Arsenal fans to protest against ticket price increases

On Sunday, Arsenal face WBA in their final home game of another good, but ultimately frustrating league campaign.

A number of fans will be meeting from 12:30pm at Bear Roundabout (opposite The Armoury). We will then be walking round to the Directors Entrance to make our feelings known over the upcoming 3% ticket price increase announced by Arsenal FC back in December.

Normally, like you, we would be in one of the many pubs around the ground prior to KO but we ask you:

* If the regime at our great club is of concern to you

* If yet another price hike annoys you

* If you are priced out

* If you feel the extra revenue from SKY / Champions League is reason enough not to raise prices

* If you are frustrated at the lack of money invested back into the team

Then join us. It’s a peaceful protest and we want to get our feelings across to the Owner and Board.

Admission prices at Arsenal are already amongst the highest in world football; surely nobody (Stan aside) can justify us loyal supporters paying even more. Without us fans, the club (and ultimately the game) is nothing.

We call ourselves The Arsenal Family. The definition of family in our case is “A group of people from a common stock” This stock has existed since 1886 and support has been passed through generations of family. In our opinion, it is this very support that is being priced out through the greed of Stan Kroenke.

Loyal fans being asked to find more money when we reportedly have £100m+ in the Bank, is an act of greed. For many, it’s not about the extra £30 – £60; it’s more about the principal of Stan Kroenke demanding, more when we already pay SKY high prices.

We were here before him & we will be here after him.

If any of this resonates with you (and yours) then please join us from 12:30pm

Up The Arsenal



3 thoughts on “Arsenal fans to protest against ticket price increases

  1. Blingblong2000

    Last year , gave up my season ticket, and this year went halves with my mate… Next year won’t be doing that either…it’s not just the cost of the ticket, You got the travel cost to the game, and then the time cost of travelling, so whatever the particular season ticket price is.. Double it. To do all of that , just to be told to sit down by a steward, when we stand up for 10 seconds longer , after we score.. No thank you, no can do.( then they wonder why there is a lack of atmosphere).

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