Where it all went wrong with our Defence


Let’s be all honest with ourselves, we had a decent summer transfer window. I wasn’t half expecting Wenger to sign 5 good first team players, so I can give it a good 5/10 for the activity and quantity of the players we bought and 0/10 for the literal ignorance to fill the gaps in the team which the fans, pundits, journalist and even neutrals can clearly point out to what this current Arsenal team is lacking and what is needed (top class CM/a backup CB) to have a real go at the league title and yet again we are left at this case of so close yet so far. I don’t know what goes on in the Arsenal Boardroom let alone in Mr. Wenger’s mind but even as a strong advocator of Mr. Wenger I cannot get my head round to the current defensive situation and the mere negligence of the manager to correct it.

To think about it: We lost/sold 4 of our defensive players

1) Sagna: Free to City (bench warming duties)

2) Vermalean: Sold to Barca (3rd choice CB) to which Wenger himself commented that we would DEFINETLY sign another CB to replace Vermalean as we are short in that position.

3) Iggy Miquel: Sold to Norwich City

4) Carlos (banter) Jenkinson: Loan to West Hammers.

Now that’s 4 defensive players OUT. And we have replaced them with Chambers and Debuchy. So that still leaves us with 2 players short.

I literally can’t get my head round it listening to Mr. Wenger at the Champions League press conference before the BVB game when he was questioned about the defensive situation being stretched, he replied “The Debuchy injury puts us in a position where we do not want more (injuries)”. So basically we are relying on our luck with injuries rather than buying an extra player to cover our injury crisis. He went on to say, “Chambers can play in different positions and Monreal can play centre-back and we have as well Bellerin, who I think is now ready to play”. Monreal can play centre-back is basically a guess isn’t it? And Bellerin well even the Dortmund German to English translator had problems pronouncing his name so basically he was never so close to the 1st team than he is now. I’m all for giving youth a chance but not for just throw them in a big match vs BVB.

What has changed within a month when at the start of August following the sale of Vermalean, Wenger was confident of replacing him and now we are in a situation where we have to rely on the luck factor and Monreal at CB!!! This is not proper planning is it? This is just taking a wild guess that a player can cover CB just because he can and the other day I watched Nacho Monreal’s interview on Arsenal Player saying he has never played in that position anytime in his career. So, we are relying on a player who has never played as a CB and Luck factor in our defensive position.

To see a planned summer transfer window, as much as it pains me to admit this but just have a look at Chelsea’s activity. They had gaps in their team a Striker, a Box to Box Midfielder to replace Lampard and a Left Back to replace Cole and they identified their targets and got them early and ready to play in the pre-season to bed them in the team.

Wenger has not changed. He is still looking for a value in a transfer market where in 2014 players are sold for (S#@T) loads of money. And even after you sell Vermalean, you have 20-25 days before the transfer window closes and you still can’t find a 3rd or 4th choice centre back??? It really baffles me how Mr. Wenger operates in terms of managing transfers. And when you question him why you couldn’t sign a player, he goes on about his routine speech “We are only in for signing a TOP TOP class player and they are in shortage”. Come on Arsene we don’t need a TOP TOP 3rd or 4th choice centre back do we??? We just needed an extra body who can cover for Per and KOS and may be give them a bit of rest for the Mickey Mouse cup.

Well, in defense of Arsene I can say that the only amicable reason of not signing a 3rdor 4th choice centre back is perhaps Arsene telling the player “We are signing you but you will be a deputy to Per and KOS and will not play regularly” Well that’s being fair to the player and he may stay at his current club rather than come over to a bigger club like Arsenal and sit on bench all and rumor has it that’s what happened with Winston Reid of West Ham.

Guillem Balague the Spanish LaLiga Sky Pundit claimed on deadline day that Arsenal were looking for a versatile player who can play as a CDM and effortlessly perform as a centre-back if and when needed, we all know Wenger loves these versatile players and may be yet again he didn’t find to quote his words a “TOP TOP Player” who can perform both the positions with ease in the market.

I have no doubt that we have improved from last year in terms of personnel and numbers upfront but to think this current team are ready to put down a marker by challenging for the League title is a statement too bold to make for any sensible Arsenal fan.

A Guest blog Written by Sidd.


9 thoughts on “Where it all went wrong with our Defence

  1. LOLpundit

    I did raise this issue in my blog. Arsene being too honest and informing the players being third or fourth choice might have been one of the reason we lost out on players like Jan vertonghen, Kostas Manolas etc… When Koscielny was bought he was bought as a first choice to partner with Vermaelen. Per was a panic buy, but Per and Koscielny partnership worked so Wenger has to give up his first choice pair of Kos & Verm. From the beginning there was no plan to have more than two Established Centre Backs. The plan was always to have two CB and two young CB’s. Vermaelen replaced Toure, Kos Replaced Gallas, Per replaced Verm. We always had Djourou, Squillaci level back up only. Although we tried to get young CB’s like Jones and smalling. Chambers was bought as a young CB backup. Once monreal looked good as CB during the preseason the plan to replace verminator took a back seat.

    Arsene does not like competition for places in the starting line up. Established players will always remain in the starting 11. Young players fighting for their position is the policy Arsenal has been adapting for sometime. Arsene has always made compromise when buying backup players. Either too old like Squillaci/sivestre or young like Djourou, Senderos, Miguel etc.. This is the main reason we do not have established players in our Bench. We will only find Panic Buys and young players in our bench. May be this is the reason we never bought Cahill, Vertonghen, kostas manolas etc….


  2. dazza17

    I will never understand these 2 decisions, letting Bac join Man City and loaning Carl to West Ham, Bac was a top player, I guess he was the best RB in the league, and had a very good understanding of Merte’s lack of pace and was mature enough to time his runs, was in the club from a long time and would have been a great educator to the new boys Chambers and Bellerin in the training, second up is Jenko, he is an Arsenal thoroughbred and last season whenever Bac has been out he has covered properly if not spectacularly for him and given a lengthy spell in the first team, earlier, he was pretty solid, we got Debuchy and he’s good too, but it’d be a good statement of intent from the management for keeping players and especially not letting them join our direct rivals (not even on bench), next is defensive midfield, yesterday against BvB, Arteta looked like Bambi running in the forest, I have no idea what he was doing at the first goal, and second, and throughout the game, he scored some fantastic goals for us in his first season and was very solid, decent in the second and ever since, game after game, I am getting sick of his sight in the first team roaster week in week out. I don’t remember when was the last time we actually “won” a game against a top team and won it convincingly, a game where everyone knew what he was supposed to do, a defense properly organized, a lot of players being vocal, displaying situational leadership, not caring where we are playing and who the opponent is, a bunch of highly motivated individuals playing as team, by yesterday’s display, I have pinned down my hopes, the most we can achieve is a 4th place (like every time) and would be lucky to end the season with a trophy (apart from the Community Shield), yesterday’s display shattered me, I guess we’ re not a top team, and we don’t deserve to be in the champions league, if don;t even aspire to win it!
    I love this club, that will never change, but my hopes are down in the dumps!!!

  3. DMX

    Yesterday was a shame to the everything Arsenal FC represent,i ponder on how we got here and i realize a lot of club and managers has evolved but we are holding tightly to our glorious past.
    We knew how sir Alex will alway go for the best of players and i can remember RVN,RVP.L.Saha,C Ronaldo,W.Rooney even Valencia and young and at the end of each season the club and fans are happy for it.
    Chelsea emerged recently and were able to become a force in European football thanks to their transfer policy and the ambition of owner and manger.
    Liverpool most recently demonstrated their quest for success and they almost got the premiership last season not to mention M city with their crazy spending..though im not a big fan of that.

    The mind is one of the most formidable factor in achieving success and i tend to wonder whats going on in the mind of Mr Wenger,i wonder what hes seeing?
    Sometime last season Chelsea manager made some comments about AR and his toxicity to success but we all cal for his head.
    Its easy for all to call for Ozil’s head but i say thats big talent in a wrong club to worsen it hes being deployed wrongly….they are all shouting of him not tracking back! thats not Ozil hes like Private jets hes got no reverse gear!!!!
    Put any of Carvalho/Bender/Matic/Khedira behind him and get Costa/Suarez even Immobile but not Arteta and Wellbeck.
    We know Wellbeck the records are there for all to see!
    Why didn’t he buy a defender?defending midfielder? what was going on on his mind during the transfer period?was he banking on bellerin and Sanogo!!!!
    I wont be too wrong to call AR a joke seeing what our competitors are doing.

    Sanchez will soon burn out like S carzola,Podolski and Ozil.Per is tired and its obvious in play.
    Going forward let our fans get set for a disappointing season…..mother luck may help us get rid of AR maybe we will then get our groove back.

  4. Philbet

    I cant understated the lack of originality of those blaming the defense, the defense were BRILLIANT !! Concede two we could have conceded seven, we were second best in every department Defense, midfield and attack, You just have to hope Dortmund were inspired and are a lot better than they are given credit for,

    1. dazza17

      @Philbet- you’ re correct, starting from the dugout, we were outplayed, out thought in every department, the sad part is, in winning the big games, we need technique as well as tactic, and we have players with technical ability, but are we even trying out novel tactics during the training? cuz it doesn’t seems so, because whenever we play against a big club, they always come up with a plan on how to beat us and last season, they properly embarrassed us, so, it’s a question about tactic of the manager, and the under-performing players!

    2. Vale

      The team conceded fewer goals because Dortmund didn’t finish off their chances and that was not down to the defense. Per is a good defender but Arsenal has got to have options against pacy teams. A slow Per will always impact the defense negatively as other players have to compensate for his lack of pace. Against weaker teams, that may not be much of an issue but against energetic sides like Dortmund, that weakness will be exploited.

  5. mule tassew

    pls get rid of this stingy french idiot. he is in day time halusination. sorry to say for me AW is in another planet since long time ago. tks to his arrogamce now he is simply no body.

  6. Vale

    Great post. Truth is Arsenal is no longer a top side, going by their displays, and less should be expected from them against genuine top sides. Arsene just loves attacking players and seems to forget that football is offense and defense. Its appalling that he let a few defenders go without any plans to replace them. Even more shocking is that he hopes that the few players available would make it till January at best. Debuchy is out for 3 months and straight way the defense in under pressure and already stretched. With his habit of overplaying players, especially outta position, that injury list will just grow. I mean every team in the EPL starts off with 25 players, so why is Arsenal’s injury status always the worst. Just to note, Rosicky and Campbell have not played a single competitive match since the season started and the league is heading into October. For the love of Mike, rotate these players and keep em fresh. No one requires a coaching license to understand that! Ozil has lost his confidence, Ramsey has dipped in form, the midfield lacks a physical presence, the defense is shoddy, the attack is rather blunt – surely no one can refer to that sort of team as a top side. Arsenal fans should gear up cos there are rough times ahead, really rough times.

  7. Faron

    i actually agree with you. but your argument is poor. Not being able to announce a players name doesnt make the payer not ready. in fact the Bellerin is going to be brilliant one day. he was just introduced to the wrong Match. You are right we shouldve brought in positions where we are weak. but not letting Sagna go. how were they to do that? lock him in the dressing room? Vermalean was another that really needed to go. the shit thing is Wenger shouldve replaced Vermalean as soon as he was gone.


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