10 Reasons why we will beat And Leicester + My starting 11

1)  A bit of pressure is off the squad now we are in the Champs League  group stages.

2) Jack had his best game so far this season mid week, Ramsey is back but the big question is can they play together ?

3) Chesney, Can’t really fault him so far this season, been steady and hes controlling the box well. With age comes experience.

4) Debuchy was very unlucky to get 2 yellows mid week, I’d say that not only has he been a seamless replacement for Sagna but also an improvement. His crossing is defiantly better, a shame we don’t get the same width down the left.

5) Santi, like Jack, also looked good mid-week and he will confuse and baffle And Leicester today.

6) Podolski is back and traveled with the squad, even if he don’t play he will be head cheer leader.

7) We haven’t lost there in the League since 1994, but out last game there was the final game in the Invincible Season.

8)  And Leicester had a great home record last season in the Championship, but they will have to have a blinder to keep us out today.

9) With Giroud out for sometime and the club dragging its heels to buy a replacement for RVP still its likely Alexis (who works hes F’ing socks off) will start again down the middle.

10) Wenger Knows, this is the kind of game that can be frustrating at times and the home crowd who haven’t had many big boys visit in the last 10 years will be well up for it, but this is the kind of away game that sorts out the Prem winners to those in 4th place.


My Starting 11 – Chesney, Deb, Kos, BFG, Monreal, Flamini, Jack, Ramsey, Ozil, Santi, Alexis.




11 thoughts on “10 Reasons why we will beat And Leicester + My starting 11

  1. Rich

    I’d start almost the same team but with the Ox on the left in place of Santi and Ozil cutting in from the right

  2. Colin

    This dedication to Wilshere and Santi is admirable, but you cannot play them along with Ozil.. hey do not provide the necessary attacking threat. Also Alexis is not a Costa he is an Aguero. If he keeps having to work so so hard as the lone striker he will get injured or will loose form. Personally, I would try Campbell up front. He can hold the ball up and play with back to he goal. Alexis can then have the freedom to play off of him.

  3. Jon Betts

    Point 7, your last game there was not the final game of the Invincible’s season, it was against Leicester but it was at Highbury!

  4. nicholaslarkin

    two league games played have yet to play well yet but if we can scrap wins while we are playing badly just wait till we hit top form and the ball starts to go to feet and we start to get a bit of good look, being realistic we have not had a prolonged run of good luck for so many years it is hard to believe .The last time we truly earned our nickname of lucky arsenal as far back as 2003-2004.65nick65

    1. Colin

      The reason for the bad play, in my view. is due to an unbalanced squad selection. Too many players are not direct enough. Listening to Tottenham v Liverpool, Sterling, Sturridge and Co are far more direct the same as Chelsea and Man City.

  5. tomyl

    Alexis doesnt fit being the lone striker for nw, he’s better wide in the flank, bt i wont be surprised if prof play him up front and convert him fully, because most of our successful strikers are converted, with the likes of Thierry and also RVP


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