David Moyes and the implications for Arsenal

Sorry for the late blog today. Thought I would leave it a bit to let yesterday’s Liverpool Myths Exposed blog really hit home.

And how it has hit home. The Scousers, true to form, have basically justified everything written with their bleating. They filled up the comments section on this site, as well as ensuring that both SheWore’s and my own twitter mention’s were kept busy on the bank holiday Monday. Guess the truth hurts them.

My next sentence was originally going to be ‘anyway, back to Arsenal’. But it is impossible to ignore today’s big news, that David Moyes has been sacked.

The David Moyes saga has highlighted 3 factors that Arsenal need to take into account as, and when, Arsene Wenger leaves.

1) Do not listen to the fans – Last summer, before being appointed by Manchester United, he was top of the list for many an Arsenal fan to replace Wenger. And bring Felliani too. How many now are calling for Wenger to go as Moyes is available again? Very few, if any.

Recently, many an Arsenal fan have called for Roberto Martinez to come in, and bring Ross Barkley with him. De ja vu anyone? Whilst fans are passionate, and are the most important factor of a football club, they might not be the most knowledgeable. Let’s leave it to the board to pick Wenger’s replacement, hopefully using the 4 criteria he must fulfil, and hopefully they get it right.

2) Better the devil you know – Yes, Wenger is doing an average job at the moment. Yes, we have not won anything in 8 years. But that does not mean we should rush out and replace him. It is important that we get the right man in, and do our research when deciding who that man is.

As Manchester United have shown, if you get the wrong man in, the consequences can be disastrous. In the hope of saving his job, Moyes spanked millions on Mata, millions on Felliani, and gave Wayne Rooney a massive pay rise and contract. Only to be sacked. This ties up a lot of money for the next manager.

Add in that David Moyes is due to get £10m compensation payout, getting in the wrong man can be a costly exercise. Over the years, Chelsea have spent nearly £100m replacing managers. Whilst we might be cash rich at the moment, getting in the wrong man can be costly.

Whilst Wenger is perhaps not the best manager for Arsenal at the moment, he is the devil we know. Better to keep him and finish 4th, then replace him and finish 7th.

3) Wenger should not chose his own replacement – David Moyes was Sir Alex Ferguson’s man. He told the Manchester United fans to trust in him and give him time. It was the wrong decision. The outgoing manager should never pick his own replacement, no matter how great a job he has done.

Rumours are that Fergie deliberately picked Moyes as he knew he would fail, therefore reinforcing how great Fergie was. Whilst this is likely to be ludicrous, these types of rumours can be detrimental.

Too make matters worse, Fergie remained in the shadows as part of the Manchester United set up. Were Wenger to pick his own replacement, then move upstairs to be director of football, his shadow would cast long and hard over the replacement.

Not only should Wenger not be picking his replacement, when the time comes for him to go, he should step away from the club completely.


So what is my opinion on Manchester United? They got rid of Moyes due to lack of Champions League football. This means they pay out less compensation. They realised they got in the wrong man, so have sacked him swiftly ensuring the least amount of compensation paid. Why give him another year, where the highest they’d likely finish is 4th, and still have to sack him for more money?

With Luis Van Gaal available, he will surely come in next summer, scuppering Spurs plans – although they’d surely go for Moyes. With Van Gaal, Manchester United would have a very good manager with a lot of international draw. I would not be too surprised to see his first signing be Arjen Robben.

And what does this all mean for Arsenal? Other then getting to laugh at the Mancs, it highlights further just how careful we have to be when replacing Arsene Wenger.


10 thoughts on “David Moyes and the implications for Arsenal

  1. Paul Brimble

    “He’s done superb keeping us where we are with no money.”
    “Who would you replace him with?”
    “Only he can do what he does.”
    “Better the devil you know. We’ll miss him when he’s gone.”
    Not AKBs, but Everton fans when Moyes was leaving. I wonder how many of them have forgotten and are now loving life under Martinez..
    I knew the AKBs would come crawling out of the woodwork with the comparison to Wenger and Moyes, many Arsenal fans were asking for Klopp, only a tiny few were saying Moyes, but we only took one point off Moyes and his team and din’t scored any goals, but in the Summer they will spend and will be back, while we will still fester under le fraud, nothing will change til he fucks off


    1. as

      Today Everton are exactly where they were under Moyes: sitting in fifth place. I’m guessing your one of those so called supporters that want us to lose our remaining games just so you can be proven right. Wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with you.


  2. RealG

    I agree with you on some things apart from the anti Wenger dribble! How can you turn the example of why Arsenal should NOT sack Wenger, into a way of continuing to bad mouth Wenger! Just ridiculous!!
    Wenger doing an average job??? You what?? By the end of May, we could be FA Cup champions and finish as high as 2nd in the table!! I’m sure many of you may laugh at this, but its still mathematically possible and I truly believe Chelsea are catchable! If Liverpool beat them and we beat Newcastle, they are ONLY 2 points ahead with 2 games left!! Citeh will probably finish 2nd realistically but IF we can finish 3rd and win the FA Cup, Wenger is truly the greatest manager ever!!!!
    Nobody gave us a chance to win anything this season, so much anti Arsenal and anti Wenger in the media and fans, even before a ball was kicked! Which lead on to us getting mugged by Villa on the first day of the season! Mainly thanks to the booing the team and staff received! So thanks for that ‘loyal’ fans! Brilliant support there for first day of the season!
    Most people thought £100m spending spuds would win the league or finish in top 4! What a joke and again, shows how knowledgeable footy fans are! They just believe everything the media says! Then we got Ozil and everyone loved Arsenal/Wenger again. Then we became the best team in the league for the following 5/6 months! We lost to Man Utd AWAY, another mugging! We also played a crazy game after one days rest AWAY at Citeh after an important champs league game AWAY in Naples! (i see Chelski got help from the FA for tonight’s game..) and although Citeh deserved it, it could have been 6 – 6 if we had abit of luck!!
    Then at the turn of the year, we had major injury crisis and played AWAY at Liverpool and did get spanked, but that was due to bad referee decisions (offside goal) and remembering what happened at Citeh, poor form, lack of confidence and Liverpool playing well… We also lost AWAY to Stoke who are our bogey team! and then got beat by Chelski in similar circumstances to the Liverpool game. We then got mugged by Everton, again under similar circumstance, AWAY, more injuries and lack of confidence! They deserved the win, but should have been 1 nil, not 3 nil!
    In the mean time, we had beat Spurs, Liverpool, Everton and then FA CUP champions Wigan in the FA Cup! (truly deserved winners if you ask me!! We beat top teams to get to the final) all the time, with more abuse from the Wenger out idiots! and Arsenal blogs on newsnow!
    When you break our season down like this and see we ONLY lost AWAY from home to big rivals (you are not meant to win away games against big teams!), missing half our first team to injury! lack of form and confidence, and some poor referee decisions.. we have some good excuses to why our season wasn’t the best!
    We can also see how our season can still be great, best for 8 years!!! Just look at the bigger picture and see how we can beat the teams lower in the league! so we should get maximum points, whereas teams like Chelski/Citeh can still and have proven they mess up against smaller teams!
    To say Wenger is doing an average job is crazy! Arrogant Arsenal fans thinking we deserve silverware just because? hmmm you only win things thru hard work and luck (why liverpool will win the league) or by spending money (why citeh won the league cup!) not because the fans think its our right to win things! Football has changed (for the worse) in the last decade, due to cheating teams like chelsea spending £1billion on players/staff/assets etc…then citeh more recently! During that time, we also built and moved into an awesome new stadium (lets see how good other teams do when they try and move stadium…liverpool, spurs, chelsea…) whilst all the time staying in the top 4 and in the black financially! and giving youth a chance, mainly young British youth! and getting to champs league final and league cup final,you know…WENGER really is a genius!!!!! no one else could do what he has done in the last few years!! and he just gets abuse from deluded, glory supporting, IGNORANT, small minded, plastic fans!!!! just a joke!!! We will all miss Wenger when HE decides to leave! We will probably do what United are doing right now! and become a mid table team and change our manager every year! 😦
    We just need to win the cup and shut up so many people and get half of our ignorant, glory supporting fans back on side and loving Wenger again and then buy Cesc back and a world class striker and we can easily win the league next season!!!!


    1. Jb

      Realg How you can justifying been thrashed away to the top 4 as bad luck is beyond me, Wenger has been given a lot of time and not delivered he needs to start to deliver hopefully an fa cup win and a few decent signings will springboard this current team into greatness, but I can’t see Wenger ever being sacked he will be at arsenal until he retires.


      1. as

        Yes he has been given a lot of time, but had his hands tied financially because of building the new stadium. When you factor in oil-funded clubs like Man City and Chelsea spending hundreds of millions it’s no wonder we haven’t won anything for the last eight years. I don’t think we can make excuses about getting crushed in a few games this season, but I do think injuries, and lack of confidence due, in-part to negative Arsenal “supporters”, had something to do with it.


  3. gee

    personally i dont know what would be the best way to go about it but we have to consider liverpool and utd suffered massive dips when they changed their long term managers. not a coincidence if you ask me . im not saying that wenger is irreplaceable – im just saying it needs all involved singing from the same hymn sheet and working together to avoid massive problems. people are shouting wenger out with no plan or clue how that will impact the whole football club.


  4. Redgun1971

    Oil money doesn’t guarantee trophies, then why haven’t we won any for the last 8 years? where as Portsmouth (2008), Wigan (last year) and possible Hull (I hope not) managed to win the most famous cup in the world. Also BIRMINGHAM (2011) and Swansea (last year) have won the league cup and lets not forget lots of lower teams have been cup finalist, Cardiff (2008), Portsmouth (2010), Stoke (2011) in the FA cup and Cardiff (2012) BRADFORD (last year) and Sunderland (this year) in the League cup.
    Good players, tactics (which Wenger lacks) and sometimes a bit of luck get you results and trophies. But onto this season, we have had a fair share of good and bad luck that includes yellows/red cards and injuries/suspensions, these things happen to every team. It’s how you manage these problems year after year that makes you a good or bad manager, Wenger was happy to start the season with Giroud, Bendtner and Sanogoo, none of these strikers would not be 1st or 2nd choice with the current clubs above us. So we lose the 1st game at home to Aston Villa who deserved the win, they were better than us and with the window open since May Wenger buy’s Ozil who is an attacking midfielder and not a striker on the very last day, no preseason or no time familiarising playing with your new team mates. This season we have not had problems making chances with or without Ozil (except for Stoke) it has been finishing them, the proof is we are currently the 4th in goal scored (62) compared to the clubs above us, If you can defend well like Chelsea then you can accept 1 nil wins, we are currently 3rd out of the clubs above us to let in the most amount of goals (41) only Liverpool (44) have conceded more goals but they have scored 96 goals. In 6 games against the clubs above us we have scored 7 goals and conceded 18 goals more to do we bad tactics then bad defending, Wenger playing with 1 defensive midfielder in away games but at home playing 2. Onto the next transfer window, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Bendtner and Walcott, that’s 4 attack minded players out injured, not forgetting Giroud being tired on and off the pitch but Wenger only loans an injured defensive midfielder!!!
    All the managers mentioned are younger than Wenger, have won a trophies and more importantly are hungry for more unlike Wenger who is satisfy with 4th in the league every year. If we were that financially tied why is it that we can paid Wenger £7 million a year and the likes of Denilson, Santos, Gervinho, Park, Bentdner, Chamak, and Diarby to name but a few £50k plus a week but we can only goes £1 over our 1st offer to buy Suarez?
    Why is it that we pay the highest price tickets in the world? it was is pay for the training ground and stadium, this money came from the fans and not from Wenger or the board, don’t forget all this praise for Wenger came when David Dein was at the club and since he has gone there has been no trophies or established European/World class player transferred in (apart from Ozil).
    For me Wenger has had his time, if we can finish 4th or higher and win the FA Cup it will be a nice way for him to leave the club.
    People say be careful of what you wish for and point to Moyes, well look at his replacement Martinez playing very attractive football, good loan signings and giving lots of confidence to the old and young players, although they are currently in 5th place Everton have beaten Chelsea once (Wenger has never beaten Mourinho in 12 games) and Man Utd twice this season unlike Wenger.
    Greats managers like Bill Nicholson finished 19th in his last season at Tottenham, Brian Clough got relegated in his last season at Forest both these managers were at the club one season too long where as Sir Alex Ferguson left at the right time on a high.



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