Yet another transfer window disaster – Whose to blame ?

I have thought long and hard over this transfer window and have really tried not to get the hump and overly slag off anyone, I have been very chilled. After a great start to the summer with two great buy’s in Alexis and Debuchy and one for the future Chambers it finally looked like this was the summer The Arsenal were set to unload the mountain of cash reserves and give the fans a team we could challenge with. But again despite assurances from our CEO and many rumblings about the powder being kept dry we are short of 3/4 players, yet again. This season has also seen not only a 3% ticket price hike, but also increases for other memberships, a TV revenue increase, £30mill a year off Puma, £30mill a year off Emirates and of course Champions League money which could raise to £30mill depending on success and this is on top of record gate receipts last season. The money has been there for a few years, but the money has REALLY been there this year. The number of world class strikers that have been sold is huge for one transfer window, we put in a panic buy for Welbeck. Any and every player I wish nothing but success at The Arsenal but striker wise we needed someone better than Giroud, not someone better than Sanogo, my nan (88) is better than Sanogo. Underwhelming.

So whose to blame…..

The Club –

Stan Kronke (majority shareholder) –  Apart from buying shares has not put a single penny of his own money into the club. He has no emotional involvement in the success of the club or any of the other clubs he runs. 4th is good enough in his eyes.

Ivan Gazidis (CEO) – The King of Spin, he talks a good game but like Kronke he isn’t an Arsenal man. This is just another brand to put on his CV and TBH what has he done ? People say the Puma and Emirates deals but they are house deals, deals expected to be made and when you compare them to other top clubs they aint that great either.

Wenger (manager) – Firstly well done last season for winning the FACUP, trust me I went as nuts as everyone else did, But the new 3 year contract was a mistake, he should of gone out on a high. I know that half of what he says to the press is gamesmanship these days and he oddly is proud of comparing transfers to playing poker, the aim of poker is to take everyone’s money btw, the aim of a football club is to give away money to assemble a better squad. Everyone and there dog has known for years how to out wit Wenger on the pitch and everyone has known where we need to invest on the pitch yet due to either penny pinching or stubbornness we will again start on the back foot and we are yet again two injuries away from disaster. Keeping him as manager is sadly heart over head now.

Fan Groups –

Only The Arsenal fanbase would be so fractured that we would have 4 fan groups, each have their own agenda’s. Sadly some  of them are more into it as they enjoy tea and biscuits with the club than what’s good for fan’s and the club in general. In the ideal world we would have one strong fans group who the club try to keep on side as appose to the other way around. A strong fans group gets things done, at the moment we don’t have that.

Redaction – I have had some dealings with REDAction over the years, the first being the gig at The Rocket in remembrance of of 10years since our Rocky passed, were I assisted the lads who later on went to form the BSM. RedAction will openly admit they have a hard job, the club see them as the cheerleaders and refuse to speak to them about anything other than atmosphere. They also admit there’s a certain amount of give and take and dulling down of ideas they have. There are unelected and work for free, but they get there perks and recently one of there leaders has taken over the role of Supporters Liaison officer at the club, not sure you would get that role if you were a pain in the clubs arse.

AISA – come on you know who these are ? surely ?  They were set up initially to help the club fight off the NIMBY’s when the stadium move was going thro. The Club love them, perhaps even owe them a debt, but they do nothing for match going fans, unless you get caught short walking from Blackstock Road to the bowl and need a piss in there tea hut by the station. I believe they were behind “The Wonder Of You”  the worst song I have ever heard in a football ground in my 28 years of match going. They defiantly approved the ABC Graded games giving us the highest match day ticket price and they often petition for things like money off per year of buying a Season Ticket. The board there are voted in, but its very much a closed group. There online presence is next to nothing, but as I said the club seems to value there opinion, mainly as they bend over and agree with the club. They do not work well with other supporters groups, infact at times have refused to lend there voice to ticket increases.

AST – Now the AST were set up for members of the now dead in the water Fanshare scheme to have a voice.  Firstly Fanshare was a great idea, sadly its execution wasn’t so great, hence them now looking to sell the shares. Now I wont go into the £money side of why it failed, but basically due to the fee’s it cost to run the scheme (which has been paid for by the club) and lack of new shares it has to close, which has left some members very worried they are out of pocket. What the AST has done well is get to seats speaking to the club, invites to jolly ups and giving out information on the clubs financial state. They also put out a statement  agreeing with ABC graded games but let’s face facts, if they can’t run their own scheme they shouldn’t be trusted with anything moneywise.

BSM – The newest and now the biggest fans group, as i said above the main leaders of this group first really worked together on the highly successful Rocky Remembered gig which raised £10,000 to good causes like GOSH (on the request of Rocky’s family) and The Willow Foundation, they now give any profits to the Ben Kinsella Trust. The BSM are the only fan group to get bodies on the streets and outside the ground when they protested against the previous 6% increase. Unlike AISA they have a great online presence and put the online boot in when it needs and have even helped an OAP get his silver membership back after he took a year out due to cancer treatment. I just wish they were more pro-active on the streets like the early days, nothing gets to the club more than embarrassing them into something, like the Billboard advert and thousands outside the ground asking what the fuck Ivan does and telling the club just where to place the price increase.

Fan’s –

There are too many Ultra Wenger loyalists, these fans are a danger not only to themselves but also to others. Everyone knows a fan like this, they think Wenger walks on water and could turn Sanogo into Henry. They pre-order the clubs overpriced shirts (home away and cup) and have debates amongst other lemmings with whose name to put on the back. They openly admit they would cry if Wenger left and would happily pay every penny they earn in ticket prices so they can say “i was there” whilst taking selfies to prove it of course. Their favorite retort in any debate over Wenger or the club is if you don’t like it follow blah blah, this is mainly as they chose to Follow Arsenal, not born into it. On the flip side we have fans who slag off everything the club ever do, via any medium they can be it twitter, a blog or facebook. Nothing the club do is ever right, nothing is good enough but when it comes down to joining in for a bit of direct action they can constantly be found at some family do which keeps them away. talk the talk, walk the walk.

All of my internet life I have loved debate with other fans and with fans of The Arsenal, I enjoy it, I follow a broad spectrum on twitter and with the help of other admin we have a very active facebook page to which its not uncommon to have 100’s debating the point of the day. But talking between ourselves will not get the club to spend, reduce prices or implement safe standing and  talking in four separate fan groups has only made things worse, divide and conquer, together stronger. If only we were like the German fans, where we owned a large chunk of the club, had one strong elected fans group and worked together then maybe we would have the board we want, a manager who will win at more or less any cost and fans that don’t take lumps out of each other daily online and in the stands at games. The lack of investment whilst prices have increased has gone on too long now, ask yourself what have you done to combat this ? and I will leave you with the words of Paul Merson ” These Fans pay top top money to watch The Arsenal, they deserve top players”.






30 thoughts on “Yet another transfer window disaster – Whose to blame ?

  1. Mjc

    Utter rubbish. We have stopped selling our best players, and window by window we are improving our squad. We also have a phenomenal bunch of young players coming through. But, if you want, yeah – it was a dreadful transfer window – we only signed four players. Myself, I prefer the actual football, and unlike United, City, Liverpool and Chelsea, we are undefeated in 12.

    1. Carlos

      Undefeated in 12? Indeed! If the recent results against those opposition is the greatest achievement of the club according to you, then , i must say the club is in a much higher position than it should be on the table.

    2. Vincent

      So you’re happy with Danny Welbeck to fill the void left by players such as Henry, and Van Persie are you? I bet you were gutted when Bendtner finally fucked off!

      1. Carlos

        100m spend and how many received back from sales? Why don’t you complete the sentence? If the club refuses to buy anyone come January, then surely we will see Ozil and Cazrola leaving… And please, when you compare the club compare it with the top three club in the league. Our fans deserve the same excitement and quality players as those fans too.

  2. silentstan

    enjoy debate, my arse. i am one of those ( and i know more) you blocked and abused on fb because i debated against ypur anti wenger agenda. you are a disgrace.

  3. Sean j

    Why not get football fans to pester their MP to implement a scheme whereby fans can have part ownership in clubs.
    IfClubs don’t agree slap a tax on tV receipts. That’s what MPs are there for!

  4. Mark

    Shite post complete nonsense we have improved our squad and kept our best players only bad point would have liked a player who can cover cb an dm other than that a very good window.

    1. Ogban

      So why didn’t we get one? Mr Wenger himself confessed that the team is light behind. And with the rate the injuries are coming, we have only one 19-year old to cover CB and RB . If this is not madness, I don’t know what is. So pissed off, tbh

  5. StressRelated

    Go for a walk mate, or stroke one out, the tension’s all getting a bit too much. Watch some ‘Friends’ to relax! Watch the one where Ross teaches Rachel the difference between “You’re & Your” Thats a cracking episode. I don’t think they did one on “They’re, There and Their”

  6. Sean j

    Wenger does everything possible to tease and insult Arsenal fans.
    He has not got the flair to return Arsenal to the headlines except when his name is mentioned.
    Arrogant and insulting.
    Big business cannot mislead shareholders, but Arsenal pretend Wenger has millions to spend and so mislead season tickets holders to reinvest when in fact they are only going to spend peanuts.
    If Tesco gave false forecasts they would be punched but neither the FA or our MPs do anything about the way fans who made the clubs are swindled.

  7. 111111111

    What will the defensive line up be in the first Champions League game with Debuchy suspended, Gibbs and Koscielny injured?

    Do you guys who think Arsenal have bought wisely not think we need a defender or two?

    1. Ogban

      Don’t worry! Flamini can play CB. Didn’t you see he covered for Koscielny while he was receiving treatment on Sunday? RB? Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know we have a world class one in Bellerin. We are ok. Just get ready for another invincible year, lol

  8. justhakim

    Why are everyone bitching about how disastrous the transfer window while before the beginning of the season they said it was a great one?

    We did actually won two competitive trophies in less then 6 months. Wenger still has it in him. he knows several information that we might not know.

    1. hec

      Charity Shield – clown, get real.

      Welbeck or Balotelli or Diego Costa, or Remy or Lakuku, or DiMaria or Falcao, or Eto ever feel as though you have found a pay packet with a hundred quid in it only to find out they took out 100 quid in tax little bit empty.

  9. The font

    Your proper .
    But Danny is a great player olly is underestimated alexis is overrated
    We can’t keep ox ros Campbell jack happy only bit parts for these theo to come back 110 goal World Cup winner can not get in the team theo to come back sanogo could be good ( anelka)
    But needs time oil money Russian gangsters wenger genius

  10. Phyper

    Arsenal have a well defined financial structure and if FIFA and UEFA weren’t the corrupt so and SOS that they are financial fair play would have a bigger impact than it has or will.
    That said, ever since the move from highbury the powers that be at the club have been profit taking. Highest ticket prices in the land which they have no right to charge when we do not have the quality of play or players of Barcelona or Real Madrid or Munich. It seems that the profit taking has not ended and our excitement in July on Alexis, debauchy and chambers has allowed wenger and Gazidis to become complacent. The only reason they signed welbeck is because of the complaints. Notice they didn’t fill the defensive midfield position we needed or the central defence role.
    If I remember correctly, we were told there was 100mil they spent 66mil sold $30 or so, made 40mil from qualifying for the champions league group stages.
    The only way to make them act is to protest. If the emirates stadium was close to empty but for away fans they will react. Even the one statement by the fans will make them act. If fans stayed away from a big home game as a statement of discontent they will act in January

  11. George gunner

    Since Wenger is the manager,he shd be 100% accountable.
    Btw,his tactics are easy to fathom. When he throws his arms in disgust at goal s
    conceded,it shows he has not learned from his previous seasons.
    I think in all honesty its time for him to move on.

  12. Wahooligan

    Wenger and co are definately culpable. That being said, YOUR TO BLAME FOR WRITING UTTER SHITE! Trialist blogger? THATS ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS ARE WANNABE BLOGGERS LIKE YOU TRYING TOO HARD! One or two decent points with no EDIFICATION(or entertainment at very the least.). Having a premise with no foundation is laughable, AND YOUR JUST BITCHING! Can I have my couple minutes back? Are you on the rag?(oh no! im blocked now)

  13. Troels Joergensen

    This should have been the result of the transfer window: Kroenke OUT, Wenger OUT, Gazidis OUT ! They are a disgrace to all Arsenal fans. Now we end PL number five or worse and probably be knocked out of the CL group play. And then we Will hear the same old excuse: We where hit by injuries ! Be More Ambitious !

  14. Louismomohturay

    The same fans that say he performed many miracles, it’s the same fans that say let kill him. I mean, we’ve been crying for sanogo to come on the field bcus of his form in the previous match while giroud was not perfoming well and now, it us the same fans that say sanogo is not a goal pouncher. Why can’t we learn to be patience with our players, if AW didn’t buy a consistent goal pouncher we have sanches, poldoski, walcot and now welbeck in the squad they can make things happen. Or do you gurantee one man to win us the league than the remaining others? I don’t think so. Let’s give them a chance o.k.

  15. The font

    Ospina Campbell chambers debuchy wellbeck
    And the biggest loser of all alexis
    Oh my god it’s the worst window of all time.

    Ps. I thought this site said if we only signed one marquee signing per year it would be acceptable
    OH how the wind changes

    1. Carlos

      And now, please compare them with the players that chelsea, man city and liverpool has. And if those clubs are to big for you, then compare them to the players Manure and everton bought…..

  16. ljb

    We only signed Welbeck because Wenger was in Rome.Gazidis and Dicky Law did the deal because they could see how bloody insane it was to play the postman up top,and unfortunately it was too late to sign anyone better. If Wenger had been there we would have bought no-one. Funny how easy it is to do transfers when the old man is away like it was when Wenger was in Brazil. Next years ChampionsLeague places are worth at least 50 mill,double what they are now,so a failure to get top 4 will be am absolute disaster and should definitely lead to Wengers resignation (he won’t be sacked). With those sort of sums on offer it will be almost impossible for us to break back in should we fall out,especially with the tactically inept one at the helm.This club is crying out for a young dynamic manager who doesn’t let stubbornness and vanity get in the way of doing what is best for the club. If he didn’t persist with Diaby there would have been space for a proper DM which we desperately need, but no,he has to try to prove everyone wrong. And why have we given the little Japanese kid a new deal? Asian tour next summer I bet.It had better be just so we get a fee next year when we flog him because he is utter wank


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