Arsene Wenger to leave this summer

I write this with a heavy heart this morning. Having been at the 3-0 defeat away to Everton, on the back of a draw against Swansea, and a thrashing by Chelsea, it is time, time for Arsene Wenger to go.

A little over a year ago, Andre Villas Boas famously said: “they are in a negative spiral in terms of results, to [get] out of that negative spiral is extremely difficult.”. How we all mocked him as Arsenal shot down the ten Tottenham points in the gap.

This year, however, we are in a negative spiral. In our last 11 games, we have won 3, drawn 4 and lost 4. DWLDWLWLDDL. The Premier League form guide for the last 6 games does not make pretty reading:Form GuideThe team is falling apart. And the buck has to stop with Wenger. When I look at the team that started yesterday, it contained 9 players who are regularly picked in the squad of their international side, and a total of 510 caps. It was not like we had a bunch of untried kids out there.

If the players are as good as they are, and we are unable to compete against Everton, let alone get a point, the buck must stop with the manager. Our capitulation against Everton, against Chelsea, against Manchester City, against Liverpool, is simply not acceptable. I often back Wenger by saying ‘name someone who can do a better job’. But surely there is someone out there who can do a better job then 0 points away against the top 5, conceding 20 goals.

Our results against the top 7 this year have been shambolic:

Liverpool: 2-1 / 1-5
Chelsea: 0-0 / 0-6
Manchester City: 1-1 / 3-6
Everton: 1-1 / 0-3
Tottenham: 1-0 / 1-0
Manchester United: 0-0 / 0-1

Played 12, Won 3, Drawn 4, Lost 5, F 10 A 24, Points 13.

13 points out of 36. Those games make up nearly a third of our season. How we can expect to compete for the league, let alone win the league, with that return. And it is a double edged sword. Not only did we only take 5 points from our title rivals, they took 11 from us. It is not good enough. Wenger is not good enough.

The side is lacking confidence, it is lacking quality. Yes, after 22 games, we were top. In a 3 horse race for the title. Now we risk coming 5th. That has to come down to the manager. OK, you could point to injuries, but how many years have we done that?

All the injuries expose is a) our medical process and b) our lack of squad depth. Whilst Manchester City have had a choice of Dzeko, Negrado & Jovetic. If Giroud get’s an injury or loses form, we have the choice of Bendtner or Sanogo.

As for our captain, Thomas Vermaelen, a lot of the talk has been ‘if he leaves we need to replace him’. After another inept display, it should not be down to him, he should be sold and replaced. He looks disinterested and is not the committed player he was during his first season for us. He should be shipped out. And the vice-captain is no better.

I am not being reactionary. Did I expect us to go and spank Everton? No I did not, they are a very good side, the 5th best in the Premier League. But it was our lack of fight. Our lack of chances. The way we played. When we went 1-0 down, I turn to my mate and said “that’s that then”. We just do not look like scoring.

The fact is, we are not good enough. We have £100m sitting in the bank. I know this has not been there a long time, but it is negligible that more was not spent in the summer, or in January.

Do I still think Wenger is the best man for the job? Perhaps. Yes. But that is based on the fact that he must spend. He must give his 10 transfer targets to the board, and let them sign the players he wants. He must not be let to dither over an extra couple of million. Hand the targets over, let the board, Dick Law, Ivan Gazidas, whoever, sign the players. Likewise, if we need a bit of extra cash to complete a spending spree, the board should release it. The money is in the club.

If he tells the board he is happy with the squad, that he only wants 1 or 2 new players, then that is it, ship him out. Get the new man in. A man willing to spend big. A man who will motivate the players. Yes, he might not win away to Chelsea, Manchester City or Liverpool next year, but a new man would certainly get the team putting up a better performance. Not accept capitulation. Not accept mediocrity.

Is it time for Wenger to go? My heart says no, my head says yes.


Final Note: Let today be a day of negativity. Get it out of your system. Then tomorrow wake up. Be positive. We have an FA Cup semi final to win on Saturday.


22 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger to leave this summer

  1. Peter Burgess

    I have thought for some time that Wenger should resign, especially as I did not want him to suffer the ignamy of being sacked. However,his team selection and tactics has shown he is living in the past and for the long term future of Arsenal we must make a change now. We can no longer go on putting out a team that does not take into account the strengths of the opposition. Take yesterday, Everton has tremendous pace out wide from forwards who run and very athletic full backs we went in with wide players who do not track back and cover their fullbacks. Their manage looked at the way we set up moved Lukaka out wide to overload our full backs even more. Would Wenger have changed his tactics to play against Everton. The answer is no. Why play Podolski out wide he does not track back. The Ox should have started wide left. Jenkinson who whilst not the finished article is an athlete should have been wide right, and with two banks of four we would have been much more solid and at the same time we would have injected pace into the team. Also we could then have pushed Carzolla right up front alongside Giroud and offer something different at the other end of the pitch. Different I know but something a manager living off past glories would not try. A new younger more astute manager would have set our teams up differently for these big away games.

  2. walkslad

    As a scouser and Liverpool fan living in London I’d just like to say that watching your horrible club suffer this season has been ace. Your fans are all gobshites and you are my second most hated club after the mancs. I was made up yesterday when Everton beat you cos when I go into work I will remind all them smug gooner wankers that they support a shit club and you’ll never be like us. Ha Ha fuck off

    1. Hoonie

      so us Gooners are gobshites, but we don’t let off flares or smoke bombs in grounds, we didn’t murder Juventus fans at Heysel and we didn’t murder our own at Hillsborough either

  3. Mike

    Definitely time for him to go.

    Tactically he is so poor in comparison to the younger managers who are doing so well. I don’t think allowing him to sign 100 million worth of players will make the team successful.

    He’s not going to change now. Too stubborn and stuck in his ways to implement the massive change the team needs. Tactics, training, injuries, transfers, mentality are all a real worry. They all need improvement. Only another manager will do this.

  4. kris

    I hate wenger gazadis ,kronke. we fans pay a lot of money to see mediocre perf it’s enough guys. with these people ahead I w’ont support arsenal anymore.years after years they have pissed on us. enough is enough.35 years I have been supporting them but not anymore. I wish wigan beat them.

  5. walkslad

    What’s with the abuse boys?
    Yes I’m a scouser and yes I have a great job thanks. Love all the banter keep it coming boys. But seriously along with the mancs watching you boys implode this season has been ace. Keep it going because I really hate you cunts. Ha Ha !!!

    1. Louis1913

      Its hilarious that you sought out this blog to make a childish and abusive post. Then you ask what’s with the abuse? Tell you what pal, crawl back under the rock you came from, piss and moan about hilsborough a little more, enjoy your current resurgent team and make sure you dont miss the signing on deadline. The way you have come on here highlights exactly what you are, scum….
      I reckon we will end up with one more trophy than you this season, here’s hoping you don’t live to see your club win another league title.

      1. Hoonie

        Louis1913, you have to remember Hillsborough wasn’t there fault, nothing is ever there fault, it was the police, the stewards, the FA for giving them the smaller end of the ground, you cant blame the scummy bin dippers for turning up without tickets trying to get in the ground or those that had to have the extra pint of ale in the pub rushing in so as not to miss kick off, 96 innocent fans who got there early to enjoy the day and atmosphere were murdered by there own scummy fuckwit fans

  6. ken

    i think wenger should go n he should go with giroud every game he plays i kinda feel we playing wth ten men..n carzola should be playing behind the stricker not wide..arsen has surely destroyed our team and arteta the guy is not a dmf we need atleast 3 top players a stricker,dmf and a cb n lb nacho is also tired of everytime waiting for next season

  7. pawfresh

    ArsW is a total rubbish,he has turned the team to a low level team like Sunderland. Until he go the club can’t achieve and make the fans happy. Am not suprise when people called him a failure,imagine Arsenalfc from the top of the table now in a struggle race to compete for fourth position with a team like Everton..shame to arsenal manager for being a real failure.go go go AW

  8. U wot?

    Walks lad.typical bin dipping Mickey mouser!-by the way it is the oilers from Manc land who will be champs this year,meaning you scumbags are up to 24 years & counting!were you born then?northern monkey”

  9. ryan

    The squad is not the main issue. The problem we have is how they are set up, prepared and motivated for games. He has lost the dressing room, end of. The last person I want spending 100mil is arsene judging by what he has done in the past 20 transfer windowds. Offer klopp half wengers salary and the chance to build again with plenty of dosh. He will jump at the chance.

  10. Goongoonergone

    Mates, we need to organise a silver collection for Arsene Wenger and buy him some shiny new handbrakes which he can fit on his car so that Arsenal does not have another ACCIDENT.


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