Wembley Semi Final, I started to think about when we last won a trophy. 2005 was that date, the same competition. It has been well documented in the press that it has been 9 years for Arsenal without a trophy. 9 long years. 9 years of suffering. But then I looked at who we were playing . Everton.

The last time Everton won a trophy was in 1995. With no chance of a trophy this year, that will make it 19 years without a trophy. But where are the headlines? Where are the big stories? There are none. Now Everton are a big side. They have won the league 9 times and the FA Cup 5 times.  Before Arsene Wenger took over at Arsenal, Everton had only won 1 League title and 1 FA Cup less than Arsenal.

Everton are by no means a small club. They are 6th on the all time list of England’s most successful clubs. That position was 5th before Chelsea won the lottery. So why no headlines? 19 years is a lot longer than Arsenal’s 9. Remember, before Arsene Wenger, Arsenal & Everton were similar sized clubs (honours, stadium size, fan base, success, time in top division, etc).

This got me thinking further. So much is made of 9 years without a trophy for Arsenal, but if the press are hushed up on Everton’s 19 years, how long has it been for other clubs?

Team Last Trophy Total Trophies
Manchester City 2014 16
Manchester United 2013 62
Swansea City 2013 1
Wigan Athletic 2013 1
Chelsea 2013 26
Liverpool 2012 60
Birmingham City 2011 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2008 24
Portsmouth 2008 5
Arsenal 2005 39
Middlesbrough 2004 1
Blackburn Rovers 2002 12
Fulham 2002 1
Leicester City 2000 4
Aston Villa 1996 23
Everton 1995 24
Leeds United 1992 9
Sheffield Wednesday 1991 9
Crystal Palace 1991 1
Nottingham Forest 1990 13
Luton Town 1988 1
Reading 1988 1
Wimbledon 1988 1
Coventry City 1987 1
Oxford United 1986 1
Norwich City 1985 2
Ipswich Town 1981 3
Wolves 1980 13
West Ham United 1980 6
Southampton 1976 1
Derby County 1975 4
Sunderland 1973 9
Stoke City 1972 1
Swindon Town 1969 1
Newcastle United 1969 13
QPR 1967 1
Burnley 1960 5
Bolton Wanderers 1958 5
Blackpool 1953 1
Charlton Athletic 1947 1
Preston North End 1938 4
Cardiff City 1927 2
Huddersfid Town 1926 5
Sheffield United 1925 5
Barnsley 1912 1
Bradford City 1911 1
Bury 1903 2
Notts County 1894 1
Blackburn Olympic 1883 1
Old Etonians 1882 2
Old Carthusians 1881 1
Clapham Rovers 1880 1
Wanderers 1878 5
Royal Engineers 1875 1
Oxford University 1874 1

When I see big sides such as Aston Villa and Everton having not won a trophy in nearly 2 decades, when Nottingham Forest, winners of 2 European Cups, have been trophyless since 1990, Wolves since 1980, and that ‘massive club’ Newcastle since 1969, I wonder, why the continual fuss over Arsenal?

Yes, 9 years is a long time for Arsenal, but only 9 clubs have won a trophy since Arsenal’s last win, and 5 of those clubs won just won trophy. The table above brings a lot into perspective.

We have a chance of winning the FA Cup this season. If we do win it, maybe the press can stop talking about Arsenal and start talking about Everton’s last 19 years, or Spurs not winning a league title since 1961.



23 thoughts on “9 years no trophies for The Arsenal, but what about other clubs?

    1. Pius 'Gunner' Chomo

      @David More, you are absolutely on point. This new generation of pressmen and pundits with their constantly skewed analyses will not just give us and our great Arsenal a rest. Whatever it is that fuels their disdain for anything Arsenal is better left to their own imaginations. What is most puzzling however, is the fact that some so-called Arsenal fans often tow the same line of thought and action at the slightest mishap that happens to our darling team! It’s ludicrous.


  1. insideright

    It might also be noted that hardly any of those other clubs have managed to move to a new , much bigger,stadium during recent history – let alone, fill it week in, week out, despite the ‘disaster’ of not winning a trophy. Even those that have won things have done so via winning the lottery (as you put it so well) or by putting themselves into, often unsustainable, debt.


  2. Pookie

    Excellent summary and deconstruction of the media’s grand narrative about our club. Flamini should have hurled his ‘birthday’ cake in to the face of the itv interviewer yesterday and shouted, “stuff your nine candles up your 4rse, tu sac du merde!”


    1. Spectrum

      He IS a loser. Mourinho was spot on. It’s not just the media that “portray” him as such. There are many realist Gunners fans who feel the same. And other clubs have gone longer without a trophy, yes, but they didn’t have a manager who is the highest paid in Europe ( or the world ! ) did they ?
      To deserve that kind of money, you have to produce results within a reasonable time frame. Wenger hasn’t. In fact, at any other major club with genuine ambition, he would have been sacked years ago. He’s been living on borrowed time for far too long. He should do the honourable thing and refuse the offer of a new contract. It’s insane, and rewards him for failure.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”


      1. pchomo

        Whatever message (or was it insult?) which you intended by your last quote failed to achieve uor desired impact. Did I hear you say ‘insane’? Well, guess who is insane by his depraved lust for Wenger’s blood.


  3. Craszygunner

    It’s very easy to look downwards at the clubs that have not won anything for ages and feel better about ourselves but l believe the true test is to compare ourselves with the clubs that have won trophies recently without oil money…ie Liverpool Manchester United Spurs Everton clubs of similar stature you will see that yes we have done well against the other teams except Manchester United…

    Even with the move to the emirates l still feel arsenal could have done better Wengers arrogance got in the way of winning the other not too important trophies…


  4. Henrik P

    The thing that surprises me most is how few times (if any) it’s mentioned that Liverpool haven’t won the league in over 20 years.


    1. Spectrum

      True. But unlike at Arsenal, they’re not scared to take a risk, and have changed managers a number of times. Now under Brendan Rogers, it looks as though their boldness and vision could be about to pay off. They’re having their best season for ages, and are third favourites with the bookies. Our odds ? After the debacle at Stoke, we’ve blown out to a distant 20 /1.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”


  5. mojo

    That has been the case all along and Arsenal made it big without some one person putting in their millions, come end of season and Arsenal has won a trophy, u will hear 1 trophy in 10yrs. Media dislikes Arsenal due to the fact that they play attracting football and does not need to be spoiled by a reach millionaire to achieve what they have and can.


    1. Spectrum

      One trophy in ten years. Still would be a very poor record wouldn’t it ? Whilst it would be nice to win SOMETHING, in perspective it doesn’t make up for the previous nine years of underachievement and missed opportunities. But the A.K.B.’s are so desperate for ANY kind of success in order to validate ( in their minds ) their defence of him. Pathetic.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”


  6. Amos

    Excellent perspective – though does anyone really bother to count the League Cup as a trophy any more? I’m not even sure that the FA Cup should count as one. Realistically CL qualification is a better achievement than any domestic cup. Count how many teams have won only the trophies that matter, the league title first and CL second, and the triumphs of some of those who have won a trophy in the last 9 years comes into even sharper perspective


    1. Spectrum

      No. Realistically, WINNING the champion’s league is a better achievement. Not finishing top four, and shamefully celebrating it as though we had won the final itself – as many mugs and the A.K.B.’s did last season.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”


  7. dO2

    Am alwaz furious at doz hell of pundits and media gys… D way Arsenal’s issues are taken/addressed is alwaz appalling, with 2much stress/emphasis laid on less irrelevant stuffs… Wen all top clubs taste defeats, only ours tks d headline. eg wen Liverpool lost @home 2 Sothon earlier dis czn, or City’s loss at newly promoted Cardiff, it was almost nothn- ‘normal’ (and to mention Utd’s poor run) But wen we lost to Villa on d 1st day, or Stoke’s defeat, it was as if dat was d end of d world for us. Take a look at how dey’ve attacked Ozil in past weeks. A player who has brought in reputatn, added quality to d team turned into a ‘flop’ overnight for either failling to score in evry game (as if he is a striker) or for missing a spot kick which almost all big names and legends hav missed, using his weakness as anoda aimless point. Anoda hurting thing again is how not just our opponents (+ media/pundits) hav attacked us effortlessly, but even d so-called fellow supporters of ours hav blindly/ignorantly joined in…all in d lazy archaic excuz of: “i speak d truth despite being a gunner…” Dey wont still give up even after lifting d epl or d FA cup, but will stil find lazy/silly xcuz of “dey only managed to win bcos almost every top team changed dia managers or players; dey shud win it bck2bck before convincing us… I c us lifting a trophy dis czn, despite d odds… Long live Arsenal FC, long live GUNENERS!!


  8. Arsenal Till I Die

    Media love plastics.
    Utd, Chelsea and more recently City have been the epitome of plastic in the PL.

    Not just us, even teams like the Kops who have had people stay loyal almost as us have had to hear this.

    Its weird that you have to hear, “With that 3 pts, Utd could start to mount a challenge” when a couple of years ago, in a better spot than Utd are right now, we’ve had to hear “Could they be relegated/4th place is a dream”

    Fuck the Media.
    Forget the Rest.

    Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be will be, We’re going to Wembleyy


  9. Arsenal Till I Die

    People who say in Arsene we rust, would’ve cringed if he went to a team with means.

    Dont just look at Wenger, do keep in mind our downfall and the Yank takeover kind of coincided.

    Not a surprise there.

    If Faginho with his golden Russian credit card is called a legend and Arsene, a man who built Arsenal into what it is today is a loser, then you should think again.

    9 years of underachievement, yes.

    Without Arsene’s contribution, we would have been off saying “To Dare Is To Do” like a bunch of idiots.

    Back him, till the day he leaves.
    Back each and every person associated with the Arsenal till they leave.


    1. Spectrum

      Why do the A.K.B.’S always criticise we realists, by listing Wenger’s achievements, as if we aren’t aware of them ? Of course we are. There’s no denying all the good things he did for us. But we’ve moved on, the A.K.B’S haven’t. They live in the past, not in the present. Why continue to idolise a man who has done as much as can for us ? Why can’t you free yourselves of your leech-like emotional attachment to him, and realise that the future success of the club lies in thanking him for what he HAS done, let go of your fear of change, and allow someone else to see what he can do ? EIGHTEEN YEARS he’s been with us. For exactly HALF that time he’s won nothing. Overall that’s a so-so 50-50 record. And getting worse every year he goes without a trophy. That’s an indication of a manager in decline.

      Even if we somehow win the F.A. Cup, my opinion on him won’t change. He needs to do a lot more – particularly winning THE LEAGUE, ( a much tougher feat to achieve ) before he’ll regain my confidence in him. Until then – Wenger OUT !

      ” In Arsene we rust.”


  10. EPPO

    Spectrum. We undetstand your view so you don’t have to end every comment with that term. It is very childish and so makes your opinion worthless!

    Arsenal will always be important to me no matter who is in charge or how successful we are !


    1. Spectrum

      “Childish” ? It makes a solid statement of what I and many others believe to be the situation. And if you can’t see the truth in it, then to quote a favourite A.K.B. expression ; “Go support another club”.

      Because you are effectively saying that the welfare of THE MANAGER is more important than that of Arsenal itself. You need to get your priorities right.

      ( Just for you Eppo ) – ” In Arsene we rust.”


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