Nine free transfer’s that could interest Arsenal

Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace)

The Crystal Palace legend has proven this year he is a decent Premier League keeper. Palace are currently stalling on a new contract until their Premier League survival is confirmed. If we are looking for a back-up for Wojciech Szczesny, we could do far worse. He ticks all the right boxes. Experienced, Premier League quality, lives in London & would see sitting on our bench as a step up. At 34, he would jump to end his career at a big club. Although he does love Palace…

Robert Green (QPR)

Much in the same was as Speroni, Robert Green would become a decent 2nd choice goal keeper. With QPR’s promotion challenge faltering, a move to a Premier League club would interest him. Might not be a big name, however he would be the right name.

Mickael Landreau (Bastia)

The 34 year old French goal keeper has played 750 games. In the short term, he has the ability to compete with Szczesny for the number 1 spot. In the long term, he would be a very good number 2.

Mario Gaspar (Villarreal)

With Bacary Sagna still yet to sign a new contract, and with Hector Bellerin and Carl Jenkinson not read / good enough for the first team, an option could be to go for Mario Gasper, the 23 year old right back of Villarreal. A Spanish Youth International. Quick ,with good defensive awarness, he could develop into a long term replacement for Sagna.

Younes Kaboul (Tottenham)

Last week we were linked with the Frenchman. Whilst he has come out on twitter denying a move to Arsenal, a deal could well still happen. At 28, the French centreback is in his prime. Were Thomas Vermaelen to leave for pastures new, he would be a very compotent replacement, with the added bonus of being free.

Joleon Lescott (Manchester City)

Like with Kaboul, interest in Lescott would only materialise if Vermaelen left. A solid, if not exceptional centre back, you’d think he could do a job as back up for Merteseacker and Koscielny. However, just 8 games this season in the league, and with Demichelis starting ahead of him, the question would be ‘has he lost it’.

Alex (PSG)

The former Chelsea centre back has already been linked with Manchester United. He would be able to provide serious competition to Koscielny and Mertesacker at the centre of the defence.

Jeremy Menez (PSG)

If we are looking to increase our strength in depth on the wings and add some pace to the side, Jeremy Menez could be the answer. A left winger with a beautiful right foot, he would be a much cheaper option than Julian Draxler. If I were manager? I would snap up Menez no matter what happens with the Draxler deal.

Tom Ince (Blackpool)

Whilst some are talking about bidding for Wilfried Zaha, Tom Ince, on a free transfer, could provide better value. Whilst he might not have the class or ability to ever become a 1st choice winger from Arsenal, he would add a bit of squad depth and pace. Things sorely missed this season.




7 thoughts on “Nine free transfer’s that could interest Arsenal

  1. Franny

    What the hell Keenos?

    They’re all trash players. Wake up from your midtable club mentality. We are a top club, none of these players should be near a top club.

    Makes sense why you’ve accepted Wenger’s piss poor signings if you think any of this lot could do a job for us.

      1. Invincibles49

        LOL, Paul tell him Neuer don’t wanna leave Bayern to become Szczesny’s back up hahaha!

  2. Wolfgang

    Wenger has poor record with free transfers. If he stays and is serious about making the gunners challengers,he shd spend money.
    Otherwise it will be a waste of time for the last five years.

  3. Jay

    “and with Demichelis starting ahead of him, the question would be ‘has he lost it’.”
    bearing in mind how staggeringly bad Demichellis is, the question should be “has both of his legs fell off?”

  4. Not bothered

    This is what really twists my nipples with Arsenal and bloggers/fans. Our rivals are going in for the likes of Costa, Cavani, Kroos, and so on and so forth, and who are linked to? a bunch of quacks like Kaboul ffs. We should seriously wake up! or we will NEVER be able to compete. we will keep pretending, when the key games come along we will fall short again and again and remain in our mediocre 4th place in the end. Jeez!

    1. keenosafc Post author

      The players I mentioned have been mentioned for a reason. As squad players. Not as 1st choice. I’ve clearly not said ‘buy these players and only these players.’

      Were we to go out and sign (for example) Speroni, Alex & Menez, that is 3 very good squad players, leaving us with more money to buy Kroos, Cavani and Costa.


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