Arsenal v Man City – Time to remove the negativity

Good morning The Arsenal. today is game day. That means it is time to put the negativity of the last week behind us and get behind the team. Tomorrow we can all return to bitching and moaning.

I fear the worst today. We are mentally weak at the moment and down to the bare bones with injuries. With Aaron Ramsey suffering his 54th injury set back and 5 of the 8 players currently out having ‘no return date’ on we have very few players to pick from. Bendtner might even make the bench again! In contrast, Manchester City are likely to be without just two players, Micah Richards and Matija Nastasic.

Whilst mentioning Micah Richards, it is interesting that he seems to be the fans favourite to replace Bacary Sagna this summer. ARE YOU CRAZY. We currently have 8 injuries. Were we to sign Richards, all it would mean would we would have another player injured. In the last 2 seasons, he has played just 9 league games. In total, he has played just 2 more games in all competitions then Abou Diaby in the last two season. So if you are one of those calling for him to join Arsenal, ensure you do not moan when he gets injured for the season!

But back to the game. Whilst I said there should be no negativity, there is a cause I ask you all to get behind:

No matter whether you are Wenger in our Wenger out or just want to shake it all about, the way the club are currently treating the fans with the completely unjustified 3% ticket increase is a disgrace. This season, we will have record gate receipts. We have signed record kit deals. And we are signing new commercial deals as far afield as China.

The 4.30pm meet is a perfect time. It is late enough that people going to the ground will join in and make their voices heard, whilst early enough to ensure the atmosphere within the ground is not damaged. And remember, when you are in the ground, you are there to back the team, not berate the board.

Our season is not over yet. Everton are breathing down our necks for 4th. And we have an FA Cup Semi Final and maybe even a final to look forward too. Remember, it’s the fans that are important. Remove the negative thoughts from your mind, let last week remain last week. Look forward. And back The Arsenal.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal v Man City – Time to remove the negativity

  1. bring back dein

    couple of issues: first they will be missing aguero too and he’s pretty much a more important player than either of the two you mentioned

    second: are you sure richards has been limited to such few appearances because of injury or is it the fact that pablo zabaletta ahead of him is miles better and rarely gets injured? its the latter for me

    also, this game is going to be beamed around the world so being all nicey nicey in the stadium – where is that going to get you? we need to have protests inside the stadium during these big televised games to make the board worry about their “commercial interests” with regard to the overseas audience – thats what will worry them into making some changes (managerial or just properly loosening the purse strings)

    arsenes continued talk about ffp yesterday was very concerning, its simple, he doesnt want to make us the best team in the league, he wants ffp to bring the other teams down to our level – he has no ambition and we need to demonstrate our anger

    all imo of course

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Ticket prices went up at a higher %age then ever under Dein. He wanted us to move to Wembley. He let many contracts expire. He has made more money out of Arsenal then anyone else. He was the one who sold his shares and created the ownership problem we currently have. He is not the Messiah.


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