The transfer window is open, and Arsenal have signed….

precisely no one. Nowt. Zilch. Nada. Sweet FA. There is nothing happening. The joke used to go that our trophy cabinet was duty due to lack of trophies, well now it is the interview room that needs a good clean, as it seems unlikely that we are about to sign anyone any time soon.

But is this a problem? There is, after all, a World Cup going on, and we all know no big business happens before – or during – a World Cup. I jest of course. You only have to look at what our rivals have already done:

Cesc Fabregas – Barcelona to Chelsea – £30m
Rickie Lambert – Southampton to Liverpool – £4m
Emre Can – Bayer Leverkuson to Liverpool – £10m
Fernando – Porto to Manchester City – £12m
Ander Herrera – Athletic Bilbao to Manchester United – £29m
Luke Shaw – Southampton to Manchester United – £27m

Our rivals have strengthened, meanwhile, Arsene Wenger has been frolicking on the beach with scantly clad babes.

On the other hand, Arsene Wenger has been in Brazil, commentating on the World Cup. Those who say this shows he is disconnected are misguided. By being in Brazil, albeit in a working capacity, it means he is able to watch a lot of targets himself in the stadium, under the guise of commentating, without a fuss being made of him scouting.

He is also able to speak to scouts and families of potential targets. It has already been rumoured that he has had breakfast / lunch / dinner with James Rodriguez, Mario Balotelli and Alexis Sanchez, or their families, or their representatives, or someone who vaguely knows them and wanted free food.

Also, it is a bit hard buying a player who is still playing in the World Cup. Let’s look at that list of players our rivals have signed again…

Cesc Fabregas – Spain knocked out after 2 games
Rickie Lambert – England knocked out after 2 games, Lambert played 3 minutes
Emre Can – Not in German squad
Fernando – Not in Brazil squad
Ander Herrera – Not in Spain squad
Luke Shaw – £27m…lol? Is that what you have to pay to wrap a deal up early

The fact is, when Arsene Wenger said big deals do not happen before the World Cup, he was correct. Bar Cesc Fabregas, no other transfer has been for big cash and involved two big clubs. And the fact Cesc wanted to leave, and Barca to sell, meant it was a fairly easy deal to complete.

None of the above deals would have taken much work. All players wanted to leave, all players took a step from the club they played for, and in many cases, the buying club has over paid to secure their man early.

Call me what you want, but I would rather we wanted for the right player, than went and secured average, overpriced players just so that we could have got a deal done early.

Looking at the players on that list, the only one I would have considered were I Arsene Wenger would have been Cesc Fabregas. And you feel that with Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky, Wenger made the correct decision. He let his head rule his heart, something fans struggle to do.

Yes, reported targets Serge Aurier and Mario Balotelli are now out of the World Cup, and they could be deals we could get done, but it is clear that Arsene Wenger is unsure on either. It is also clear in the fact that the media have linked us to 50 players since the season was over that their might not be any truth in our interest in these.

A final point to consider is the players who are still at the World Cup. Or a single player. Alexis Sanchez. Barcelona want rid. Arsenal want him. He wants Arsenal. According to reports. With Chile only just being knocked out, a deal could take a while to bash out. If interest is real, we may well see a similar scenario to the Ozil deal from Madrid, where Arsenal have a promise, on the basis that they get their target.

In Madrid’s case, it was clear that, having signed Isco, once Bale would join, either Ozil or Di Maria would be available. Barcelona are the same. Once they have secured Luis Suarez, Sanchez will almost certainly be off. So this deal might run.

Some good news on July 1st is that it is the day contracts run out. It is the day Nicklas Bendtner leaves us. If that is not something to celebrate, I do not know what is.

Keep calm. Carry on. The transfers will happen.



17 thoughts on “The transfer window is open, and Arsenal have signed….

  1. arsenal-steve

    Arsene Wenger should have been meeting agents and getting who we need, rather than him being a pundit for French TV. I couldn’t believe it when he put his self interest in front of our beloved club. Remember the Mata affair. We could have bought him for a relatively puny buyout clause but bartered. Bartered too long. The rest is history…Chelski. Wenger is known at the Emirates to be a leaver and a obsessive haggler. How many players we lose each season because of his non-urgent lackadaisical character, I don’t know. It pains me when Sagna has left and we still haven’t signed a replacement. I don’t know why the cheap end of the deals, Aurier and Remy, have not been done yet. Completely crazy. Sad to see Wenger seemingly only fighting for fourth place again. Last season the whole supporter base realised that had we bought another striker we would have won the league. We are punching way below our weight due to Wenger leaving and leaving things until it’s too late.


      1. arsenal-steve

        Strange reply. I read your article. My response is to make the point about Wenger that I wanted to make and not the point you wanted me to make.


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  3. ibro

    I’m not eager to see transfer window open but eagerly of closing hour. Its d gunners official culture lately signing floppy player.
    Sorry for grammar, it’s not my language!


  4. Comfort_254

    I’m going to sleep, i’ll wake up when wenger finally signs some1
    If the Aurier deal doesn’t go through then i honestly think wenger should leave.. Old fool!



    If Wenger sign Debuchy,instead of Aurier that must be becos he is his country man and bias. Aurier look more strong, age at his side and very fast. I haven’t spot anyway Debuchy better than him.



    We are waiting for the players of Arsenal Quality and if Alexis,mario’s deal plus that of sagna’s replacement could go through…we Arsenal followers could be Very happy and we’ll believe in our team.


  7. Gab

    We are tired of arsen wenger’s policies. He always break our hearts before making a those useless signings. If he is a good manager why not sign those players at the needed areas early to allow them think about the old players in their new clubs. He is now looking for a free agent. Arsenal is becoming a senseless club guided by senseless people who thinks they know all. This is a total noneses. They club need at least four new signings and up till now nothing is happening


  8. Gab

    Sign the young lad from ivory coast. He is far better than the French guy who play for newcastle united. The African lad has all it takes to be arsenal payer. Fuck u wenger


  9. LJB

    There is no urgency at Arsenal at all.Other clubs have transfer committees where the decision on who to sign is not just made by the manager (so it doesn’t matter if the manager is AWOL), but at Arsenal we still have the archaic Lower League system of the manager who is king.Its pathetic. There are NO GOOD PLAYERS COMING. Get your cash out for the new kit, buy your tickets and sit down and shut up. As if Wenger is scouting/doing deals at the World Cup!!! He is on his jollies, seemingly with the blessing of the saps who own AFC. Well if things don’t go well next season, all those photos of the cunt dossing on the beach will come back to haunt him.The FA cup win means nothing. We will hound him out of the club.


  10. Gooner

    This white trash from UK spouting opinions about Arsenal. You are just a bunch of £16k a year errand boys with nothing better to do. The club doesn’t care about you. It cares for people like us…. the people from the ‘City’, if you know what I mean. SheWore- you are nothing but white trash, ‘educated’ in comprehensive schools and people whose entire clans have never been to any University on the face of the earth; spouting drivel all over the internet.



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