Is Olivier Giroud the problem?

This season, a lot of our failures have been laid at the feet of Olivier Giroud. Now I am not his biggest fan. I have openly expressed my views in previous blogs. His lack of individual brilliance. His play acting. His moaning. His shagging. His inability to out jump Danny Rose. He is a frustrating player at times. But is some of the criticism aimed at him too much?

Olivier Giroud is our current top scorer, with 19 goals in all competitions. A fairly modest return. Our so you would think. Below is a table of every player who has scored over 10 goals in a single season for Arsenal since 2006:Goalscorers

Now Olivier Giroud currently sits 7th on the list. In Arsenal’s remaining 9 (potential 10) remaining games, if Giroud were to score another 3 goals, it would mean that only twice has another player gone on to score more goals in a single season then him – Van Persie in 11/12 and Adebayor in 07/08. So is Giroud, or is perceived lack of goal scoring ability, the problem?

The answer is clearly no.

The problem lies in those around him. The following is how many players in said seasons have scored 10 or more goals:

2006-07 – 5
2007-08 – 3
2008-09 – 3
2009-10 – 4
2010-11 – 5
2011-12 – 2
2012-13 – 4
2013-14 – 2

To have just 2 players so far score 10 or more goals is quite frankly poor. Especially when one of those players is Aaron Ramsey, who has not bee seen since Santa Clause kidnapped him. The only previous season since 2006 that we had just 2 goal scorers with over 10 goals was also the year when Robin Van Persie hit 37. The team was built around him.

The problem is not that Giroud does not score enough, it is that those around him are not scoring enough. With Walcott injured, Cazorla goal shy, Podolski inconsistent, Sanogo non-existent, the goal scoring duty has fallen to Giroud, and he simply is not a 37 goal a season man.

The blame for this obviously falls to Arsene Wenger. He, like the rest of us, should have seen that Giroud needed help, and his failure to buy another striker is becoming our downfall.

When I look at Nicklas Bendtner, he appears on the list twice, scoring 12 and 15 goals. How important could they have been this season? Whilst I am not saying he should have played more, what happened to him to make him fall so much? With Wenger not fancying him, who did Wenger plan would score Bendtner’s 10+ goals?

What has happened to Podolski? What has happened to Cazorla? Both scored 10+ goals last year. This year they have become shadow’s of the players. We are struggling for goals. We have scored 29 less than Liverpool. 24 less than Manchester City. Goals win games, and we, as a team, are not scoring enough.

Olivier Giroud, however, is doing his part. He is being let down by those around him. Let down by his manager.


So before the Manchester City game, and during it, do not criticse Olivier Giroud. Have a go at his team mates who are not scoring enough. Have a go at Arsene Wenger who failed to buy another striker. Leave Giroud alone. He is not the problem.




13 thoughts on “Is Olivier Giroud the problem?

  1. BenGunner

    I can see where you’re coming from, how ever, if you look at the chances Giourd misses throughout the season its unacceptable, they way Arsenal are playing is as we did when we had RVP in the middle and he was putting them in the goal. What Arsenal need is a poacher similar to Remy who gets in those areas and scores goals. Not backs into a defender, misses simple tap ins and then tries over head scissor kicks.

  2. faron sanders

    I love Oli, he showed we need him not just for his goals, when he left the pitch, There was no one to hold the ball up when he swapped with Sanogo, and the ball kept coming back too quickly. Which was piling on the pressure on the defence. which led to that unlucky goal. I agree with your statement of it being Arsene’s fault. His stubbornness and his lack of tactical awareness has caused us to start falling behind.

  3. chidi

    Giroud is d worst player ever played or playing in England both in epl, championship, conference, division 1,2,3 etc

  4. Franny

    Jesus Christ Keenos. Do you actually believe some of the tripe you come out with yourself?

    He’s an absolute donkey. Stats don’t prove anything. As for Podolski not scoring enough, how many games has he started compared to that twat Giroud? You put anyone in that position and with this team they would be guaranteed 20 goals a season.

    He misses important chances game after game, has never turned up against a big club, ball bounces off him consistently, barely runs half the game while he’s camped out in an offside position, loves to drop back and cock up any attack, can’t take more than 2 touches on the ball, is slower than Mertesacker, spends more time posing after a miss instead of getting back into play, has poor positioning, poor passing, never taken on a player in his life, rarely makes runs to create space for others, etc etc. The list goes on.

    He’s a good fourth choice striker when your top 3 are injured and you’re desperate. Otherwise he’s the worst first choice striker we’ve ever had at this club in at least 25 years.

    But it’s ok because he’s brilliant at tap ins… When he’s actually there to tap them in.

    Oh and he has a fantastic song that we can sing to him even when he’s been dogturd all game to make him think that he has actually been good. Sometimes removing support is more incentive than blind singing of his name.

    1. Tawiah

      i 100% agree with you cuz i believe Giroud and Wenger is the problem looking at the numbers playing time giving him and the chances missed its not compared to that of Podolski. i think if Wenger’s magic had work with France players some time ago, it does not mean its going to still work with them now so he (Wenger) should try it with Podolski and give him some playing time and patience as he had given to those France players.

      sincerely, i am a great fun of Wenger and i think he has lost touch on his tactics as they are of the olden days of football so he should rather be moved to the Board room and go in for another Coach like Klopp who may understand today’s way of soccer.

  5. otnielrinaldo

    From goal, yes perhaps. But from 19 goals can we have breakdown of them? Correct me if i wrong but he scored more than once in one game, couple times yes, against (let say) lower class clubs. Did he score against Man City? United? Chelea? Liverpool? We need him to score against them IF you want win the league!!! But if you want to go 4th position or fa cup or carling cup then be my guest.

  6. Antique Gunmen

    All strikers , specially lone striker, have the most responsibility to score goals, not players around him. What Giroud did simply wasn’t enough for a title contender like us. Compare him to Costa, Dzeko or Mandzukic. You can check the stats when Arsenal relied on theirs midfielders goal. Too many times I believe. Tomas, Ox, Cazorla, Ozil, Jack and mostly Rambo all have covered Giroud ass. The absence of some of them clearly emphasized to whom Giroud quality and productivity rely on. Giroud has no pace or versatility to score by himself.
    If he still our main striker next season, believe me, it could be the same story like this all over again.
    You can argue that Chelsea has the same problem. But don’t forget that their midfielders depth are better and sharper than us.

  7. Ben

    As a Liverpool fan who came across this article, i do not think the blame lies solely at Giroud’s feet, however, he is part of the problem. His goal return simply isnt good enough for a side wanting to challenge for titles. City have Aguero, Chelsea are lacking a main man, but have Hazard, Schurrle, Eto’o and Oscar to contribute. Liverpool of course have the SAS.

    The problem is that Arsenal have no one to call upon to get goals if Giroud is misfiring. With Ramsey out injured, there is no one else to rely on for goals. Podolski & cazorla both have 10+ goals in them but have been misfiring this season.

    Simply put, Arsenal need someone to rely on up front. 11 & 13 league goals each season is not a good return for a top 4 striker. If the midfielders cannot score, then they can’t rely on their forward either.

    For the record, i like Giroud, and he suits your style of play very very well. I just think if you want to be challenging for the title you want a forward who can get you 20/30 goals a season. How different could things have been if you took Suarez off us…

  8. Chiedozie

    The numbers actually make Giroud look good, but he is not that good. He is not good enough to make Arsenal’s 1st eleven. Look at his first touch, his passes, his misses, and how he disappears in important games. He is only ok when we play bottom and middle table sides as you can see from most of his goals.
    I agree however that some important players in the past season have been poor this season. Leading this group is Carzola, Aterta and Wilshere in that order. Podolski can score goals when he gets the chance, but the problem is what he does before that chance comes. He is not good as the top striker, can’t pass as well as his mates when he is on the wings, and he can’t defend. This is why he is not played that often.
    The 3rd problem is loosing Walcot to injury. His speed and direct running helped create space for the midfielders, who were then able to create chances. But without him it has been easy to stop Arsenal from scoring.

  9. Obidude

    In a team like arsenal with have lots of creative midfielders where most pass is targeted to the striker, Giroud should be banging loads of goals. He is the weakest Ist choice striker i ve ever seen in arsenal shirt. He lacks pace to run pass a defender, hardly wins ariel duels to get the ball on target, poor positioning and thats is why every cross into the box ends up as a waste. He too bad at finishing, never a threat to big teams because he very predictable with his linkup passes (the only tin he does) etc. I cant find what he can do to earn him a deal with arsenal or better stil a place in the best ten teams in epl. Giroud is the reason we dont win big teams. However wenger should be blame too for sympathising with Giroud and not finding better replacement for him.

  10. sean

    Its clear you dnt knw wat u tlking about! Or ur analysis are jst simply dumb.. Hw do u expct midfieldrs to score when d striker doesn’t create goal scoring chance for himself and others?… Go chk out the amount of chance suarez aguero sturidge hulk and costa have created for their team mates… Giroud is outdated and stiff


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