Arsenal ‘do the right thing’

Over the years, we have bashed the club for anything and everything. From important issues such as ticket pricing and transfer policy, to insignificant factors such as the quality of beer and pies. If there is something to moan about, we have moaned.

In that spirit, it is only right that when the club do something which is correct and positive, we give them at least some little praise.

At the Emirates Cup, a friend of She Wore A Yellow Ribbon had a new Arsenal shirt along with other items worth over £90 stolen from under his seat whilst he sat there. He did not leave the bag unattended.

This is a disgusting move by someone. Stealing off their own. It is shocking and I hope the culprit receives a life time stadium ban – with all the CCTV the club has to catch people swearing and standing, it should not be hard.

Anyway, I digress. At the time, club stewards were fairly dismissive, informing our friend that they were unable to do anything and advised him to Email the club.

Our friend did as asked by the stewards, expecting to have little or no response. After all, it is not like he was complaining about anything serious, such as persistent standing or use of foul language.

Today, the club contacted our friend informing him that they will be giving him a replacement shirt and posting it out to him, all free of charge.

We criticise the club at times, but fair play to them this time for doing the right. Well done Arsenal!

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