One man’s struggle to support the current Arsenal leadership

I am finding it harder & harder to support our current regime.

As positive a fan as I am, I will always favour the good than the negative (see my previous posts on, however, I can no longer accept our simple tactical errors against big sides.

Now I for one believed we were capable today of winning. Of delivering 3 points. Ok, it was not a strong belief, more just hope. What I can not understand is the change of formation this season. The tactics we used yesterday.

Mesut Ozil, when played inside or in number 10 roll, Arsenal scored 7 goals in 2 games. Not all to do with Ozil bit his contribution was there to see. He was influential.

Going back to Borussia Dortmund, who have been more than average in the league this season and were missing key players – the performance again was frustrating.

Jurgen Klopp set his side up to do nothing but press and run, press and run. Reason I mention this game is because he knew he would be out passed or even outplayed due to missing players so he set up a side to perform exactly how he wanted. In the end we couldn’t get close and lost convincingly.

Roll on Chelsea away… Wenger would have been fully aware of his abysmal record against Jose Mourhino but still set up a side that was never no different to the last 12 times. How many times can you continue with the same mundane tactics, the same errors.

This is Arsene Wenger all over. Completely stubborn in his approach . It’s his way and his way only. That’s fine when it works but we should want and should have the class to beat a top 5 side. The record last season I think was 1 win against top 4 sides.

His stubbornness not to change goes right through the club.

Transfers. We only signed Danny Welbeck because of a late unfortunate injury to Giroud, that in itself is complete negligence when you consider we were in the market for Suarez & Higuian.

His stubbornness to continue to have faith in players that really can not perform from one game to the next or are simple just average is shocking.

Why has Joel Campbell not been given a chance? On loan at Olympiakos and in the World Cup he looked the part . So much more the complete player then Sanogo would ever be.

Why does Podolski get cameo rolls?

It’s clear Wenger has his favourites. That’s fine. But it’s about time he adapted his teams to beat the top sides. It’s all well and good getting the odd win & trouncing a poor Villa side . But even then we should have pushed in for 5-6.

For me after 2005 the club was in a great place. We just needed to take the next step, on the field (not financially).

Arsene Wenger deserves his accolades for his achievements, no one can ever deny. You could make a very strong case that he should even get a statue or a stand named after him. But for the good of Arsenal Football Club he needs to say “thank you I cant take us any further”. Keep him at the club as an ambassador, or in some advisory role, but it is time for him to stand away from 1st team duties.

Arsenal will not win a league title or the Champions League again while Arsene Wenger is in charge. Harsh that may seem but it’s true. If you are happy with 4th and the odd domestic cup then his you’re man. Not me I want what was promised when we moved. TO COMPETE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. I have yet to see that .

The great retire at the top in football, the others get moved on. At this moment in time his ruining his legacy he built. The FA Cup and Community Shield, along with the signings of Ozil & Sanchez should have been a start. But it is only half a job done. If you look deeper then the money spent you will see the problem lies with one mans stubbornness not to change.

It’s simple in my eyes. If Stan Kroenke wants a successful, winning, profitable football team, and not a profitable football club (huge difference) , he should move Arsene Wenger on, if the great man is unwilling to do the honourable thing and resign.

That will then leave the door open to get in the next manager. Someone who is forward thinking. Someone who is ambitious. Someone like Jurgen Klopp.

Until that time, expect the odd great win maybe the odd domestic cup. To be the best you need to adapt.


7 thoughts on “One man’s struggle to support the current Arsenal leadership

  1. Julius

    Sure, Arsenal will will the league when Wenger leaves coz he’s proved that he’ll never change his strategy on transfers and on the pitch when playing the big teams. I thought Arsenal would start spending big on quality signings to keep us at par with other big teams but it seems that cash is to be reserved and don’t know for what reason. Is Arsenal planning to build another 62000 capacity stadium? Its really painful but its the truth and as an Arsenal fan have accepted that. Up gooners!!!!


  2. craszy gunner

    You know I love the man too for the great things he’s done for the club but deep down inside me I have run out of excuses for him.

    I am resigned to the fact that we won’t ever win the EPL or CL as long as Wenger is in charge if we are lucky to avoid a top side we could win the FA or CC.

    Damn I hate Jose because everytime we play chelsea he tests my love for wenger..and it makes me realise all over again that Wenger is not the man to lead us to the promise land …yes he sowed the seeds but if we have to get there it will have to be with someone else…the younger hungrier managers almost always tends to outwit him..

    Its not rocket science if you’ve tried 13 times and have failed its not down to luck or one of those things…the funny thing is I know its killing him inside because he loves the club….the frustration was there for all to see yesterday..

    The divorce from Wenger when it comes will be hard and painful…

    Kroenke can;t sack Wenger he will leave of his own volition… to the american AFC is an investment and Wenger is a safe pair of hands…if you had a £1bn investment will you risk it just because your employees want a bonus?….Kroenke knows nothing about ”soccer” and doesn’t care about trophies.. can’t blame him..he will only sack Wenger when he becomes a risk to the investment!


  3. Shard

    Anytime a result doesn’t go the right way, doesn’t make it a question of tactics. Yesterday wasn’t a case of a tactical victory. It was a tight, evenly matched game, in which their players created a couple of key moments while ours faltered (Wilshere’s heavy touch).

    I thought we played well, but Chelsea were just that 5% better on the day. Hardly shocking.

    Replacing Wenger will not magically make us win the league or the CL titles. There are teams who can still outspend us by a pretty big margin, who thus have shorter team building cycles because they can afford that wastage (even with FFP, although that helps) That half a billion pounds worth of disadvantage will not go away immediately, and while every so often you will get a team like Atletico or Dortmund winning the title, the presumption that Wenger doesn’t add that worth to Arsenal already might be wrong since we had no business qualifying for CL every year in the austerity years.

    If we sack managers on the basis that there must be someone out there who can magically overcome our structural disadvantage, we’re just another (albeit bigger) version of Tottenham, who sack a manager on the same premise without having a team go through a constant phase of building to reach the top.

    This is likely to be Wenger’s last team building exercise in any case. Win or lose. I don’t think there’s a strong enough case to sack him, but either way, he’ll be gone soon. I don’t see the point having such a debate every single time a result doesn’t go our way.


  4. 46 Years and counting

    Tactically inept, stubborn fool, he plays ozil, Rambo and the Ox out of position all the time, makes crap substitution’s. He strengthened the squad by 1 player this summer Alexis, the others were replacements including Wellbeck who only came in because Giroud got injured. How can he be a supposed football genius but get so much so wrong. It may be deeper with the transfer situation but the coaching and picking of team is down to him. Wenger Out



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